Romney update.

While we were busy sniping at each other about who would lead the state party Mitt Romney was putting together his Arizona team. While it is a little skewed toward Maricopa County (what’s new) it is an impressive group.

If I was supporting the current Republican front-runner I would be more worried about this crew than about a certain district chair or even the state chairman.

Thanks to Espresso Pundit for alerting us to this development.


     Finally someone writes a positive story about the future of the Republican Party. Kudos to Len Munsil for talking about a brighter tomorrow.

Wednesday 1-31-07, 7:40 am

A Thousand Words


What can one say about this photo snatched off the front page of Drudge?

Promises, promises.

YouTube Preview Image

      During the AZ CD 8 general election Gabby ran a get tough on the border ad. The ad lives on at You Tube. This weekend the Border Patrol apprehended some more economic refugees (future guest workers) that were here for more than just regular work. We know Gabby has only been on the job for 3 weeks but we are waiting for the specifics of that plan for “tough new border security” that she talked about during the election.

     Just in case she forgets about the promise we will be happy to remind her every few months.

Tuesday 1-30-07, 11:00 am

Do You Have Something to Blog?

It’s that time again. Sonoran Alliance is now accepting writers to this blog.

Here are the requirements:
1) You must be willing to write/contribute often.
2) You must be a conservative Republican who adores the party platform.
3) You are not allowed to post profane, vulgar or false posts. 
4) Any posting must contain reliable and credible third-party source references (No ultra-liberal sources) if necessary.
5) You should be able to compose a coherent, grammatically-correct sentence/paragraph/essay.

If you are interested, please submit your contact info and a sample writing to the website for consideration.

Thank you!


The Humbling of Randy Pullen (an opinion piece.)


     I know you are thinking; But Pullen won. Randy did not so much win as receive the responsibility of watching over the state party for 2 years, a big task to be sure. He should take a deep breath and pray for the party to come together, we all should. Early reports are that he is working closely with the executive committee and building consensus, a good sign.

     Sonoran Alliance would like to congratulate Lisa James on a well-run and hard fought campaign. We hope that Lisa and all of her supporters will stay involved and help move the party forward. We have some city council elections in 2007 but the main focus is getting Republicans elected in 2008.

     This was my first state convention. I did not realize how long the speeches went and how brief the voting was. The main attraction was the election for Chairman. Things were going fine for Randy until Trent Franks spoke for Lisa. For a conservative, leaving the auditorium and walking over to vote for Pullen after hearing Trent was like having lead weights around your ankles. It was tough to fill in the arrow for Randy with Trent’s words still fresh in my mind. Also tough was trying to remind others why they had planned on voting for Randy after Munsil and Franks spoke.  

     When they announced the final vote I was stunned. The party was split down the middle. I hope that some of the dire predictions made before the elections do not come true. I think some people will be surprised at how well Pullen actually does as chairman. We certainly wish him all the best.

The final vote count was:

Pullen – 408
James – 404

Lee - 635
Kraus - 166

Members-at-Large (please correct my spelling if in error.)

CD 2
Phil Corbell
Debbie Lesko
(First Name) Rohn-Nelson

CD 3
Rob Haney
Marne Haney
Mark Zemel

CD 4
Milton Wheat
Constantin Querard
Charlotte Reed

CD 5
Chris Dahm
Tom Morrissey
Donna Reagan

CD 6
Web Crockett
Steve Johnson
Leo Mahoney 

CD 7
Gene Chewning
Phil Townson
C.R. Waters

CD 8
Cyndi Collins
Randy Graf
Stephanie Johnson

Sunday 1-28-07, 9:15 pm

I do apologize if this post is too reflective. If you need something a little stronger here is some real red meet to read (see Jury Still out on Shadegg, Jan. 28, 2007.)

Framer at Arizona 8th was not a voting delegate to the convention but he wrote a nice piece about what it was like to be there.

She Can’t Sing

I know Hillary Clinton is not running for American Idol but my goodness, this woman cannot sing. But I bet she can sure do the Hustle.

Watch the link.

YouTube Preview Image

Pullen By 4

Results are in and the new chairman of the Republican Party of Arizona is Randy Pullen. After one of the most hotly contested races in recent history, Randy Pullen won by only four votes.

