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Wow, we got mentioned in the Republic. Not ones to rest our laurels though, here is your early Monday political report.

Another Democrat has entered the race for CD-1. Jeffrey Brown has tossed his hat in the ring. He keeps busy helping with the Kucinich for President campaign as their Southwest Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (he left out Questioning) Coordinator.

On his web page he describes a 2005 event “which found him hospitalized and in a nursing home, temporarily confined to a wheelchair.” He goes on to state “I hope to give a voice to all of those who are often forgotten and neglected in our society.” We can wait for his issues page to read that he is the pro-life candidate on the Democratic side, we at least home he will take a stand against euthanasia. Being confined to a wheelchair in a nursing home while young, that is a close brush with death indeed.

In CD-3 there is now officially a Libertarian in the race. Mark Yannone is his name. I am sure Mark means well but my guess is that his message will get pretty well drowned out by the partisan battle that is shaping up in District 3.

Keith Swapp has entered the race for ACC. We do note that they are now three Republicans in the race that are not part of the McClure/Robson/Stump team.

Best of luck to all the recent additions to the race and we look forward to covering your campaigns.

Sonoran Alliance In The News

Yes, I suppose we should toot our own horn on occassion.

In case you didn’t read it, Sonoran Alliance was featured as one of the premier “snarky, biased, bulldogish, funny, harsh and sometimes hard to ignore,” blogs in an Arizona Republic article today.

Although I’d like to embellish all the credit, I cannot. The majority of our success has been due to the tremendous talent we have on hand – writers who perform under pseudonyms – and work in very particular and sensitive areas.

So I have to congratulate all my political writer colleagues on making Sonoran Alliance the success it is.

And to the Arizona Republic I say, yes we are biased, bulldogish and perhaps a little harsh at times, but our readership would not be where it was if Al Gore’s internet hadn’t been invented and the Republic hadn’t taken a drastic turn to the left.

AZ Taxpayers Luncheon

The Arizona Federation of Taxpayers and Americans for Prosperity are holding their annual awards luncheon on Saturday, December 15th at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort.

Last year’s event had almost 250 attendees, included a hilarious, if not irreverent, awards ceremony and a great keynote speaker.  This year’s trophy for the worst legislation is rumored to to be quite a shocker.

For more information email Tom Jenney at vc@aztaxpayers.org

PHOENIX–The Arizona Federation of Taxpayers, a state chapter of Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFT-AFPF), announced today that former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson will be the keynote speaker at the group’s annual “Friend of the Taxpayer” Awards Luncheon, which will take place Saturday, December 15, at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort.

In his eight years as governor, Johnson cut state taxes on income, gasoline, and capital gains. He also vetoed 750 pieces of legislation, thereby restraining the rate of budget growth in New Mexico. Further, Johnson’s fiscal restraint allowed Gov. Bill Richardson in 2003 to enact $36 billion in income and capital gains tax cuts. “Gary Johnson’s achievements are a shining example of how pro-growth, fiscally conservative policies lead to greater prosperity,” said AFT-AFP chairman Chad Kirkpatrick.

AFT-AFPF executive director Tom Jenney contrasted Johnson’s fiscal performance with that of Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano. From 1994 to 2002, Johnson held the line against a big-spending Legislature, and prevented the New Mexico state government from taking a larger slice of the state’s economic pie, as measured by personal income. Under Gov. Napolitano, Arizona state government’s portion of the state economy has grown by 27 percent, threatening the state with huge budget deficits and making it more difficult to cut taxes. “Johnson’s record outshines that of Napolitano, who has not only failed to stop runaway government spending but is one of the worst offenders,” Jenney said. “Johnson can help remind Arizonans what a fiscally conservative governor looks like.”

AFT-AFPF predicts an excellent turnout for the luncheon, which will be timed with the release of this year’s “Friend of the Taxpayer” Legislative Scorecard. The group has also received a good deal of attention recently with the release of its new report card on local tax and budget policy. “The Local Government Scorecard has really stirred people up,” said Kirkpatrick. “They can see that someone is finally holding city and county politicians accountable for their taxing and spending habits.”