LD-26 update.

     It looks like there will be a contested race for the Republican primary for the LD-26 House. The three announced candidates are Trent Humphries, Vic Williams, and Marilyn Zerull.

     Trent owns a local computer business and has a young family. His campaign seems to be the most organized. His campaign manager is the well-connected and experienced Kevin Herring. Media contact for the campaign is Mike Cole (248-1258) who works for a local radio station. The campaign also has a long time Republican activist as the volunteer coordinator and another person as the marketing expert. Look for Trent to run a very competitive campaign that will appeal to Independents as well as the traditional Republicans. We do not yet have a web site for Trent but have been informed that one will be coming.

     The next candidate is Vic Williams. Vic has been very active with the party and currently serves as the treasurer for the county committee as well as first vice-chair for LD-26. It was speculated that Vic would relinquish his position(s) within the party to focus on his race but it now looks like he will retain his party titles. Early indications are that Vic will run a more centrist campaign than the other two candidates. Again, no web site that we know of at this time.

     Marilyn Zerull is the final candidate on the Republican side. Marilyn has been active within the party as a precinct committeewoman and as a state delegate. She lives in the northern part of the district where Republicans have a distinct advantage in registration. Marilyn is running as a Reagan Republican and has also assembled a solid campaign staff for her race. Marilyn has an early version of her web site at http://www.marilynzerull.com/.

     The LD-26 senate primary is shaping up to be a classic showdown between the conservative and liberal wings of the party with Al Melvin vs. Pete Hershberger. It looks like Hershberger will be going with traditional fundraising. Because of clean elections the more money he raises the better-funded Melvin’s campaign will be. We do not see how Pete closes the gap by which Al won in the last primary against a less liberal opponent than Pete.

     The Democrats appear to be running two candidates for the house race. Don Jorgensen has already filed and we expect Lena Saradnik to run again. Despite her lack-luster first term in office look for Charlene Pesquiera to run again for the senate.

Do Conversions Matter?

I’m one who tends to give the benefit of the doubt when a formerly pro-abortion Republican proclaims a pro-life conversion. I’ve seen it happen many times to the advantage of the party but most importantly, to the advantage of the unborn.

One needs to look no further than Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade) or Dr. Bernard Nathanson who once was the biggest abortionist in New York. Both underwent remarkable and miraculous pro-life conversions.

In the case of Mitt Romney, I think he’s seen the light although I’m still  cautiously optimistic.

Today, the Boston Herald printed a story and photo of Governor Romney and his wife in attendance at a Planned Parenthood event in 1994. Photos like this give me chills – not the winter-wind-on-the-back-of-your-neck type of chills but the staring-at-evil type of chills. (Planned Parenthood is the largest killer of babies in the United States.)

Nevertheless, the photo was taken in 1994 – almost 14 years ago – and that’s a lot of time for someone to figure out the sanctity of life is human rights principle.

I’m not going to post the photo here on Sonoran Alliance but rather just the link.

My question to all our readers is this: does a photo/story like this about a politician running for office really hurt his/her credibility on the life issue? Are you willing to give the former governor the benefit of the doubt? Does his pro-life conversion matter in 2008? Finally, in lining all the pro-life candidates up side by side, would you prefer someone with a longstanding history over someone newly converted?

Arizona Presidential Preference Election Ballot Out

This morning, Secretary of State Jan Brewer conducted the official drawing that established the order of candidates on the February 5th, 2008 Presidential Preference Election ballot.

In addition to all the crackpots, here is the order of the real candidates:

#3 – Mitt Romney
#4 – Fred Thompson
#8 – Ron Paul
#11 – Mike Huckabee
#16 – John McCain
#17 – Duncan Hunter
#20 – Alan Keyes
#24 – Rudy Giuliani

A link to the listing can be found at the Secretary of State’s website.

Update. It would appear that Tom Tancredo will not be on the ballot in Arizona. Tancredo has decided to drop out of the race. We added Ambassador Keyes to the list at #20.

