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All you political junkies are invited to join the Sonoran Alliance League when you sign up for Fantasy Congress.

This will be a fun opportunity to see how Congress performs.

Ballot update.

     Here are two good articles on why there are still so many ballots that have not yet been counted. I am glad they are taking their time to carefully county every vote. It is much better than the alternative.

Tucson Citizen

Arizona Republic

Friday 11-10-06, 11:00 am

Elizabeth Dole engineers train wreck!

dole.gif     For some asinine reason the NRSC spent over a million dollars propping up Lincoln Chafee so he could loose by a convincing margin. What morons! I wonder if Dole ever thought of saving the money for the Senate race in Montana where Conrad Burns lost by about 3,000 votes. He could have used $1,000,000 to save his seat.

     There has been lots of talk about the vaunted Republican turnout machine and Karl Rove’s political skills. Let’s get to the point. The Emperor Has No Clothes! The NRSC had no idea what they were doing and wasted good money that could have been used to save control of the Senate. They deserved to loose on so many levels.

     If this were not enough now Chafee is thinking of leaving the party. Thanks a lot Liddy!

Friday 11-10-06, 12:45 am

Update on Arizona Legislative Ballot Counts

Arizona Ballot 

Ballots are still being counted, especially in the case of JD Hayworth and Proposition 107. Here are the latest numbers:

CD 5 – JD Hayworth vs. Harry Mitchell – Hayworth now within 5932 votes.

Proposition 107 - Pro 107 now losing by 33,437 votes.

LD 9 – Rick Murphy vs. Sheri Van Horsen – Murphy widens lead by 130 votes.

LD 10 House – Doug Quelland vs. Jackie Thrasher – Quelland closes in to 282 votes.

LD 11 House – Don Hesselbrock vs. Mark Desimone – Hesselbrock still behind but now by 859.

LD 17 House – Laura Knaperek vs. David Schapira – Knaperek narrows gap to 1662 votes.

LD 18 House – Russell Pearce vs. Tammie Pursley – Pearce widens lead to 1413.

LD 21 House – Warde Nichols vs. Phil HettmanspergerNichols overcomes Hettmansperger by 198 votes!

LD 23 House – Frank Pratt vs. Barbara McGuire – Pratt is now down by 174 votes.

LD 25 House – Jennifer Burns vs. Pat Fleming – Burns increases lead to 466 votes.

LD 26 Senate – Al Melvin vs. Charlene Pesquiera – Melvin inches to 146 votes from Pesquiera

LD 26 House – David Jorgenson vs. Lena Saradnik – No change at 4294 votes.

And the counting continues…

McCain acknowledges the betrayal.

mccain.jpg     According to a story in The Daily Dispatch (Douglas, AZ) John McCain is quoted as saying “We departed rather tragically from our conservative principals.”

     Yes you have Mr. McCain. Does this mean you will introduce legislation to re-legalize political speech? Or perhaps you will stop trying to criminalize honest citizens for selling a firearm.

(I suppose someone will now form a PAC to run a slate of PC’s against me in 2008.)

Thursday 11-9-06, 10:35