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Selective civility.

Dear Friends,
There have been many voices heard over the last week, in Arizona, and the time has come to set the record straight.
Senator Jon Kyl was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1994 after a distinguished career in the U.S. House of Representatives beginning in 1987.  He has served Arizona well, by introducing legislation to make permanent President Bush’s tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, by helping to pass a bill guaranteeing the rights of crime victims and serving as the driving force behind the Arizona Water Settlements Act.  He was instrumental in the confirmation of John Roberts and Sam Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court.  He serves on the Senate Republican Leadership Committee and is the Chair of the Republican Policy Committee.
In addition to the current border security and immigration debate, there are several extremely important policy issues that will be considered by the Senate over the next several years.  These include our national security, a possible appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, many federal judgeships, Social Security, and health care.  Having a Senator with the integrity and character of Jon Kyl in a leadership role will allow Republican principles to be included in the formation of national policy.
Our continued support of Senator Kyl is extremely important because of the leadership role he plays in the United States Senate.  To ensure passage of legislation in the Senate, 60 votes are required.  In order to block bad legislation from becoming law, 40 votes are necessary.  Senator Kyl is providing the leadership necessary to keep 40 or more Republicans together on important issues to prevent the Democratic majority from enacting bad law. 
We are Republicans. We discuss and sometimes we disagree. That does not mean we have to be disagreeable.  We don’t always walk hand-in-hand down every road.  But, we should head in the same direction.  We respect civility and we will continue to work together to solve issues. 
Thank you.
Judi White
Pima County Republican Party

(Judi, Nice job defending Senator Kyl. Sorry that we missed your e-mail defending the good name of Randy Graf while Steve Huffman was trashing him and distorting his record.)

East Tucson Alert!

     Representative Giffords will be discussing border issues and immigration reform Tuesday evening at the Academy Village, 13701 E. Old Spanish Trail from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. You may want to confirm the details with her Tucson office at 881-3588 if you are planning on attending as the information came to us second hand.

     If you want to brush up on the details of the current senate immigration bill please visit The Heritage Foundation for an analysis of the plan.

Update: Jed Babbin has some great advice on what to do about the Senate Immigration Bill while congress is in recess.

Update 2: McCain slips to number 3.

Forgotten Heroes

Forgotten in the sense that liberals (media, Hollywood, Democrats) downplay American heroism and prefer to treat our warriors as victims. has a moving editorial.  The stories of our past and present heroes are amazing stories. Read it all, and read it to your children.

Once we knew who and what to honor on Memorial Day: those who had given all their tomorrows, as was said of the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy, for our todays. But in a world saturated with selfhood, where every death is by definition a death in vain, the notion of sacrifice today provokes puzzlement more often than admiration. We support the troops, of course, but we also believe that war, being hell, can easily touch them with an evil no cause for engagement can wash away. And in any case we are more comfortable supporting them as victims than as warriors.

Former football star Pat Tillman and Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham were killed on the same day: April 22, 2004. But as details of his death fitfully emerged from Afghanistan, Tillman has become a metaphor for the current conflict–a victim of fratricide, disillusionment, coverup and possibly conspiracy. By comparison, Dunham, who saved several of his comrades in Iraq by falling on an insurgent’s grenade, is the unknown soldier. The New York Times, which featured Abu Ghraib on its front page for 32 consecutive days, put the story of Dunham’s Medal of Honor on the third page of section B.


We impoverish ourselves by shunting these heroes and their experiences to the back pages of our national consciousness. Their stories are not just boys’ adventure tales writ large. They are a kind of moral instruction. They remind of something we’ve heard many times before but is worth repeating on a wartime Memorial Day when we’re uncertain about what we celebrate. We’re the land of the free for one reason only: We’re also the home of the brave.

(H/T Powerline blog)

From someone who has been there.

For an excellent Memorial Day tribute we refer you to Arizona 8th.

Immigrationista’s devouring their own

crazy_womanSomeone needs to get this woman some medication.  Now Michelle Dallacroce of Mother’s Against Illegal Aliens is going after Republican Party chairman Randy Pullen.  First she called US Sen. Jon Kyl a “liar”, then she tore up her Republican voter ID card on national television, now she calls Pullen “duplicitous.”  Pullen’s crime? He said Sen. Kyl was a “statesman”. 

I have yet to hear anger over the Arizona Democrats stand on the immigration bill.  Where is Janet “it’s a federal problem there is nothing I can do about it” Napolitano on this issue?  How about the chairman of the Democrat Party?  Or is this just an issue to bash the Republican Party and ruin any chances to take back the House and Senate in 2008?