Hundreds pack AZ Federation of Taxpayers’ 3rd Annual Legislative Awards Luncheon

Chad KirkpatrickTom JenneyThe AZ Federation of Taxpayers/Americans for Prosperity put on the biggest AZ conservative event of the year, their third annual Legislative Awards Luncheon. In addition to crediting the guys who put it on, Chad Kirkpatrick and Tom Jenney (on the left), the governor should be credited for frightening so many people into coming this year.

This year’s award for the biggest government spender and taxer was renamed from the Vladimir I. Lenin award to the Empty Wallet Award and went to Rep. Steve Farley, who received a 14% rating from AZ Taxpayers, the lowest of any legislator. Farley did not show up to receive his award, Tom Jenney speculated that he must be lying in bed at home dreaming of light rail. This year Rep. Kyrsten Sinema actually scored higher than 18 otherSen. Ron Gould Democrat representatives; she must have been sicker a lot longer missing more votes this year than she was last year when she came in 2nd place (she won the award two years ago). Sen. Ron Gould (to the right) received the top rating for the 3rd year in a row, the Barry M. Goldwater Award for Legislative Excellence.

Sen. Pamela Gorman was the only other Senator to rank along with Gould as a Hero of the Taxpayer. Representatives Andy Biggs and Russell Pearce were the only two Representatives to rank in that category. RINO Senator Carolyn Allen scored a 39%, Friend of Big Government, lower than FIVE Democrats, Albert Hale, Paula Aboud, Jorge Luis Garcia, Leah Landrum Taylor (yes – Allen has a worse record than Leah Landrum Taylor – aren’t you RINOs glad you voted for Allen over Rosati?) and Amanda Aguirre. The next lowest ranking Republican Senators were Robert Blendu and Marsha Arzberger.

In the House, RINO Pete Hershberger scored even lower than several Democrats, including Ben Miranda, in the category of Friend of Big Government, with almost exactly the same score as Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (37% v. 36% – why even bother electing Republicans?). Also scoring in that category were Republicans Jennifer Burns, John Nelson, Marian McClure, Bill Konopnicki, and Lucy Mason. The highest scoring Democrat in that category was Rep. Mark DeSimone, with a 54% in the Needs Improvement category, followed by Tom Albert in the Friend of Big Government category, Ben Miranda, Olivia Cajero Bedford, and David Lujan.

Legislative District 6 got the award for the best district thanks to Sen. Pamela Gorman (90%), Rep. Sam Crump (87%), and Rep. Doug Clark (80%).

The Kendrick Prize for Legislative courage went to Rep. Rick Murphy and Democrat Sen. Ken Cheuvront. The John W. Dawson Local Hero Award went to Ray Carroll, Pima County Supervisor. Carroll received the award for stopping the county from increasing spending by double the growth. Tom Jenney said he used to live in Tucson and that it was run by a gang of socialists. Carroll acknowledged that the town was full of hippies.Wally the Wallet

Wally the Wallet made a guest appearance. Tom Jenney criticized him for having an IOU from the government in his wallet and nothing else. Wally defended himself saying, “If you can’t go into debt now, when can you?” Tom responded, “Are you sure you’re not from the governor’s office?” Carry the Coin Purse was in the audience, although she should have been with Wally, since he has no dollar bills he needs at least his change to scrape by.

Former U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth cryptically alluded to the possibility that he may be considering another run for office in the future. “This is not a campaign speech, at least not for 2008.” J.D. berated the IRS for not giving taxpayers a presumption of innocence like we do for criminals in the court system, and noted that if taxation of income was so important, it would have been put in the U.S. Constitution.

