Weekend update

Seeing Red and Mafioso have been going back and forth between Romney and McCain. It sounds like Romney hit is out of the park at Sunday’s debate. Will it be enough to overcome McCain’s 4 to 9 point lead? We’ll find out Tuesday night. Thompson may be the biggest loser as he does not have another set of states to look forward to after New Hampshire, where he is expected to come in 6th place.

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We are reversing our ***** on McCain and suggest that he start announcing who would be in his administration, especially Vice President. We recommend someone like Mark Sanford, governor of South Carolina. With McCain’s age the odds for a single term are high and Sanford would be well position for 2012. I would seriously consider voting for that ticket. Can you say 25th amendment?

Look for Huckabee to trail off if he gets a distant third place. Voters may tire of the Gomer Pile routine. Then it becomes a three-way race between Giuliani, McCain, and Romney.

Fox News did a disservice to the process by excluding Ron Paul. Paul has more delegates than Giuliani at this time. Some of Paul’s followers are also highly suspicious of the process and looking for dark forces behind events. Excluding a candidate with money and supporters who received double digits in the most recent election is not even handed.

CNN has excellent coverage of the election and shows the current delegate count. Click on each candidate’s name to see the details of the delegate count. Romney did very well in the Wyoming caucus on Saturday and won the bulk of the delegates.