When the Club Speaks…

EspressoPundit has an excellent post and analysis on today’s endorsement by The Club for Growth of David Schweikert.

In case you missed the Club’s press release here it is in brief:

Washington – Today, the Club for Growth PAC endorsed former Maricopa County Treasurer and State Representative David Schweikert in Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District race.

In the State Legislature, Schweikert was a taxpayer hero. As the majority whip, he was instrumental in passing across-the-board income tax cuts and corporate income tax cuts. On spending, Schweikert has been a strong supporter of a Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights amendment and voted against his own leadership on various budget measures when he objected to excessive spending. Schweikert is also devoted to free trade, tort reform, and free-market reform of entitlement programs. David Schweikert is clearly the most pro-growth candidate in the field.

In contrast, the Democratic incumbent Harry Mitchell has voted with Nancy Pelosi 89% of the time, including such anti-growth measures as the tax-hiking, government-expanding SCHIP program and a $6.5 billion tax hike on oil and gas companies. A pork supporter, he voted for only 1 of 50 anti-pork amendments represented in the Club for Growth’s 2007 RePORK Card. He also voted for the card check bill, which would allow labor unions to bypass secret ballot elections, and to maintain onerous Davis-Bacon wage requirements.

“It is clear that David Schweikert is a tireless defender of taxpayers who will continue to fight for taxpayers in the U.S. Congress,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “Arizona taxpayers deserve a congressman who fights for their hard-earned money, not someone who supports tax hikes, government expansion, and spending taxpayer dollars on aquariums, concert halls, fish laboratories, grape genetics research, and a mule and packers museum.”

Abortion party tonight!

Tonight people will be getting together for dinner at a fancy Scottsdale resort.  They will be dressed in their finest suits and best dresses.  They will greet each other with familiarity, catch up, tell stories and jokes, laugh, smile, and make new friends.  After a fancy meal and some fun drinking, there will be dancing.

The event is to celebrate Arizona Planned Parenthood, the state affiliate of America’s largest abortion provider.

Have you ever seen someone get more indignant than a “pro-choice” person being referred to as “pro-abortion?” Bill Clinton, at his 1992 speech in New York City, accepting his party’s nomination for the Presidency said that:

“Here me now. I am not pro-abortion; I am pro-choice, strongly.  I believe this difficult and painful decision should be left to the women of America.”

I’ve never understood why, if it’s just like an appendectomy, such a procedure should be “safe, legal, and rare?”  How about those people who are “personally opposed to abortion,” but strongly feel that abortion should be legal?  Why are people “personally opposed” to appendectomies?
Why is this different than opposing segregation, but leaving it up to the individual store owner?

If this is a “painful” decision which should be “rare,” and you are not personally in favor of it, why are you having/attending a fun filled gala to celebrate abortion?  This does not seem sufficiently somber, if the issue is as serious and private as you suggest.

I also want to know why liberals decry a “war on science,” when every embryologist in the world agrees that, at conception, a new and unique human life is created.  Within 8 weeks, a baby has a heartbeat, brainwaves, and fingerprints.  They hiccup, do summersaults, and suck their thumbs.

I hear there will also be awards, presumably after the glad handling, drinking, and eating of a fancy meal.  If you’re a winner, and you’re reading this, I hope you won’t forget the little people who made it possible.

Schweikert is in the Club


David Schweikert, candidate for Congressional District 5, has just earned the highly coveted endorsement of the Club for Growth.

Congratulations David!