State Treasurer Dean Martin told the audience it was Hillary Clinton who got him into office. Not personally. Since he took office as treasurer, he’s begun balancing the state checkbook – reconciling the amount in the state’s bank account with the government’s records. When he presented his results to the governor’s office and her accounting office, they claimed there was an extra $28 million they’d spent. Turned out the $28 million wasn’t authorized to have been spent; the state had taken $28 million of money authorized for federal healthcare and used it elsewhere. Dean noted that no one had heard about this scandal of course, obviously the big spenders and their comrades in the media don’t want taxpayer abuses like this to get out. He emphasized the importance of his office’s oversight role; the big spenders have no problem spending millions on welfare but not one penny on its oversight. He said his office made $732 million last year, and ironically observed that both the governor and himself want to bring in money, just for different reasons. He wants to cut taxes, she wants more money so she can spend more. The only reason why the state has a rainy day fund to dip into now is because the governor missed spotting that money earlier since it was placed in one of three different areas; if she’d found that source earlier it would have been spent long before now.

Clint Bolick from the Goldwater Institute’s Center for Constitutional Government said he was glad to share the stage with Rep. Shadegg and Dean Martin, not only because they’re great speakers but because they’re two of the only government officials he doesn’t intend to sue. He brought up Phoenix’s $100 million dollar subsidy to CityNorth to develop a ritzy mall in North Phoenix, referring to it as the “Taj Ma-Mall.” This “gift” violates the AZ Constitution’s gift clause. He said to expect a lawsuit from the Goldwater Institute soon defending the free speech of bloggers (yay!)

Jennifer Perkins from the Institute for Justice discussed the San Tan Flat case, where a restaurant owner is being prohibited from allowing his patrons to casually dance after dinner because then his restaurant would be a “dance hall” which the area isn’t zoned for and dancing outside is prohibited. One attendee made the wry observation that the owner should put up a pole outside his restaurant, because the “rights” of strip clubs are defended to the hilt. Perkins said that the ACLU said in 1956 that “liberty is an unfinished business” but we’ll be taking that quote for ourselves now.
Tom Borelli from the Free Enterprise Action Fund (a mutual fund) in NJ discussed the left’s strategy to take over corporate boardrooms, using liberal activists to turn corporations into lobbying groups for their causes.

Tom Jenney acknowledged Rep. Patrick Henry from Virginia sitting in the audience. The guy really looked like the original founder. How quaint. Dec. 15 is Bill of Rights Day.

U.S. Rep. John Shadegg discussed his new label for the Democrats in Congress, “Tax Increases R Us,” for trying to pass a $280 billion dollar tax increase. The Maricopa County Democrat table looked like they didn’t want to be there. Eric Novack, an orthopedic surgeon, discussed a proposed amendment to the AZ Constitution he is working on with Dr. Jeff Singer, called The Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act. It would be interesting to find out what the meaning of this part of the Act means, “no law should be passed that restricts a person’s freedom of choice of private health care systems or private plans of any type.” Would this prohibit passing laws against abortion?

The keynote speaker was former Governor Gary Johnson from New Mexico. Other than his anti-death penalty position, he was outstanding. He once vetoed a bill that would have required people to exercise their dog AND CAT for 2 hours a day, 3 times a week. Another bad bill he vetoed was a motorcycle helmet law – he noted there is an organ donor shortage in NM. An accomplishment of his was eliminating 1000 state employees (one member in the audience wondered if that was why he was no longer governor and over here in AZ – that takes principles and guts). And during his term, he discovered that health insurance under Medicaid cost more per person than his own health insurance, prompting him to get that reformed.

Steve Lonegan from Americans for Prosperty in NJ told how they were able to defeat an initiative for government funding of fetal stem cell research with 60% of the vote – the only state where that was defeated. He said if you can defeat something in NJ, you can defeat it anywhere.