I’m guessing our staff of bloggers will have more details to report…

GOP State Chairman’s Race – Final Entrance Poll

A bit more than 24 hours until we know the final results in the race for GOP State Party Chairman. Since it is so boring at the State Capitol (outside of the occasional bomb scare), loyal readers have had nothing else to occupy themselves with other than this race. To guide you to the finish line, we now present our final entrance poll!
Lisa James’ website continues to collect more cobwebs than visitors or endorsements. It appears to have been weeks since the site was updated which is especially curious when you consider her background in politics and public relations. Running a campaign that displays no outwards signs of growth, excitement or momentum doesn’t sound like a professional move. It does however make our job easier as there continue to be no changes in her vote total.Over at the Randy Pullen campaign website, his numbers continue to build. The recent endorsements do not seem to come from a specific area so much as they are just single votes being rounded up from all over.For the last time then, let us summarize how this works… We are offering polling based on the endorsements claimed by both campaigns. The winner will need approximately 419 votes to win. How is the data compiled? Well, we do it as follows:

1. Start with the list of endorsements provided by both campaigns. No, not the entire list of everyone who claims to be a supporter, but just the names of people who are also State Committeemen.
2. When a husband and wife are both State Committeemen and only one appears as an endorsement while the other does not, we assume that the spouse WILL vote for the same candidate.
3. Where both candidates claim the endorsement of the same person, we try to contact that person and determine who they are actually supporting.

As of Thursday, January 25th, the vote count stands as follows:

Randy Pullen – 379 of which 1 is questionable

Lisa James – 131 of which 1 is questionable

Unclaimed – 330

Both candidates claim the support of the same 5 people, but Pullen has the signatures of 2 on support cards while a third person tells West Washington that he did not tell Lisa he was supporting her and that he is supporting Pullen. We have resolved one of the remaining two cases who says that she is supporting Pullen. The other one remains unreachable, so we have left their vote on BOTH vote counts.

Privately, Pullen’s campaign is indicating that they now have well in excess of the number of votes needed to win. Some of these votes do not wish to be seen publicly endorsing Pullen because they do not want to upset their Congressman or district leadership, so they have asked not to be listed on Pullen’s website. We do not include those figures because we believe that the most accurate count is of those who will publicly stand with a candidate. Those who do so privately may well be making the same promise to both candidates. Nevertheless, Pullen would need only 40 votes out of the 330 votes still outstanding to win and it is highly likely that he has those commitments already. Furthermore, his already substantial lead would strongly suggest that even if he had no additional votes at this time, he would not have troubling attracting the support of a mere 12%-13% of the remaining voters.

At this time, Eyes on West Washington is calling the race for Randy Pullen.

If Randy does in fact win, then we will have invented “Entrance Polling” and we will be considered very cool. If Randy does not win, then we shall never speak of this again!

Next week, we shall turn our eyes back to West Washington for more news!

My Turn – Clearing The Air

Over the last few weeks, Sonoran Alliance has received quite a bit of attention both here in Arizona and across the country. I originally conceived the blog as an opportunity for well-written conservatives in Arizona to report on news and to promote conservative thought and principles in our area of the country. The objective was to provide a forum for those who don’t have the resources to buy time and space in major media outlets. Every Arizona conservative knows that the Arizona Republic and Arizona Daily Star could care less about the conservative perspective let alone provide equal balance. Thus, in February of 2006, Sonoran Alliance arrived in the blogosphere.

In the beginning, there were only 2-3 of us posting as I sought out talented contributors to add more depth to the blog. My vision was to see the blog develop into one rivaling others around the country. Today, about a half dozen contributors write when they have time. While I am most identified and associated with the blog, others have asked to use pseudonyms in order to protect their privacy. Some are and have been very prominent in Republican politics and would prefer to avoid personal, professional and political assaults by being identified. I have respected their privacy and more importantly, given them my word that I would not reveal their identity even if we have a falling out. For me however, my identity is not an issue. After being the Executive Director or Arizona Right to Life for six years, I figured how much more controversial could I get? Yes, I did change my posting name to “DSW” but even the most amateur internet sleuth could figure out who I am.

So in the last two years, I have essentially fallen into the role of a “senior contributor, “senior editor” or whatever fancy or derrogatory name readers want to call me. And because of this, I have taken a lot of heat and barbs. I knew what I was getting into but also knew that my skin was thick and if I couldn’t take it, I should get out of the kitchen (excuse the mixed metaphor). I especially expected this after criticizing Senator McCain, but that is another long story that you can read up on throughout Sonoran Alliance.

