Pro-Lifers Respond to Michael J. Fox Ad

The State of Missouri has a ballot measure that will create a right to human cloning should it pass. Proponents of the measure have brought in Michael J. Fox to sell the initiative to Missourians. As expected, Fox’s appearance is meant to emotionally charge voters to vote in favor of this dangerous law.

But pro-lifers are responding.

Here is the ad opposing the initiative which features such big names as Jim Caviezel, Patricia Heaton, Kurt Warner and Jim Suppan:

YouTube Preview Image

Democrats support using human life as spare parts.

embryo.jpg      Federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research is the wedge issue for the Democrats this year. Gabby Giffords is running an ad in the AZ CD-8 race. The issue is being used in the U.S. Senate race in Missouri. Claire McCaskill is has an ad featuring Michael J. Fox. Fox has been busy this year and also shows up in an ad in the Maryland Senate race. Nowhere in any of these ads do they use the words embryonic. Are they trying to hide something, say the truth? 

     Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are tragic diseases but politicizing them is not the solution. Paying to harvesting one life for another should not be the responsibility of the federal government. I wonder if embryonic stem-cell research (Frankenscience) is so promising why do we not let private companies do the research. Surly there must be an incentive for them if this technique will cure all these diseases. For sure if there was any potential the ethically unencumbered French would be all over this “cure.” 

     The truth is that embryonic stem-cell research has not shown much promise and the Democrats are using it as a political issue. They want to find some “good use” for all the aborted babies that keep pilling up each year. I wonder what the Democrats would say if a Republican ran an ad with a baby writhing in pain during a partial-birth abortion. They would probably accuse the Republican’s of using that as a wedge issue and demand to get back to “real issues.” 

Tuesday 10-24-06, 12:25 pm.

An astute reader pointed out that Loren Udall, in a DCCC ad, is now blaming J.D. Hayworth for her Lupus.

BTW  Looks like Len Munsil might actually want to win the Governor’s race. Many of us were waiting for him to put away the feather duster that he used in the debates. Looks like he finally did.

The Ballot Propositions.

     Many people are working on their mail in ballots this weekend. If you are one of those please read our irreverent Conservative’s Guide to the Propositions.

Supreme Court spanks 9th Circuit.

Bring_It.gif     The U.S. Supreme Court, without ruling on its constitutionality, will allow Arizona’s ID requirement for voting at the polls to stay in effect for the November election.

Friday 10-20-06, 3:10 pm

Behavior-Based Discrimination?

Would someone please explain to me why or how sexual orientation is any different from hygenic orientation or dietary orientation or any other behaviorally-based orientation?

My point is simply this: Why should the government ever get in the business of protecting someone’s sexual behavior? Why not protect someone’s right to eat whatever they want or dress the way they want or not take a shower or brush their teeth?

What about all those people who have the slob gene or the gene that makes them fat?

Why are we not passing legislation to end the horrible discrimination happening against people who come to work not dressed in proper business attire or with yellow teeth and nasty breath?

Andrew Thomas is successful.

County Attorney Andrew Thomas gets a jury conviction against a smugglee. Read about it on HotAZItGets.

Thursday 10-19-06, 9:05 pm

What Janet Feeds You

Here’s another great You-Tube Video dedicated to the Napolitano Campaign

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WSJ / Zogby poll.

     Speaking of the U.S. Senate race the Wall Street Journal / Zogby Battleground poll has been updated. Kyl still leads, this time by 6.2%.

     Is that the Republican candidate leading in New Jersey? That’s right, a Republican leading in New Jersey! Must be an awful year for Democrats.

Wednesday 10-18-06, 10:15 pm

U.S. Senate Debate in Tucson.

In a previous story I was asked to get back to the senate election. Here it is. Jim Pederson on Quaaludes.

Wednesday 10-18-06, 10:00 pm

Achilles’ heel.

Herman Cain.jpg     The Democrats are vulnerable on the abortion issue with one of their historic voting blocks. Read the details. “The Democratic Party supports these abortion laws that are decimating our people.” I could not find a link to the ads but some of them were narrated by Herman Cain.

