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September 11th Commission Meets Today

Today at 9 AM, the Arizona September 11th Commission will meet and accept public input as it considers changing the memorial after the controversy sparked by anti-American / anti-military inscriptions on it.

Today’s meeting will be held at the Arizona Capitol Center located at 15 South 15th Avenue in downtown Phoenix. Expect a big turnout as conservatives and likely liberals battle it out in the public arena over what should actually be inscribed on the memorial.

[A small request to my fellow conservatives: please refer to the memorial as the “September 11th” Memorial rather than the “9/11” Memorial. I have a sore point about abbreviating such a horrifically important day. We don’t call the attack on Pearl Harbor “12/7” day and I’d ask my fellow Americans to stop refering to September 11th at 9/11 day.]

Arizona Chairman.

Hot AZ It Gets has updated their coverage of the Lisa James saga. Since they have the story we defer to them without further comment.


They’re Back…

Just when you thought it was safe from another political ad, Barak Hussein Osama supporters have released a draft Obana campaign as the first presidential candidate ad for 2008. The only thing missing is the tag line, “We believe in bleeding the rich to pay for the desires of the poor…”

Bloomberg Poll Reveals McCain Negatives

Tagging on to the prior post by OVDad and Sonoran Truth Squad via Bloomberg, here is a quote that backs up what many AZ conservatives have been saying about John McCain:

McCain’s weaknesses are within his party. He has the highest negative ratings among Republicans of any potential candidate except former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. One in four of the self-described conservatives, who play a deciding role in the nominating process, said they had a negative opinion of him. Age may also be an issue, as one in seven respondents said they couldn’t vote for a 72 year-old, the age McCain will be in 2008.

In the survey, 1,342 registered voters were surveyed of which 585 were Dems and 473 were Republicans. The survey results go on to mention a few additional points:

Clinton and McCain both “have vulnerabilities,” said Fred Greenstein, a presidential scholar at Princeton University. “Clinton is in danger of being wounded by someone who really has a lot of pizzazz,” he said referring to Obama. McCain, meanwhile, is “late” in “trying to mend those conservative fences.”  

I can tell you that I was personally approached earlier this year by a member of McCain’s staff (while I was serving as Arizona Right to Life’s Executive Director). In that meeting, we discussed an upcoming vote on taxpayer funding of destructive embryonic stem cell experimentation. I warned this staff member what would happen with key conservative constituents if Senator McCain voted for funding. I even prompted McCain’s staff on how to explain a vote in a fiscally responsible manner – all to no avail. Senator McCain ended up voting for taxpayer funding of destructive embryonic experimentation which was strike three for many in the pro-life community.

Strike one was when Senator McCain voted for fetal tissue experimentation in 1992 as former Congressman Mo Udall was ailing from Parkinson’s disease. Strike two occurred when McCain pushed through the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act which hamstrung pro-life grassroots organizations.

It is also no big secret that The National Right to Life Committee and John McCain are not speaking to one another and this has obviously affected all the NRLC state affiliates (NRLC Statement). Two weeks ago, I spoke with a top pro-life leader in South Carolina regarding upcoming presidential candidate visits to South Carolina. Her very adamant sentiment was that McCain had a trust issue. Two days ago, I had a conversation with Iowa Right to Life PAC leadership who made it clear that there would be no endorsement of John McCain and this sentiment is permeating other key primary states. These affiliates have obviously been put on notice that McCain’s people would be trying to strong arm support.

What is also making the rounds is an article that appeared on Salon on January 14th, 2000. This article backs up the reality that NRLC and the pro-life community does not trust John McCain. One very troubling statement that was used in an ad during the 2000 primary by the South Carolina Right to Life PAC has continued to haunt McCain:

“I’d love to see a point where (Roe vs. Wade) is irrelevant, and could be repealed because abortion is no longer necessary. But certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe vs. Wade, which would then force X number of women in America to (undergo) illegal and dangerous operations.”

With quotes like this, even John McCain’s voting record is being called into question. Some think the senior senator from Arizona may be heading into the sunset much like the late Barry Goldwater, who essentially damned the pro-life community in his final days. (Goldwater was also married to a top chieftain of Planned Parenthood, Peggy Goldwater.) Trends like this among senior Arizona politicians definitely worry the grassroots and word spreads among the state affiliates.

There is still much time ahead in the 2008 campaign and as I have always said, “a lot can change between now and election day.”

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John (Bob Dole) McCain.

bob dole.gif     A new Wall Street Journal / NBC News poll came out today. They asked about the current presidents approval rating but they also asked about whom people liked for 2008. Hillary, Obama, and Edwards are the top three for the Democrats.

