Your Predictions

Rather than present our predictions for 2008, we’d like to hear from our readers. This is your opportunity to lay it all out on the table and tell us who you think the biggest political winners and losers will be for 2008.

Who will win the Arizona Presidential Preference Election? Who will the GOP Presidential nomination? Will the State Legislature be retained by the Republicans? Who will be caught in a scandal? Who will resign? Who will be appointed? Will there be a recession? Will the housing market recover? Who will close their doors? Who will open? What will be the biggest trends?

And in case you’re wondering, at this time next year, we’ll review whose crystal ball was more accurate? Maybe your prediction will be history in the making?

So let the predictions begin and feel free to announce your long-shot along with your sure-shot!

Happy New Year!

Republic’s Top Political Stories

On Wednesday, Sonoran Alliance issued its list of top political stories of 2007.

Today, the Republic went public with its top 10 (+5) list. Reading their list is an exercise in perspective especially when it comes to immigration reform by Arizona officials.

Here is the Republic’s list:

1. Governor OKs toughest migrant-hire law in U.S.

2. Judge: Sanctions law stands Business and Hispanic civil-rights groups twice tried to block the sanctions law from taking effect, and both times, they were rebuffed by U.S. District Court Judge Neil V. Wake.

3. State lays out rules for new smoking law; bar owner challenges measure in court.

4. Legislature passes tougher drunken-driving laws.

5. Arizona joins other states in push for tougher emissions laws.

6. Judge again orders more money for English Language Learner programs.

7. Voter-ID law’s key elements upheld.

8. Businesses deal with new minimum-wage law.

9. Vet home fined, may lose funds.

10. State may give benefits to domestic partners.

11. Restrictions placed on teen drivers.

12. Lawmakers pass new clean-air regulations.

13. Napolitano allows fuel-efficient vehicles to use hybrid lanes.

14. Mortgage fraud becomes a felony.

15. Lawmakers crack down on copper thefts.