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Hunter Gets Warm Reception at Arizona Luncheon

Duncan Hunter

Here’s a press release from the Maricopa County Republican Party regarding Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter’s recent visit:


For immediate release                        
March 20, 2007     
Frosty Taylor, Communications

Hunter Gets Warm Reception at Arizona Luncheon

Duncan Hunter’s speech to Maricopa County Republican’s at the Union Hills Country Club in Sun City this weekend was interrupted several times with claps of approval from over 325 people attending the sold-out event.

Addressing the Iraq War, the 26 year California congressman and presidential 2008 candidate, praised the US military and commented, “Liberals are already declaring defeat (in Iraq) but they didn’t inform the US Marines.

“It is in our best interest to expand freedom.  Free nations are our allies and friends,” noting El Salvadoran troops are serving beside US troops in Iraq.
He highly praised Arizona Congressman Trent Franks saying that Franks is fighting everyday in Washington, DC for the American armed services.

Hunter, who has served as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee for six years and now its Ranking Member, also cautioned that the US must maintain its industrial base noting too many businesses are heading off-shore. He pointed out we only have one company left in this country capable of delivering heavy armor for our military.
Hunter cautioned that the US has a bad trade agreement with China and that China is breaking the rules.  Hunter said if elected President, his motto would be, “Trust, but verify our trade deals.”

Regarding illegals crossing our borders, he pointed out San Diego has experienced a great reduction of armed gangs and drug smuggling by building a fence at the Mexican border.   Expressing strong support for a border fence he said, “We must know who’s coming in and what they are bringing with them.”  He promised to finish the border fence from California to Texas, if elected.

He said the fence could be built with the money it costs the nation in one year to incarcerate illegals who have been arrested for crimes in this country. He noted there are 600 unsolved murders in Laredo, TX alone.

He has introduced a bill with 91 co-signers to obtain a pardon for two Texas border agents who have been sentenced to 10-12 years in prison for shooting an illegal who was fleeing from them.  The case has drawn national attention critical of President George Bush for not issuing a pardon for the two law enforcement agents.

When asked about the North American Union, he replied, “The North American Union should be when California and Mexico stand with us in Iraq.  They didn’t. I don’t support anything that takes away from the sovereignty of the United States.”  

Hunter said a straw poll that was taken at the Maricopa County Republican meeting in January which showed him as the favorite presidential candidate helped push him into national forefront.

MCRC Chairman Lyle Tuttle said he was extremely pleased that Hunter returned to Arizona to make the Saturday presentation. Hunter was in Arizona a few weeks ago to speak to the Trunk and Tusk dinner.

Blogoshere 1, Talton 0

     Patterson finally gets his wish.

     It sounds like Talton never liked the Valley of the Sun that much. I did not read Jon’s columns very ofter because they made absolutely no sense to me.

     Really, if you do not like the desert there are 49 other states. I love it here and think it is an awesome place to live (and raise a 5th generation child.)

     Talton finishes out his sad career at the Republic by taking a swipe at Tucson. His final sentence “the one thing Tucson will never again be is what so many long for: a small town.” I am not sure I agree but I am sure that there are a lot of small towns around Tucson (Marana, Oro Valley, Sahuarita, Vail, etc.) where lots of people seem to be very happily living and raising families. Maybe that is too mundane a concept for an enlightened figure like Jon.

McCain vs. Club for Growth

In the latest installment of John McCain’s quixotic and shameless attempt to make nice with conservatives, McCain was asked by a reporter from Pat Robertson’s CBN about the Club for Growth. His response?

“So I’m not sure what the Club for Growth and I have really in common”

Apparently the Club for Growth agrees.

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Stealth Campaigning.

     Once again I had to find out about the latest Republican candidate for Tucson City Council on a Democrat leaning blog. Apparently the moribund Republican County Party has given up on keeping the public updated on the election. Maybe the party is quietly acknowledging the inevitable, that given the voter registration numbers* and the open structure of the general election that Republicans have no chance. Or maybe the party apparatus is just unable to get out the message.

     The one slight hope the Republicans have is for Democrat turnout to be low. With news that enviro-wacko Daniel Patterson might challenge Walkup look for the Democrat kook base to be fully energized and show up and vote in force. If the electorate is in the same mood as 2006 things might not go well for the GOP.

     Speaking of Walkup it looks like he is not as popular as he once was with the business community. In fact one influential person has called for change. I am not sure Patterson is what Emerine had in mind but you don’t always get exactly what you ask for.

     At this rate maybe Steve Huffman should run for mayor. He was popular with the business community and he spearheaded the reauthorization for Rio Nuevo. Steve could finally prove to all the Graf supporters how electable he really is. What about it Steve?

*By my calculations, based on the Pima County Recorder’s web site, there are 219,144 registered voters in Tucson proper. Of that number 44% are Democrats, and 26% are Republican. A column titled Others makes up 29% of the electorate. It is never good in politics when you have fallen behind Other. The simple fact is that the Republicans in Pima County mostly live outside of the City of Tucson.


The latest from the “vast right-wing conspiracy.