Groups attending with tables included AZ Right to Life, AZ for the Fair Tax, AZ Citizens Defense League, LD 4 Republicans, AZ Young Republicans, Ron Paul for President, Mingus Mountain Republican Club, AZ Tax Revolt, Valley Conservative League, Valley Business Owners, Maricopa County Libertarian Party, Maricopa County Democrat Party (they must have been there to spy since have you ever heard of the Democrat party advocating for tax cuts or lower spending?), St. Paul’s Preparatory Academy, Pima Association of Taxpayers, East Valley Republican Assembly, Pachyderm Coalition (the real conservative Pachyderm), Maricopa County Republican Party, and Prop. 13 AZ (property tax reform). Luncheon sponsors included the Free Enterprise Club, AZ School Choice Trust, and Medical Choice for AZ. There were numerous individual sponsors as well.

Chad Kirkpatrick, Chairman of the Federation of AZ Taxpayers, said between 420 and 450 people attended, and credited “this growth in our organization to the success of our message. That the role of government is not to pick winners and losers, but create a free and fair society where people who work hard, play by the rules and make good decisions are rewarded.”

Kudos to Senator Kyl

We have not spent much time praising Senator Kyl lately but he really stood out in a recent vote and showed that he is still a conservative. Friday the senate passed S. 2338, a bill that would allow the FHA to bail out lenders suffering from the loan crisis. Not only did Kyl vote against this new federal aid program, he was the only senator to vote against it.

While the concept of the federal government bailing out lenders sounds good it would begin the process of enshrining one more “right” that the government has to fund. The country has basically enshrined the right to “free” education, food, health care, prescription drugs, and retirement. If we were to add housing there would not be much left for the free market to handle.

Stop the presses!

     Tucson activist and blogger Daniel Patterson agrees with State Senator Karen Johnson that Real ID might not be such a good idea. In a KTAR news story Napolitano is quoted as saying the opposition to Real ID is “ideologically driven.” She is right about that but the problem for the governor is that it is from both sides of the ideological spectrum.

Conspiracy alert: What if Bush’s failure to enforce the border was to create conditions to implement a national ID card so the government can track our every more? “We need to know who is here and what they are up to.” I bet they do.

Press Release: Former State Senator Backs Pinal Music Theme Park

In November, we posted a press release by Rose & Allyn Public Relations on a proposed music theme park. Here is the latest press release on the Decades Music Theme Park.

Former GOP Senate President, Leading Democrat Join Decades Music Theme Park Lobbying Team

For Immediate Release: December 14, 2007
Contact: Rose & Allyn Public Relations, info@roseandallynpr.com

ELOY, ARIZONA. DECEMBER 14, 2007. The political roster for Decades Music Theme Park is starting to look like a greatest hits album.

Former GOP Senate President Brenda Burns and well- known Phoenix business leader Ronnie Lopez are the latest to join the $800 million dollar project’s lobbying team.

Burns, a conservative Republican, served in the Arizona House of Representatives from 1987-1995, where she became the first woman Majority Leader. She also served in the Arizona State Senate from 1995-2003 and was elected by her peers as Arizona’s first female Senate President.

Lopez is a highly regarded advocate and represents some of the country’s largest corporations. He has served as Governor Bruce Babbitt’s Chief of Staff, President & CEO of Chicanos Por La Causa and as Chairman of Phil Gordon’s successful Phoenix Mayoral campaigns.

Last week, Decades announced the hiring of Fred Duval and Becky Hill. Duval spent seven years in the Clinton Administration and currently serves on the Arizona Board of Regents. Hill served as Governor Janet Napolitano’s Education Policy Advisor until 2005. She now has her own consulting company.

Burns, Lopez, Duval and Hill join DeMenna & Associates, Rose & Allyn Public Relations and the Rose Law Group advocating for the project. Firm founders Kevin Demenna, Jason Rose and Jordan Rose are well known for their active involvement and success within GOP circles.

Decades Music Theme Park is a proposed 300-acre, $800 million project east of Interstate Ten in Eloy, Arizona. The $500 million Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is under construction and scheduled to open in May, 2008. For more information please call Jason Rose or go to http://www.decadesusa.com/.

More GOP outreach.

     Tonight (Thur, 12/13/07) is the second meeting of the Pima County Republican Cigar Club. Widely spoofed for promoting stereotypes tonight’s event should feature a prominent Independent from the Tucson blogging community.