My point in exercising a point of personal privlege is to stand in the middle and take a few bullets from both sides as we ready to elect a new chairman. No, I don’t claim to be a wise old elder in the party, but I think I have learned some things watching the comments go back and forth on this blog and I’d like to issue a reality check.

1) While it is a very good thing that conservatives have this means to exercise their First Amendment Right to say whatever they want, their is a price to pay by making irresponsible or volatile postings. I learned this when I got angry with a certain Republican consultant over an endorsement in a certain legislative race. It’s always best (but very challenging) to wait and sit on a posting or comment until after your passion subsides. My request to the readers is to refrain from name-calling and try to stick to the facts.

2) While anyone can find just about anything on the Internet about others, my strong advice is to be careful what you post. It only takes one false or sloppy reference to a third-party source to bring doubt and discredit on the entire blogsite. The individuals who post on Sonoran Alliance at one time have all asked me if they can refer to specific sources. My answer has always been that if it is in the public domain from a credible source, they can use it. News or stories on other website are fine. Official documents with government entities are great. I prefer not to use liberal websites as a source because can we really believe everything liberals say? I will also say that I won’t let this blog turn into a conspiracy theory blog with discussions about the New World Order, aliens or Halliburton. I’ve heard it many times already and I’m pretty sure no one else wants to hear it either.

3) We have an election this Saturday and there are two imperfect but willing and qualified candidates running. The good news for pro-lifers like me is that both candidates have asserted their dedication to the party platform. Neither candidate embraces the pro-abortion anti-family agenda. Each has offered their vision for the party and we’ll all have to face the reality that whoever wins, we are going to have to get along with each other. I noted in an earlier blog that this is really the first time that the AZ GOP Chairman’s race has been taken to the internet. That means a lot more time and information has allowed everyone to throw roses and mud. I hope that when the election is called Saturday afternoon, something good will grow out of it. I have a lot of friends on both sides of this race and my desire is that we walk away from this stronger and better prepared to win city council races this year and state and national elections in 2008.

Does this “can’t we all just get along” tone mean I am compromising on principle or the platform? Absolutely not! There are those of us in the party and who write for this blog that need to play the role of North Star and keep the party true to its course. I believe like others, that this is my purpose in the party. Our party will always need “North Star” Republicans because without them, it will turn into what the Democrats have become – coalitions of liberal special interest groups.

With all that said, I hope I’ve cleared the air to the point we can all go back to our political jousting only doing so in a much more chivalrous manner.


Housekeeping note.

This blog has a spam filter that usually does a pretty good job of capturing spam and letting legitimate comments through. We got a little behind on checking the spam folder and several comments were mistakenly stuck there. They have now been posted.

We do apologize for the inconvenience. (Things have been a little busy lately.)

Nathan Sproul Responds

Early this morning, I received the following response from Nathan Sproul. Unfortunately, I did not have time to post it until this evening and only after I confirmed with Nathan that he still wanted his response presented.

After I post this, I will have more to say…




Your website is not posting my comments. They may be too long for what you guys have set up to accept, but I expect this posted in its entirety.


I have to say that this is a new low. For the record, all three stories that you cite are false. I appreciate my defenders as well, but I think the explanation below is adequate. So, please refrain from defending me. I don’t want this to get out of hand, which clearly it has the potential to do.

Here are the facts about the sources you cite:

Mark Crispin Miller wrote the article for the Baltimore Chronicle. Tucson’s parallel liberal magazine would be the Tucson Weekly. He is a professor of Cultural Studies at NYU. He also wrote a book Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election. You guessed it. I get 20 some pages. With the exception of Arianna Huffington and now Sonoran Alliance, just about everyone has dismissed his book as wild-eyed conspiracy theories. Not exactly the type of person a conservative blog should use as a credibility source. His book did influence Robert Kennedy Jr. to write a large article for Rolling Stone magazine. I am currently in the process of having the magazine framed. We get mentioned early and often.

Speaking of a non-credible source, let’s talk about Blog For Arizona for a moment According to them, I run the Franklin Charter Schools. They get Ben Franklin charter schools and Franklin Arts Academy mixed up but why should we worry about little details like that? For your information, I don’t run any charter schools. The rest of the story gets some things right. I did make the political contributions they report although those are now out-dated. I did work for Voyager and I did work with the RNC to do voter registration work. There conclusions on every single subject are simply false.