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NW Tucson’s first booth a great success.


     The NW Tucson Chapter of Arizona Right to Life had their first booth today at the Marana Founders’ Day event. It was a huge success and was well staffed during the whole event. People from all walks of life, young and old, stopped by to say high and hear our message of life and value for all people.

     A BIG THANKS to all those who came out and helped spread the message of life!

When is a dead baby not a dead baby?

     When it is submerged “in a water-filled bucket and then buried” in the backyard. Or so reports the Arizona Daily Star.

     A three-judge panel on the Arizona Court of Appeals was not able to figure this one out. Kudos to Pima County Superior Court Judge Charles S. Sabalos who can put two and two together.

McCain Struggling

Two columns worth reading on the McCain campaign further confirm that it may only be a matter of time before the McCain shop closes its doors.

Real Clear Politics columnist, Gerard Baker, discusses“Three big factors have changed in ways that have hurt him: the state of the Republican field, the early phase of the Democratic race, and the politics of the Iraq war.”

Stuart Rothenberg also comments that, “McCain is having trouble being accepted by conservatives, who see him as neither entirely dependable nor entirely conservative.” 

Rothenberg also noted: “Interestingly, I’ve asked a number of thoughtful political consultants, from both parties, who they think is most likely to be the GOP nominee and who is the least likely. So far, Giuliani is seen as the most likely and McCain as the least.”

Proud to be from Arizona

Club for Growth released their Congressional Scorecard today.  Three Members of the U.S. House scored a perfect 100.  Two of them are Arizonans: Jeff Flake and John Shadegg.  Trent Franks was number four on the list with a score of 98.  Since this tallied votes in 2006, it included Hayworth, who scored 81, Renzi was 51, and to round out the delegation, Pastor’s score was 9 and Grijalva’s was 4.  In the Senate, Kyl scored an impressive 94 and McCain scored 76.

When it comes to Republicans in the U.S. House, grassroots Arizonans should be proud.  There isn’t a state in the nation that can boast that 75% (3 out of 4) of it’s Republican House members are proven, solid conservatives. 

Pima County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner

Please click here for details.

Public Clamoring for New Digs for Legislators!

At least that’s what our favorite lobbyist Marty Shultz would have us believe. In a story in this week’s Capitol Times about proposals for a new State Capitol, Shultz said that “The feeling seems to be much more powerful than it ever has been.”

Maybe Marty is right, he does, after all, work for APS and we all know how smart they are.

I have heard several reports of families sitting around their dinner table saying how much they really want to see millions of their tax dollars spent on a new State Capitol. In fact, I was lucky to be able to eavesdrop on one such conversation.

(Husband) “Honey I really feel we need to build new offices for legislators”

(Wife) “Yeah, me too. Other states really aren’t going to take Arizona seriously unless we spend some major cash updating the Capitol.”
(Husband) “I agree, in fact, I am amazed that anyone is really willing to move here given that our State Capitol isn’t up to snuff.”

(Wife) “You’re right, in fact, some friends of mine were talking about that over lunch today. They all agree, the sentiment seems to be really powerful, in fact, more so than ever.
(Husband) Honey, we just go our APS bill today. I feel much better knowing that when we pay our monthly bill at least a portion of it is going to have the lobbyists for APS spending their time making sure that our powerful views about spending millions in tax dollars for upgrade the Capitol are heard.

(Wife) Me too, after all, what’s more important to the well-being of our great state, fixing the problem at Palo Verde, or representing the powerful desire of the citizenry to build a new Capitol complex we can all be proud of.

Mandatory minimum sentences being considered in the legislature

The legislature is currently considering mandatory minimum sentences for crimes such as auto theftSen. Robert Blendu is holding up the legislation from passing.  He opposed mandatory minimums last year as well. Blendu is quoted in the Legislative Report saying, “…to me the better approach is to leave this in the hands of the judges, and have good judges…there really is no chance of redemption after that. It stays there forever, and you can talk about expunging it all you want, but the reality is that they hit another button in the computer and they can go right into the next screen and see that you did have a felony.”

This type of legislation is necessary because too many liberal judges appointed by our governor are letting criminals off the hook, letting them off on probation where they’re free to commit more crimes. The media’s coverage of this has been piecemeal, focusing on how unfair it is for someone who steals an expensive pair of jeans to go to jail. Whatever happened to “do the crime, do the time?”

The Few and the Brave.

     The above would make a great movie title for a film about Republicans still living inside the city limits of Tucson. Even fewer are those Republicans who dare run for the city council. Lori Oien is one of them. She is running for the seat in Ward 2. She may have a chance if she just had to win over the voters of Ward 2 but in the general election voters city-wide get to vote on the representative for Ward 2 (and the other wards in the city.)

     So Lori will have to do everything right to get out her message. Like have an effective web site up and running (Click on the Photos link to see all the pictures of Arizona’s favorite Republican Governor.) She might even want to have the local county party post a link on their web site. No, not there. Maybe the county party would send out an e-mail with a link. No, not that either. It took reading an article in a local blog that mostly supports Democrats to finally find the web page for the one Republican brave enough to try and win a seat on the Tucson City Council. We wish Lori all the best but offer one small piece of advice. A web site is not much use if it is kept a secret.

