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Public Clamoring for New Digs for Legislators!

At least that’s what our favorite lobbyist Marty Shultz would have us believe. In a story in this week’s Capitol Times about proposals for a new State Capitol, Shultz said that “The feeling seems to be much more powerful than it ever has been.”

Maybe Marty is right, he does, after all, work for APS and we all know how smart they are.

I have heard several reports of families sitting around their dinner table saying how much they really want to see millions of their tax dollars spent on a new State Capitol. In fact, I was lucky to be able to eavesdrop on one such conversation.

(Husband) “Honey I really feel we need to build new offices for legislators”

(Wife) “Yeah, me too. Other states really aren’t going to take Arizona seriously unless we spend some major cash updating the Capitol.”
(Husband) “I agree, in fact, I am amazed that anyone is really willing to move here given that our State Capitol isn’t up to snuff.”

(Wife) “You’re right, in fact, some friends of mine were talking about that over lunch today. They all agree, the sentiment seems to be really powerful, in fact, more so than ever.
(Husband) Honey, we just go our APS bill today. I feel much better knowing that when we pay our monthly bill at least a portion of it is going to have the lobbyists for APS spending their time making sure that our powerful views about spending millions in tax dollars for upgrade the Capitol are heard.

(Wife) Me too, after all, what’s more important to the well-being of our great state, fixing the problem at Palo Verde, or representing the powerful desire of the citizenry to build a new Capitol complex we can all be proud of.

Mandatory minimum sentences being considered in the legislature

The legislature is currently considering mandatory minimum sentences for crimes such as auto theftSen. Robert Blendu is holding up the legislation from passing.  He opposed mandatory minimums last year as well. Blendu is quoted in the Legislative Report saying, “…to me the better approach is to leave this in the hands of the judges, and have good judges…there really is no chance of redemption after that. It stays there forever, and you can talk about expunging it all you want, but the reality is that they hit another button in the computer and they can go right into the next screen and see that you did have a felony.”

This type of legislation is necessary because too many liberal judges appointed by our governor are letting criminals off the hook, letting them off on probation where they’re free to commit more crimes. The media’s coverage of this has been piecemeal, focusing on how unfair it is for someone who steals an expensive pair of jeans to go to jail. Whatever happened to “do the crime, do the time?”