     The event is held at Anthony’s Cigar Emporium at 7866 N. Oracle Road (SE corner of Oracle and Magee.) Arrive anytime from 7:00 pm to closing at 10:00 pm. There is no charge to attend and you may bring your favorite beverage.

     Only you can promote diversity! Bring a friend.

The message of Jesus in NW Tucson.

YouTube Preview Image 

     Some of the evangelical churches in NW Tucson have brought the Power Team to town in order to spread the good news of Christ. The first event was held on Wednesday evening to a roaring crowd of young people cheering for Jesus.

     The next four nights, from Thursday to Sunday, the Power Team will be at the auditorium of Ironwood Ridge High School on Naranja just west of La Chula (2475 W. Naranja Drive.) Everyone else is welcome to come and see a great performance and hear some awesome testimony. Christians should come and bring a friend. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the show begins at 7:00 pm. Lost of free parking in the west side lot. Don’t miss it!

In case you missed it.

There were two special elections for congress held yesterday (Tuesday.) Amazingly Republicans won both. Granted they were both historically Republican seats. This line really stood out “Wittman had a nearly 4-to-1 fundraising advantage.” I thought the Democrats were getting all of the money lately?

Meet Wally the Wallet

Arizona Federation of Taxpayers

The AZ Federation of Taxpayers are offering free tickets at Wally the Wallet’s table for this Saturday’s luncheon.
Email Tom Jenney to claim it quick at tomjenney@cox.net

Please join us for the Arizona Taxpayer Awards Luncheon
Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tom Jenney from Arizona Federation of Taxpayers and Americans for Prosperity:

Wally The WalletWhen I was down at the Legislature the other day, I met Wally the Taxpayer Wallet. He was very angry, because the politicians have left him feeling empty. Having spent themselves into a $900 million budget deficit, some of the politicians are talking about going into debt in order to keep on spending.

I cheered Wally up by telling him about Saturday’s Taxpayer Awards Luncheon. I told him he would meet 300 grassroots taxpayer activists from around the state, as well as a few legislators and local government officials who have been looking out for him. I also told him that if he came, I would let him present an Empty Wallet award to the most pro-tax, pro-spending, pro-bureaucrat legislator in the state.Walley The Wallet

The good news is that Wally had enough money on his credit card to pay for a table at Saturday’s luncheon. If you are one of the first seven people who e-mail me at tomjenney@cox.net, you will get a FREE SEAT at Wally the Wallet’s table. You can hang with Wally, cheer him up, and hear from an all-star line-up of presenters who will inform and entertain, including Congressman John Shadegg, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, and representatives from the Institute for Justice, Medical Choice for Arizona, Arizona School Choice Trust, the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, and the Goldwater Institute.

The 2007 Friend of the Taxpayer awards luncheon will be held Saturday, December 15th, at the Scottsdale Plaza, 7200 N. Scottsdale Road. Registration begins at 10:30 a.m., the event begins at 11:30 a.m.

Lunch will be served.

To RSVP online, click here.

For a printable mail-in registration form, click here.

Fred Thompson – Arizona Team Forming

Sonoran Alliance has learned that the Fred Thompson campaign has tapped State Representative Sam Crump to help head up its effort here in Arizona. Representative Crump can be contacted here. More details to follow.

Condolences to Former Governor Symington

Our deepest condolences go out to the former Governor Fife Symington, on the loss of his father, J. Fife Symington, Jr.

One thing that caught my eye was the Arizona Republic’s reporting of the Symington loss. The headline reads, “J. Fife Symington Jr., father of ex-Ariz. governor, dies at 97.”

Why would the Republic refer to former Governor Symington as an “Ex?” Are they trying to equate him to an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend?

Regardless of what the Republic thinks of the former Governor, our prayers go out to him and his family.