     We have it on good information that the Republican Party in the state’s second most populace county will at some point in the future have a functional web site. That would be nice. There are Republican Legislative Districts that have better web sites. There are Republican Clubs with more effective sites.

Rep. Reagan Shutters Congressional Campaign Office

Last Thursday’s vote on HB2641 (Parental Consent) was a nice victory for pro-life, pro-family forces at the Capitol.  During a session when increased numbers of liberal Democrats is making it difficult to pass common-sense reforms that protect families and the unborn, the 34-21 passage of a Parental Consent bill was a solid boost to pro-life groups.  3 Democrats supported the bill (Brown, McGwire and Rios) while 2 Republicans opposed it.  While the No vote of Rep. Pete Hershberger (R-LD26) was not a surprise, many folks expressed surprise that the only other Republican to oppose the measure was Rep. Michele Reagan (R-LD08).

Ever since her involvement in the coup attempt on former Speaker Jake Flake that ultimately passed Janet Napolitano’s bloated budget in 2004, Reagan has been attempting to cultivate an image as a reasonable moderate, voting with the Republican majority on most measures.  Yet Thursday’s vote served as a powerful reminder that Rep. Reagan remains little more than a Carolyn Allen clone.  Her desire to succeed Sen. Allen (R-LD08) when Allen retires seemingly obligates her to carry water for extreme causes such as this.

Denying parents the right to be involved in life and death decisions where their minor children are concerned places Reagan well outside the mainstream, not just of the Republican party, but the general public as well.  Folks at the Capitol say that this is confirmation that Reagan is not considering a congressional run for the CD05 seat and that she is content to wait for the Allen Senate seat.

Mom and Daughter.jpg  As experts often point out, many victims of rape and abuse who are impregnated by their abuser are often taken to the abortion clinic by that abuser, usually a much older man.  There the evidence of the crime is scrapped from the minor’s belly without her parents ever knowing about what was going on.  Fortunately, the bill passed over Reagan’s and Hershberger’s objections and parents may soon be able to look out for the health and well-being of their young daughters while protecting them from continued assault by those sexual predators.

The most popular political blogs in Arizona

Somebody asked me recently what were the top political blogs in Arizona, so I thought I’d take a stab at listing them. Finding a list of them primarily from, an aggregate of political blogs, here’s what I’ve come up with, using the website rankings provided by, which is considered the most reliable rankings available for websites (their rankings are provided based on users who have downloaded their alexa browser helper; this method of sampling is considered more reliable than any other website ranking system currently available on the internet). Every website in the world within approximately the top 5 million most popular or slightly more is ranked. So for example, is ranked #1, is ranked #2, and is ranked #3. I regret to inform you that beats out, although we’re second after them. Most of the Arizona political blogs didn’t make the top 5 million cut so I am not bothering to list them. A few are only second level domains (like – blogsome is the domain tracked by alexa) so they cannot individually be tracked, however, based on what I can tell none of them are likely more popular than the top few listed below. – 2,768,115 – 3,350,095 – 4,201,618 (liberal blog) – 6,370,000 (not listed – probably not within top 5 million) (not listed – probably not within top 5 million) (not listed – probably not within top 5 million – liberal blog)
The Arizona Republic’s combined website,, is ranked 2,313, which is fairly high, but if you look at a chart of their traffic over the last few months, it’s steadily decreasing. The percentage of visitors has gone down by 20% over the past 3 months. The East Valley Tribune’s numbers are also decreasing in similar numbers, it’s currently ranked 37,901 but it’s decreased by 3,896 over the past 3 months, 18% less visitors.

News of the Day – Thomson, Hagel, Romney and a CTU Agent Named Schroeder

Senator Fred Thompson is considering jumping into the GOP Presidential race. Considering Thompson’s consistent views and votes on the issues important to conservatives, he may draw a sizeable crowd among conservatives. Many GOP true and faithful are still not 100% commited to the handful of early entries. McCain is simply disliked, Giuliani is too liberal and Romney’s past continues to haunt him. A Thompson entry may spark some excitement but its still too early to speculate how much critical mass he can acquire.

The presidential announcement that wasn’t occurred today when Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel drew reporters only to to tell them he hadn’t decided to run, yet. But even stranger than the announcement was an insinuation that President Bush might be impeached before all is said and done. Hagel bagel, what’s up with this guy? Jim Jeffords, move over.

Meanwhile, Governor Mitt Romney, is reported to have made sizeable donations to Massachusetts affiliates of the National RIght to Life Committee and Family Reasearch Council. While he has certainly put his money where his mouth apparently is, will this be enough to persuade single-issue voters to jump on the Romney bandwagon?

But there’s nothing like a Vice President who’s not up for a presidential bid. In a speech to the American Israeli Political Action Committee today, Vice President Cheney let loose against the cut and run congress.

Finally, is that former Scottsdalian Ricky Schroeder on 24?