Finally, the Pittsburgh Gazette story gets into the whole question of whether Nathan Sproul committed voter fraud. These allegations were first made by non other than Ted Kennedy and Terry McAuliffe three weeks from a Presidential election that everyone expected to be decided by a very thin margin. They were trying to create a paper trail for contesting a NATIONAL election. Do you have any idea what stunts they were willing to pull to do that? For starters, my wife and I received death threats. Yes, death threats. Robert Kennedy Jr. gave out my office phone number on national radio and encouraged his readers to call my office. Needless to say, they didn’t say nice things. Daily Kos plastered it everywhere. They called it the “Smoking Gun.” started holding press conferences in states where we didn’t even work claiming that we did it. I have the web page from a Democrat in Minnesota who infiltrated our operation after hearing the first story about it. He bragged that even though we gave him meticulous rules to follow that he lied to the newspaper reporter and the reporter believed him.

Three different states investigated the accusations of Kennedy. Two of them, including Arizona, were conducted by Democrat AG’s. the Department of Justice opened an inquiry. ALL and I mean ALL of those investigations were found to be without substance and have been dismissed.

Those are the facts surrounding the three links you maliciously posted. On the other hand, I have posted the letter that I first wrote to Randy Pullen and later sent to State Committeemen. Unlike the writers of this blog, I put my name on it. Randy Pullen in a public forum claimed that he “helped raise over $2 million for the AZGOP.” I was Executive Director of the AZGOP in 2000. Randy volunteered to be Co-Chair of the Finance Committee, attended two meetings and wrote a check for $1,000. All of those things were helpful. However, he did nothing more. In his email reply to me which I have included with this post, he admits to playing a minor role in the fundraising. He claims he made calls to help. I don’t remember him making any calls and if he did, he was remarkeably unsuccessful.

I would not have written to disagree with him if he had simply said that he helped raise money or that he volunteered to be Co-Chair. That isn’t what he said. He said he “helped raise over $2 million…” By any reasonable understanding, he was claiming to be very involved in raising a significant amount of money. He wasn’t. I pointed that out in a very factual way.

If someone came to work for me and greatly exaggerated their resume to get the job, they would be fired. By inserting the $2 million figure, he was clearly trying to demonstrate fundraising prowess that he does not have. He has never been successful at raising money, so he wanted to make his accomplishment sound much much better than it really was.

Below is the correspondence. Frankly, you should all be more than a little ashamed. This is unseemly and irresponsible of you. If you keep this post up, you are now keeping on your website information that you know to be false.

Dear State Committee Member:

I believe it is important to share with you an email correspondence I have had with Randy Pullen. This email is one of the many reasons why I can’t support Randy Pullen for AZGOP Chairman. For those of you who don’t know me, I served as Executive Director of the Arizona Republican Party from 1999-2002. I have run my own political consulting company since 2003 and have worked for well over 100 clients in 23 states. My consulting company is 100% Republican. I have had the distinct honor of working on the campaigns of many good Republicans including Trent Franks, Andy Thomas, and Len Munsil.

I was troubled this morning when I read and saw Randy Pullen’s response to a simple question. He was asked why he financially supported Democrat candidates Harry Mitchell and Paul Johnson against two Republican candidates in a partisan race. One race was for State Senate and one was Governor. Instead of admitting that he made a mistake, he used two excuses to minimize the contributions.

1) He was a lobbyist and that is just the way it is done.

2) He has raised so much for Republicans that these contributions “pale in comparison.”

I guess the Republicans who endorsed Janet Napolitano over Len Munsil could have said that their endorsement of Napolitano “pales in comparison” to all the endorsements they have made for Republicans.

However, the fact that was most troubling to me was his claim that he “helped raise over $2,000,000” for the AZGOP in 2000 as Co-Chair of the Finance Committee. I was Executive Director for the AZGOP in 2000, so I knew from first-hand experience that his claim was demonstrably false. I have attached our email correspondence from today. Randy Pullen’s response is stunning. He admits that he played a very minor role in fundraising in 2000. Yet, in his public response on espressopundit and in many emails that I have seen, he claims that he “helped raise over $2,000,000” for the AZGOP. By that logic, Al Gore helped invent the internet and Janet Napolitano helped cut taxes and secure the border.