I know what some of you are thinking: a lot of Republicans are behind this bill and they deserve to lose for ignoring their base.  Consider this, there was nothing but talk on “amnesty” when the Republicans controlled the House and Senate.  Now, less than six months after taking over Congress, the Democrats want to force a vote on it. 

Which political party controls Congress does matter. 

From Dallacroce:

Not only is Randy Pullen, the State Chairman for the Arizona Republican Party, duplicitous in his support of Senator Jon Kyl, he is ABSOLUTELY DUPLICITOUS.   Here is a “Party Leader” who has made every attempt to hide his political agenda i.e. his loyal support for Kyl by publicly stating that he was opposed to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill only last week.   Now within a matter of a few days the “Party” Chairman made a statement to the Associated Press that Senator Jon Kyl was indeed a “statesman”…

“ABSOLUTELY DUPLICITOUS”?  Is that kind of like being Dean Wormer’s declaration in Animal House that the Delta’s are on “double secret probation?” 


Myth vs. Reality.

“I’ll make it a top priority to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and stop illegal immigration.” – Harry Mitchell

A reader named Marsha over at Espresso Pundit insinuated that Hayworth and Graf lost their elections because they supported securing the border

It is true that J.D. ran as a tough on the border candidate. But did Mitchell run as an open borders amnesty candidate? No. The ads below show that Mitchell ran a tough and smart campaign that tagged J.D. as corrupt and partisan. So J.D. lost with border security a big part of his campaign. Mitchell won with a campaign about corruption and personality, not on open borders and amnesty.

Here is Harry’s ad hitting J.D. on the corruption charge. Nothing about the border.

Here is another ad that says nothing about the border.

Here is an ad for Mitchell that hits J.D. for reportedly cutting school funding.

“cynical and inept”

     Two more well reasoned conservatives have commented on the senate immigration compromise.

     Peggy Noonan addressed the false argument that the only alternative is mass deportation.

Here is the truth: America has never deported millions of people, and America will never deport millions of people. It’s not what we do. It’s not who we are. It’s not who we want to be.

     Mark Steyn discusses what the actually effect of the bill will be (not the fantasy being peddled by its supporters.)

The immigration bill is all reward and no obligations. The only clause that matters is the first one: the mandatory open-ended probationary legal status the bill will confer the moment it’s passed. All the rest — the enforcement provisions on border agents and security fences that will supposedly “trigger” Z-visas and then green cards — is nonsense, most of which will never happen.

Arpaio “attacks” Kyl?

sheriff joe.jpg   While we can’t be certain, according to arguments made by Nathan Sproul, Gordon James and The New York Times, it appears that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is now “personally attacking Jon Kyl.”  Of course, we don’t believe that for a moment, but read what our good Sheriff had to say about the current immigration bill before the U.S. Senate:

“I don’t like to criticize Congress, but in this case their approach to solving the illegal immigration problem is all wrong,” Arpaio says. “We put people who break the law in jail and that’s exactly what we should be doing with illegal immigrants. Amnesty is not the answer.”

Oh my, here come the rapid responses from Sproul et al, as they savage the Sheriff for his “shameful and divisive attacks.”  We are quite sure that they’ll be calling for his resignation and firing up the autodialers, asking Kyl supporters to call the Sheriff and tell him to “stop attacking Jon Kyl.”  They will next go on national television and decry the Sheriff’s “mudslinging and dirty tactics,” as they tearfully beg him to “stop tearing the Republican Party in two.”

Or maybe not.  Maybe they really don’t think these comments are personal attacks and it was all about wanting an opportunity to take cheap shots at the man who stopped their gravy train, or defeated their wife, or passed Prop 200 over their objections, or mobilized and fired-up the grassroots of the party in a way that no chairman has in recent memory.  Sure, not attacking the Sheriff will make them look like hypocrites, but maybe they don’t care about what they look like.  The goal is what they’re focused on, and that’s a never-ending effort to damage Randy Pullen, regardless of what they do to the Republican Party in the meantime.

The next day or two should tell, as we breathlessly await the barrage that, even now, a conference call somewhere is no doubt outlining!

A Reprieve.

     It looks like the Republic is safe for now. The U.S. Senate does not plan to reconvene until June 4th. They will be in session for the rest of June and then they take off one week for the Independence Day Holiday.

“Despite denials”

     Some voices have suggested that because of his history as a conservative that Senator Kyl should be given immunity from criticism for supporting a flawed illegal immigration bill. It is true that Kyl has carried the water for conservative for decades and he deserves credit for his past service to the cause. One of the people who drilled the well so that there would be water to carry, Phyllis Schlafly, weighs in on the S.1348.