Supreme Court spanks 9th Circuit.

Bring_It.gif     The U.S. Supreme Court, without ruling on its constitutionality, will allow Arizona’s ID requirement for voting at the polls to stay in effect for the November election.

Friday 10-20-06, 3:10 pm

Behavior-Based Discrimination?

Would someone please explain to me why or how sexual orientation is any different from hygenic orientation or dietary orientation or any other behaviorally-based orientation?

My point is simply this: Why should the government ever get in the business of protecting someone’s sexual behavior? Why not protect someone’s right to eat whatever they want or dress the way they want or not take a shower or brush their teeth?

What about all those people who have the slob gene or the gene that makes them fat?

Why are we not passing legislation to end the horrible discrimination happening against people who come to work not dressed in proper business attire or with yellow teeth and nasty breath?

Andrew Thomas is successful.

County Attorney Andrew Thomas gets a jury conviction against a smugglee. Read about it on HotAZItGets.

Thursday 10-19-06, 9:05 pm