     For the Republicans the top three are Giuliani, McCain, and Gingrich. That’s right, Newt is ahead of Romney. The survey asked about one scenario for the general election, McCain vs. Edwards (not quite sure why they choose the #3 Democrat and #2 Republican.) Anyway, Edwards beat McCain by 2%. Yeah, yeah, I know it is early. But McCain is a sitting senator who is in the news every day. The last time I saw John Edwards in the news it was over a staff member trying to hustle Wal-Mart for a PlayStation3. One would think that McCain would be able to poll ahead of Edwards at this point.

Wednesday 12-13-06, 6:10 pm

Thanks to STS for bringing the Bloomberg / LA Times poll to our attention.

Sorry about the story but the WSJ has added two pages of questions to their report since our post was first written. They do have Hillary ahead of McCain but only when adding Bloomberg as an independent. McCain does win over Obama in a head to head race.

Will Munsil Steps Into The Arena

Will Munsil 



One political and civic passion I have is to see young people get involved in the political process and help us “older” warriors carry the mantle of conservatism. For years I have preached on the duty to train up our youth and prepare them to take back the institutions we lost to liberals in the 60’s: education/universities, bar associations, medical associations, and even the church. Some day when all these old liberals are too tired to fight for control or when they decide to retire, we will need to have the best and the brightest conservative minds ready to step into place and take the reigns. Many an intern of mine has heard this speech and knows the impending obligation to serve.

One such young man I am pleased to see step into the arena is Will Munsil, son of culture warrior and friend, Len Munsil. Will has started his own blog called Time For Choosing which I have added to our blog roll. Please take time to visit his blog and encourage Will to continue following in the steps of his father, who I know is far from retiring from the many battles ahead.

EP posts on Jonathan Paton

Jonathan Paton and Senator McCain

There’s a great post by Greg Patterson at EspressoPundit on State Representative, 1st Lieutenant and friend, Jonathan Paton.

One of the interesting points that sticks out in Jonathan’s report is the comment he made when asked by Senator Susan Collins what the troops needed more of in Iraq. Jonathan stated that they need more troops in Baghdad. This obviously contradicts what the generals have reported but I have to admit that the guys on the ground are a lot closer to reality and are much more astute to the real needs and limits.

Could this be a prelude to what will happen in weeks or months ahead? Who knows? I would guess that President Bush will take advice from our own Senator John McCain as he announces his plan to address a “new direction.” If this is the case Senator John McCain may already be leaving his fingerprints on any successes in Iraq especially as he prepares his bid for President.

Back to the real story here. Please read Jonathan’s letter at EspressoPundit to get a heartfelt report on what he’s up to in Iraq. But most important, please keep Jonathan and our troops in your thoughts and prayers as he/they serve in Iraq over Christmas.

A Bad Year for Some but not All.

     The crew at Arizona 8th has a great summary of the Republican LD 26 meeting that took place today. The Sonoran Alliance correspondent was at the meeting but had to leave early to attend a picnic. We defer to the detailed coverage of Framer.

     We agree with Framer that there is some “revisionism” going on out there. On the other hand we disagree that Kyl’s win was as much luck as good campaigning. Jon Kyl is a highly skilled politician and a major part of his victory was due to the appeal of the candidate himself. Kyl is simply a good senator and an excellent strategist.

     One other point, Kyl was not the lone highlight. The standout candidate was Dean Martin. He won with a margin of 13.4 points as a strong supported of Prop 300 in a bad year for Republicans. Simple awesome.

     Other standouts are Shadegg and Franks. The significance is not that they won but by how large a margin both won (almost 60/40,) again supposedly in a bad year for Republicans.

     Thank you to Framer for saying what needed to be said.

Saturday 12-9-06. 4:30 pm

Gentleman Jim.

Jim 1.jpg     Very soon to be retired Congressman Jim Kolbe is in the news again. What a great way to finish up a long career in public office. The Star promises more in Saturday’s paper.

(We realize that some of you may not be interested in this angle of the page scandal but we offer it up as a pathetic consolation prize to those who are sorry that we lost AZ 8 to the Democrats. I know Kolbe told us that Graf could not win, he just did not say how personally invested in that outcome he would be.)

Friday 12-8-06, 4:45 pm

Dan Nowicki at the Arizona Republic comments on the Ethics Committee report.

According to one of the comments left here we are trying to smear Kolbe. I wonder what you call it when the local paper puts the story of the front page in a none too positive light.

Another day, another link.

     Welcome Tucson Weekly readers! Click here for the story about Fife and Haney in District 11 or just peruse the site for all sorts of neat information.

     Thank you to Jim Nintzel at the Tucson Weekly for a nice hyperlink to our site in his latest issue of The Skinny. Oh and Jim when you described Haney as an extra-ultra-extreme-double-plus conservative I think you left out the adjective radical.