Janet stuck in the mid 50’s, Munsil moves up 2 points.

     I didn’t know how to make it more positive. Here are the latest results from SurveyUSA. Most of my conservative friends will be mad at me for posting this but everyone said that Munsil would take Janet apart in the debates. Well? What happened?

Wednesday 10-18-06, 5:00 pm

Geography lesson.

I just heard a radio ad from Harry Mitchell that attacks JD Hayworth about the gap in Medicate Part B Prescription Coverage. I am an unabashed conservative but will say it was a pretty well done.

One small problem. It was on a Tucson station, nowhere near AZ CD-5. Is Harry getting an early start on his 2012 run against U.S. Senator Jon Kyl or does he just not know how to read a map?

Just heard the again. A voice at the end says it is funded by an independent group.

Napolitano Using Public Schools to Get Elected


Espresso Pundit blogged on this first but I will confirm it here on Sonoran Alliance.

Last week, my nine-year-old daugther brought a corporately-funded book home from school called The Unbreakable Code. This is a beautifully-illustrated book about the Navajo people and how they contributed in a special way to the effort during World War II.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the book and smack-dab on the inside cover is a photo of Governor Napolitano handing the book to a small child. Above the photo is a signed letter to the student.


For the politically unsaavy parent, this is meant to make them feel all warm and fuzzy about the status of education in Arizona. (Nevermind the fact, Arizona is ranked dumbest in the country.)

Political referees ought to be calling foul over this stunt. The book was handed out during the 30-day window that early voting takes place and it clear that the Napolitano campaign issued the book at this time.

Imagine if this had been a Republican governor who had put the book out. After getting past the first obstacle of fighting the Arizona Education Association’s opposition to release the book, the Democratic party would be demanding clean elections money to offset the gubernatorial promotional piece.

No, it is not fair to the Munsil campaign. The Napolitano campaign has violated the spirit of the Clean Elections but will likely get away with it.

Maybe Terry Goddard will send a personally-endorsed book home this week teaching children the dangers of child predators?

Kyl maintains solid lead.

The Social Research Laboratory at NAU has just released poll results for the Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races and several ballot initiatives.

Every vote counts!

A Conservative’s guide to the Propositions (Pima County Edition.)

The following thoughts are just a guide. At the bottom are some links for more information. 

Prop 100 YES. Illegal aliens have already demonstrated that they do not respect international borders so if they are charged with a serious felony and get out on bail there is little to prevent them from crossing into Mexico and escaping justice. It is difficult for U.S. authorities to pursue them in Mexico and yet they may re-enter the U.S. at any time, possibly with criminal intent. Bail is currently denied for certain other reasons. This should be added to the list. 

Prop 101 YES. This would protect property owners from out of control increases in real estate taxes. Many seniors on fixed incomes and working families are increasingly burdened with ever higher taxes on their homes. 

Prop 102 YES. This common sense proposal would still allow people to receive compensatory damages from a lawsuit. That is the amount for actual loss and damages. What this does prevent is someone in the U.S. illegally from hitting the lawsuit jackpot and burdening or bankrupting Arizona businesses with huge settlements. 

Prop 103 Neutral. 

Prop 104 NO. Cities and Towns already have plenty of ways to raise and spend money. They do not need new ones. 

Prop 105 YES. This is reasonable approach to setting aside some of Arizona’s public land for conservation. 

Prop 106 NO, NO, NO. This radical proposal creates and un-elected board that would be free to mess with Arizona’s beautiful trust lands. They can take property without compensation and declare public lands off limits to people. Please vote NO. 

Prop 107 YES. Everyone is welcome to the full benefits of marriage. They simple have to find someone of the opposite sex that they would like to share their life with and marry them. That life choice is open to all adults in Arizona and there is nothing discriminatory about this proposal. If you want the benefits of marriage then get married. 

Prop 200 NO. It is very easy to vote these days. Call the county recorder and they will mail a ballot to you in a few days. Mail it back postage free and you are done. Adding a lottery would be a waste of money and resources. Vote if you want to not for some prize. 