It is true that Randy Pullen volunteered to become Co-Finance Chairman. It is also true that he attended two meetings and wrote a $1,000 check. Beyond that, I don’t know of one dollar that came into the State Party because of Randy Pullen. But, in his public comments he wants people to believe that he was a central figure in raising $2,000,000. He simply didn’t do what he claims.

I know from working at the Party for three years that you don’t “help” raise money. You either do it or you don’t.

Randy Pullen doesn’t have a track record of raising money. That is troubling enough. But, what is far more troubling is that Randy Pullen seems willing to mislead the State Committee into believing that he is something that he isn’t. How many more misrepresentations from Randy Pullen are out there?

The job of State Chairman is too important. Please don’t vote for someone who appears willing to misrepresent himself. As I said in my letter to Randy, if we can’t trust him to shoot straight with us now, how can we trust him to shoot straight with us if he becomes Chairman?

Nathan Sproul
Sproul and Associates

Money Talks.

     Just got this letter from Jim Click in the mail today. I was trying to lay low and not write any more about the race for state chairman but these letter keep coming. This one reminds me of the time in 2004 when John Kerry talked about all the world leaders that he had met with who told him they did not support Bush. If they felt strongly about that then they could have said it in public or maybe Kerry could have given us some of the names. Same goes for Click and his reference to people who will not donate if Randy is chairman.

     This letter is less of an attack and more about extortion. I think it is likely to backfire on Lisa more than anything. Graf may have lost the election but a lot of his supporters are state delegates. They remember the last time Click really got behind a candidate.


On Saturday, January 27th, our Arizona Republican Party will be faced with a very important decision. We will be electing a new Chairman. This is one of the most important Chairman elections in quite some time. In my opinion, the choice is clear. Lisa James has the experience and know-how to be an excellent Chairman. I am thriller that we have someone of her caliber willing to run.

Some have said that it doesn’t really matter who the Chairman is. Contributions will continue to flow into the Party. I can tell you from firsthand experience that it is not easy raising money for the Republican Party. Over the years, I have raised millions of dollars for the Republican Party and Republican candidates. When I raise money for the Party, it is important that the Chairman is someone donors trust to make good decisions with their money.

While I will support the Republican Party no matter who wins on January 27th, I feel obligated to tell you that most of the donors I am talking to won’t. It will be dramatically more difficult to raise money if Randy Pullen is elected as Chairman. Many of his public comments have donors worried. For example, he wrote a guest column for the Arizona Republic on March 7, 2004 where he said President Bush and Congressman Jeff Flake were making “deliberate attempts to mislead the American public.” That kind of comment does not fill potential donors with confidence in his leadership.

When you cast your vote for Chairman, please vote for the person who has the ability to bring the grassroots and donor communities together. We need both to have a successful State Party. Thank you for everything you do to make our state and nation great.


Sincerely, Jim Click

Q & A with Lisa James

On Tuesday, I asked each candidate for State Chairman if they wouldn’t mind answering a few questions regarding their race. Many of the questions have been making the rounds among GOP activists so I thought it only appropriate to facilitate a little Q&A here at Sonoran Alliance.

Here are the questions asked of Lisa James and her unedited responses:

SA: Why are you running for State Chairman? Did anyone prompt you to run?
LJ: Having worked for Republicans in both a paid and volunteer capacity for more than 20 years, I feel that Party Chairman is the next step in my service to the Republican Party.  Politics is my passion and I want to build on my past experience to unite our Party and achieve Victory in ’08.

I was humbled when approached by many from all levels of our party to run for Chairman.  Volunteers asked.  Precinct Committeemen asked.  Donors asked.  Congressman Shadegg also called me.  
SA: Which candidate/campaign do you consider your greatest success?
LJ: Serving as Executive Director of the Bush/Cheney ’04 campaign in Arizona was an incredible experience.  We brought together thousands of volunteers to man booths, register voters, dial phones, email voters, attend the two most successful political rallies in Arizona history (Bank One Ballpark Debate Watch Party–45,000 + attendees and Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum–16,000 +  attendees), and almost double the margin of victory from the 2000 campaign.  This is what we need to duplicate for the Party and preparing for another Presidential election is a great opportunity to get voters excited about being a Republican and participating in the political system.
SA: Which has been your greatest political disappointment?
LJ: The election of Bill Clinton in 1992.