Tidball clarifies.

derek tidball.jpg

Independent candidate for CD-8 Derek Tidball was kind enough to send us this clarification on his view of the current state of the Republican Party.

My remark that the Republican Party had fallen from what it used to stand for was based largely on the Contract with America written in 1994. People wanted, and still want, a group of leaders that would care about the citizens’ needs and be loyal to the charge as public servants. The paper was a blueprint of conservative Republican values that touched a nerve with the populace, resulting in a sweeping change in voting behavior and handing Congress to the Republicans.

The very first promise made by this contract was to reign in government spending and to return to fiscally conservative legislation. Is there any question as to whether this is the case?? The contract also promised to end fraud, waste, and abuse in Washington. We have multiple “no-bid” contracts inflating the charges for services in Iraq as well as for natural disaster cleanup in Louisiana and California. To follow this up there is always the subject of multiple resignations and indictments that have plagued this administration. The subject of corruption has become synonymous with the days of Republican domination in Washington.

The general mood behind the contract was one of transparency, honesty, fiscal responsibility, and action. I believe that all of these ideals have died in our politicians in general and the Democratic wave of 2006 has only resulted in gridlock. The Republican Party was overwhelmingly empowered for half a decade to change this country and it did nothing of historical precedence. The fact that they did so little with so much opportunity sickens me. What has happened in the last year to make us change our mind?

Lastly, I view the idea of smaller government as another ideal of true Republicans that has been abused in our recent history. The actions of this administration and Republicans in general have been anything BUT conservative in this regard. We now have a bloated list of government programs and departments that accompany a large list of unfunded federal mandates that are above and beyond anything our founding fathers would have considered. State rights have been trampled more by this administration than any other in recent history. The Republicans in Congress have upheld the conservative value of lower taxes at the federal level, only to create a long list of unfunded mandates, which force the state to pass the check on to its citizens.

I believe that the Contract with America would light a fire in Americans today just as it did a decade ago. That is, if people didn’t recognize that the Republican Party has already squandered a chance to make history and solidify its position at the top of the power ladder. The Republican Party as it stands now will not regain power for many years to come if it does not change course and start addressing the issues that swept it into power back in 1994.

I am running as a candidate that will exemplify hard work and action, transparency in works, and straight forwardness in word. I am running as a candidate that will work towards illegal immigration reform, fiscally responsible practices, and limited federal government interference in state affairs. I ask how many legislators, Republican OR Democrat, have given true action and energy on any of these issues?

At the end of his remarks Derek added, “I am running because I love this country, I fought for this country, and therefore believe I have definitely earned the right to do so. There are no staffers writing my letters for me or polling my responses to determine their likeability. I say what I say, when I say it, because it is what I truly believe.”

NBC Allows Freedom’s Watch Ads – Boycott Over

After feeling the heat, NBC has seen the light and will air Freedom’s Watch’s ads thanking our troops. [Read Michelle Malkin's blog]

The boycott is over.

Transcript of Univision debate

Last night the Republican candidates debated in Spanish at a candidate forum hosted by Univision. For those of you who missed it or are a little rusty with your Spanish the Wall Street Journal has posted the transcript in English (PDF file.)

Lisa James is Rudy Chair for AZ

The Rudy Giuliani campaign has announced that Lisa James will officially serve as the Arizona state chair for the campaign.

I remember two unassailable pro-lifers saying that Lisa was the pro-life candidate for Chair of the Arizona Republican Party. Imagine my surprise when I read that she is now heading up the Giuliani campaign in AZ. Rudy does not just have a few variations with the pro-life movement. He is the least pro-life candidate on the Republican side, even speaking in favor of public funding for abortions. Her husband’s firm, Gordon C. James Public Relations, has been working on Rudy’s behalf in Arizona for a while. Some people stated that Lisa should not be judged on the work of her husband’s firm (a valid point.) Now, it can no longer be said that Lisa is a solid pro-lifer. The questions is what happened? Did Lisa have a change of heart or were some within the pro-life community mistaken about her?