Prop 201 NO. When these crazies are done cracking down on smoking they are next headed to ban fast food, SUV’s, guns, RV’s, quads, swimming pools, sports cars, beer, loud music, makeup, strong perfume, fur, large houses, big families, mega churches, and freedom in general. Say no to the tobacco haters because they are going to attack whatever little pleasure you have left as soon as they finish their current mission

Prop 202 NO. If this raised the minimum wage a little bit, say from $5.15 to $6.00 it might be OK but there is a lot more that it will do to destroy jobs and freedom in Arizona. This is not an increase in the minimum wage. It is 2 pages of bigger and more intrusive government. Job training and workforce skills are the key to higher wages not Prop 202. 

Prop 203 NO. More big government and higher taxes. When they have succeeded in raising taxes on cigarettes they will be back next time to raise taxes on whatever your hobby is. These people want to pick us off one group at a time. See the discussion on Prop 201 for more information. 

Prop 204 NO. This is supported by out of town environmental, animal rights whackos. Farmers do not treat their animals poorly because it is bad for business. When these people get this bill passed they will keep going until they have banned meat from out diets and we are all forced to eat soy burgers. See the discussion of Prop 201 and 203 for more detail. 

Prop 205 NO. If you are already so lazy that you cannot pick up the phone and request a ballot be sent to you then you are not motivated enough to deserve a vote. 

Prop 206 NO. The tobacco industry put this forward as an alternative to Prop 201. It was a good idea but still restricts basic freedoms. Most places are smoke free now anyway. We do not need a further crackdown on freedoms. Vote no on both Prop 201 and 206 and we will be fine. 

Prop 207 YES. This prevents local government from rezoning private property to a worthless value with out compensation. It also prevents them from taking your home to give to some private developer so a yuppie can live in an ugly condo where your kids grew up. 

Prop 300 YES. Very simple. You want benefits then come here legally. If you are in the U.S. illegally you should not be entitled to public benefits. 

Prop 301 NO. It is VERY difficult to disagree with Andrew Thomas but a person should get at least one chance at drug treatment before prison. I know meth is evil but incarceration is not always the answer. This has nothing to do with dealers, traffickers, or manufacturers of drugs. The law already provides stiff penalties for them. This initiative only applies to personal use among first or second time offenders. 

Prop 302 Neutral. The current salary prevents some people from serving because the pay is very low. 

Prop 400 (Pima County) YES.This is the real answer to low wages. Vote yes on 400 and NO on 202. 

For more information from Conservative sites see: 

The Arizona Conservative  Scroll to the bottom for the Propositions. 

The Arizona Federation of Taxpayers  They list the fiscal impact of the propositions. 

How Ridiculous is Prop 201?  Find out by going to this site.  The truth about Prop 202.

204 is Hogwash  The truth about Prop 204.

Arizona HOPE  The truth about Prop 207.

Emil Franzi weighs in  His comments on 203 and 205 are priceless but he misses the mark on 204 and 300.


Warning! Please strongly consider voting the OPPOSITE of whatever these people have to say. 

The Tucson Weekly  Scroll to the bottom for the Propositions. 

The Arizona Daily Star  This known leftist publication does not disappoint. They get one or two right but for the most part the paper serves as a mouthpiece for liberalism.

The Pima County Democratic Party  They make it so easy, just vote the opposite, except on 400. 

Monday 10-16-06, 10:15 pm

FEC Reports.

Chair1.bmp      The September fundraising reports for AZ CD-8 race are posted on the FEC web site. At first glance looks like Gabby is way ahead with $632,625 for the period. Graf raised $289,841 during the same period. 

     Looking at the cash on hand gives a different picture. Gabby has $376,645 and Graf $254,684. Looking further we see that Giffords has debts of $20,622 vs. zero debts for Graf. 

     Sure Gabby has raised more money but she is burning through it fast and the cash on hand is not that far apart. 

p.s. The NRCC has stopped running ads in the CD-8 race but their ad lives on at 

Monday 10-16-06, 9:40 am

Kyl Pederson Debate is online.

jim1.jpg Here is the link to the U.S. Senate race debates on KPHO in Phoenix.

Sunday 10-15-06, 10:00 pm