SA: How comfortable are you in raising money among major donors? grassroots donors?
LJ: I am extremely comfortable raising money from both major and grassroots donors.  Every dollar is important and the dollar from a senior citizen on a fixed income is just as important as the 5 figure checks from major donors.  We should provide opportunity to give at all levels.  I look forward to making everyone feel comfortable with their decision to give money to the Party.  They should know it will be spent effectively.
I am also comfortable with asking people to give of their time and talents–just ask any of my friends and neighbors or anyone who might have a minute to spare.  Someone took a week off of work to volunteer for the Bush campaign in ’04 and the before the week was over she took a leave to stay the final 6 weeks of the campaign–full time volunteer.  Others may have only an hour to give, or a morning to walk, or a knack for decorating offices or preparing for events.  There is plenty of work to be done–and I won’t ask anyone to do anything I have not done or will not do myself.
SA: What is your vision for the Arizona GOP for the next four years?
LJ: The Arizona Party should focus on doing four things to build and unite:
1)  Recruit and train grassroots volunteers and precinct committeemen
2)  Recruit and train candidates at all levels
3)  Raise dollars in off years to prepare for election years and to avoid taking dollars from our candidates in election years
4)  FOCUS on winning elections and encouraging Republicans by reminding people that we are the party of small government, lower taxes, personal responsibility.
SA: How do you see your role between social factions in the party?
LJ: The Republican Party has a platform in which I believe.   I am who most would consider extremely conservative.  However, it takes ALL Republicans to win on election day.  We need every vote.  The Republican Party has the responsibility to turn out all Republicans to make sure the winners of our primary and our Presidential nominee remain winners in November.
SA: Do you support the Republican Party Platform as it is currently is written?
LJ: Yes—though for the party of less government, it sure is lengthy.
SA: The 2006 Election cycle was tough on Republicans. What will you do differently in 2008?
LJ: It was a tough year for Republicans across the Nation and Arizona was no exception.  In general terms, I would like to see greater communication at all levels of our party–from counties to the state, state to counties, candidates to the Party and Party to the candidates.  While we point out what is wrong with our Democrat opponents (and not each other) we must also give a reason to come home to our Grand Old Party–smaller government, lower taxes, personal freedom and responsibility.
SA: If elected State Chairman, how will you be able to avoid conflicts of interest with your public relations business?
LJ: My work for our Public Relations business is part time and is as an officer of our company.  I have taken leaves of absence in the past and if necessary this can be done again.  They have survived when I have given birth, survived when I chose to stay home as a full-time mom and survived when I have worked full-time on the BC’04 campaign and as Victory ’06 Director.  We have a great team at GCJPR and I have full confidence that they will continue to provide quality work while I am serving as Chairman.  They are a second family for me and have been extremely supportive of this endeavor.
SA: Will you be able to remain objective and fair as Presidential candidates come to Arizona? Will Senator McCain get special treatment?
LJ: The job of the Chairman, and of the Party, is to showcase ALL of our Republican Presidential candidates.  Our voters need as much information as possible to make an informed decision in our Presidential primary.  All of our Republican candidates will get special treatment.
SA: Given Gordon James’ position on the executive board of China Mist and China Mist’s public support of Planned Parenthood why shouldn’t social conservatives be concerned?
LJ: Gordon James is not running for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party–his wife is and is doing so with his full support as well as the full support of Emily, Charlie, Maddie and Olivia James–my four children.  I am 100% pro-life and have been since a child.   This election is about my record and I am pleased to have the support of many leaders in the pro-life community including (but not limited to) Len Munsil, Joe Cavanaugh, and Congressman Trent Franks.


Who let the (attack) dogs out?

It is official now, Nathan Sproul has been unleashed. If you receive a letter from Nathan attacking a fellow Republican please consider the source.

Here is some information on who Nathan is.

YouTube Preview Image

Damn The Torpedos – Full Steam Ahead!

I have to give Senator McCain credit when he due – like yesterday when he asked all the right questions of General David Petreus about sending moore troops to Iraq. The Senator was right on the mark and gave the good general an opportunity to give an unvarnished reality check to the other members of the committee.

But as sure as he had ordered a “full speed ahead” during the committee hearing, all his sails lost their wind as Arizona’s senior senator was caught napping on camera during the heart of the President’s State of the Union address. And they say President Reagan was notorious for napping during cabinet meetings.

YouTube Preview Image

Treasurer’s race update.

Turns out that Timothy Lee does have a site for his campaign for treasurer.