Ted over at RRR doesn’t want to talk about racially insensate comments from those in his party. He has spelled out the criterion for addressing comments.

What they fail to notice is that when George Allen made his utterance, he was a United States Senator up for re-election and a possible candidate for President, this woman is an obscure politician whose highest office will be the Louisiana State Senate.

     Two words Ted – Joe Biden! Next you are going to say he doesn’t fit into your criterion above because he may not run for the senate again in 2008.

Hugh Hewitt Questions National Right to Life on Thompson Endorsement

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Please take a moment to read the transcript of Hugh Hewitt’s interview of National Right to Life’s Executive Director, David N. O’Steen on Tuesday’s endorsement of Senator Fred Thompson.

Here is the Real Clear Politics page for South Carolina.

DSW – Editor’s Note: As the former Executive Director of Arizona Right to Life and the primary driving force of many AZRTL PAC endorsements, I am absolutely bewildered by NRL-PAC’s endorsement of Fred Thompson who has refused to support a Human Life Amendment – a longstanding requirement for endorsement. This will certainly go down as a huge error in judgement and loss of credibility of NRLC’s commitment to protecting innocent human life especially when there were other solid pro-life candidates who support the Human Life Amendment.