Mesa Issues vs. Mesa Issues

It appears the blogosphere is heating up amongst Mesa Bloggers at the same time the race for Mesa mayor is heating up.

Apparently, there are two blogs focusing on Mesa Issues and get this, they’re called “Mesa Issues.” Actually, one of the blogs did change its name to “Mesa Issues and Politics” leaving the “real” Mesa Issues blogsite holding the original title. Nevertheless, each blog seems to have sided with or against a specific candidate for mayor.

Mesa Issues seems to be stumping for Scott Smith while Mesa Issues & Politics has taken Smith to task but said nothing about Rex Griswold or Claudia Walters.

In all this confusion we have to wonder if another blogsite will soon surface that is supportive of Claudia Walters.

Until then, we have added both Mesa Issues blogsites to our blogroll links.

County Attorney issues new Crime Handbook for the public

Not sure what distinguishes a felony from a misdemeanor? What kind of punishment can you expect for each?

What is the difference between the county attorney’s office, the district attorney’s office, city prosecutors and the attorney general?

What were the most prevalent crimes in the Valley last year? What are our most recent crime statistics?

How can you protect yourself from the most common crimes, such as ID theft, auto theft, elder fraud and burglary?

What’s going on with graffiti?

All this and much more in the county attorney’s new Road Map to Crime Prevention Handbook.

Short CD-5 note

We are overdue for a CD-5 update but news has just come in that the Schweikert campaign raised more than $500,000 in 2007. A very respectable figure considering that he got in the race in the later part of the year.

We will have more details on the other campaigns and the field as we get more information about the 2007 numbers.

Human Events goes with Fred

The conservative magazine Human Events has endorsed Fred Thompson. A short excerpt stated:

We make this endorsement on the basis of much research, having interviewed Sen. Thompson and some of his opponents, as well as examining what they have all said and done. We conclude that Thompson is a solid conservative whose judgment is grounded in our principles.

Republican Professionals straw poll

The Republican Professionals held a presidential straw poll last night. The big winner was Ron Paul. His supporters did make an effort to show up so not too big a surprise. Ron Paul will most likely not win the primary with 80% so some may consider that an outlier number. More telling is that McCain came in second with no one else coming close. Other-Not Specified came in 4th. At $5 a piece there were 515 votes. Nice fundraiser, over $2,500. Here are the results:

515 total ballots cast

80% Ron Paul
12% John McCain
3% Mitt Romney
2.5% Other – Not Specified
1% Rudy Giuliani
1% Fred Thompson
.5% Mike Huckabee
0% Duncan Hunter