Pro-Lifers Respond to Michael J. Fox Ad

The State of Missouri has a ballot measure that will create a right to human cloning should it pass. Proponents of the measure have brought in Michael J. Fox to sell the initiative to Missourians. As expected, Fox’s appearance is meant to emotionally charge voters to vote in favor of this dangerous law.

But pro-lifers are responding.

Here is the ad opposing the initiative which features such big names as Jim Caviezel, Patricia Heaton, Kurt Warner and Jim Suppan:

YouTube Preview Image

Democrats support using human life as spare parts.

embryo.jpg      Federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research is the wedge issue for the Democrats this year. Gabby Giffords is running an ad in the AZ CD-8 race. The issue is being used in the U.S. Senate race in Missouri. Claire McCaskill is has an ad featuring Michael J. Fox. Fox has been busy this year and also shows up in an ad in the Maryland Senate race. Nowhere in any of these ads do they use the words embryonic. Are they trying to hide something, say the truth? 

     Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are tragic diseases but politicizing them is not the solution. Paying to harvesting one life for another should not be the responsibility of the federal government. I wonder if embryonic stem-cell research (Frankenscience) is so promising why do we not let private companies do the research. Surly there must be an incentive for them if this technique will cure all these diseases. For sure if there was any potential the ethically unencumbered French would be all over this “cure.” 

     The truth is that embryonic stem-cell research has not shown much promise and the Democrats are using it as a political issue. They want to find some “good use” for all the aborted babies that keep pilling up each year. I wonder what the Democrats would say if a Republican ran an ad with a baby writhing in pain during a partial-birth abortion. They would probably accuse the Republican’s of using that as a wedge issue and demand to get back to “real issues.” 

Tuesday 10-24-06, 12:25 pm.

An astute reader pointed out that Loren Udall, in a DCCC ad, is now blaming J.D. Hayworth for her Lupus.

BTW  Looks like Len Munsil might actually want to win the Governor’s race. Many of us were waiting for him to put away the feather duster that he used in the debates. Looks like he finally did.