How to Vote on Arizona Judges


Andrew HurwitzRuth McGregorDuring every election cycle I am always asked which judges to vote for on the ballot. This is always the biggest mystery since almost every judge refuses to answer candidate surveys.

Below is what we know on the judges and how you should consider voting. All of these judges will be retained. In fact, no judge has been turned out of office in over 30 years! However, judges do like to review their numbers the day after the election to see how they compare to their cohorts.

Here is the list:

Andrew Hurwitz – VOTE NO – Liberal Democrat
Ruth McGregor – VOTE NO – Liberal Democrat
Division One – Including Maricopa County
Donn Kessler – VOTE NO – Liberal Democrat
Patricia Norris – VOTE NO – Liberal Democrat
Maurice Portley – VOTE YES - Democrat, but a good judge
Division Two – Southern Arizona
William Brammer – VOTE NO – Liberal Democrat
Paul Eckerstrom – VOTE NO – Liberal Democrat
Philip Espinoza – VOTE YES – Solid Conservative
Joseph Howard – VOTE YES – Solid Conservative
Barbara Rodriguez Mundell, Presiding Judge – VOTE NO!!!!!!!
Be advised that many of the judges who are listed as Republicans switched parties when Hull was in office. They are actually Democrats.
Edward Burke – VOTE YES
Alfred Fenzel – VOTE YES
Jeffrey Hotham – VOTE YES
Brian Ishikawa -VOTE YES
Michael Jones – VOTE YES
All are fine judges
NO on all others, especially Barbara Rodriguez Mundell

Thank You John Kerry!

John Kerry

With Republicans appearing to sag in the polls as Election day draws near, who can we expect to lend us a bump other than John Kerry?

Yesteday in the midst of a military-hating crowd of indoctrinated college students at Pasadena City College, John Kerry made the following statement:

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

YouTube Preview Image 

Today, Kerry is trying to brush it off as saying it was a joke or that he was actually referring to President Bush. But there is a more profound revelation here. John Kerry, has manifested his real dislike of our military men and women. Kinda brings back the statement that ended up clobbering him in the 2004 election cycle: “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.”

Expect Kerry’s recent display of affection to be all over the news the next few cycles as Republicans take advantage of Kerry’s words to improve their election outcomes across the country.

With enemies like John Kerry, who needs friends?

Small business woman.

sweet deal.jpg     Gabby touts herself as having successfully run a small business. From what I understand it was more like putting lipstick on the pig before it was sent to the slaughterhouse.

     It does look like she is at least a smart, if disingenuous, businesswoman. She somehow managed to have the City of Tucson take control of an environmentally polluted site so someone else could pay for the clean up. She failed to mention that on her resume of business accomplishments.

Tuesday 10-31-06, 1:30 pm

Wingnuts unite.

blast.jpg     Our site has been noticed over at Tim found our post on embryonic stem cell Frankenscience and wrote the following comment (#8):

     Did you know that in the normal course of Sexual intercourse, thousands of blastocysts are flushed from the uterus. Maybe you can get some volunteers to rescue these poor souls.

     I am no specialist in biology but this is a very interesting take on intercourse and blastocysts. If there are any “wingnuts” out there with a background in biology who would like to comment please do so.

Monday 10-30-06, 11:30 pm

Munsil gains a bit, Kyl improves slightly.

Senator Jon Kyl has widened his lead over Jim Pederson in the latest edition of the Zogby / WSJ Battleground States Poll. Kyl is not showing a 7.4% edge compared to 6.2% on October 19th. Still a close race but the trend is decidedly not good for Pederson. May another few million will seal the deal.

They are also tracking the race for governor. Munsil will like the trend but I am not sure what will happen on November 7th. The current numbers show Len within 8.6% of Janet. A slight improvement from last months 9.5%.

I will try to link to the numbers tomorrow but it is late and I cannot seem to get the page to open.

Monday 10-30-06, 10:50 pm

Engaged indeed.

Saturn1.jpg     There is a new blog out there covering Gabby’s love life. Somehow I do not think this is part of her authorized biography.

Napolitano’s office threatens private sector.

warriors.jpg     Janet Napolitan’s office has been charged with threatening member companies on the Arizona Chamber of Commerce that did not vote her way, according to an article at Hot AZ It Gets.

Color Blind or just Blind.

brock1.jpgford.png     Liberals are crying foul and claiming that an attack ad against Harold Ford Jr. has a not so subtle message that a black man is after white women.

     The benchmark American film dealing with this issue is To Kill A Mockingbird. The film showcases true racism and has a powerful message. Brock Peters played the falsely accused Tom Robinson.

     Mark Shields on NewsHour with Jim Lehrer describes the political ad as playing to our “atavistic, base fears of the Mandingo black man is after our white daughters.” What?

     I am confused. What is it about Harold Ford Jr. that would possible trigger an atavistic fear in anyone? Even if that fear still existed in the Tennessee, wouldn’t the man need to look black in order to trigger it?

Friday 10-27-06, 8:40 pm

Michael Steele responds to Cardin’s attacks.

steele.jpg     The Democrat wedge issue this year is stem cell research. As discussed before Michael J. Fox is doing ads all over the country in a coordinated distortion of the position of many Republican candidates.

     Michael Steele has an excellent response on the air.

Friday 10-27-06, 5:00 pm

By The Company They Keep

I always like to look at endorsements by different organizations to see who they are supporting. Its usually a real good indicator as to what legislative agenda candidates will pursue once elected.

Here’s a handful of links by different organizations regarding the General Election. Of particular interest are the liberal organizations and which Republicans they endorsed.

Human Rights Fund (Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transexual Advocacy Organization): AHRFEndorsements

Planned Parenthood Action Fund (Largest Abortion Provider in Arizona):

Sierra Club Proposition Endorsements:
2006 Legislative Report Card:

Center for Arizona Policy Voter Guide: 

Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee Endorsements:

National Rifle Association Endorsments:

National Federation of Independent Business:

Also, look for all major Arizona Newspapers to release their editorial board endorsements in the week ahead.


Jeff Chimene Used “Dietary Orientation” Defense

EspressoPundit has posted on the race in legislative district 30 in which it was revealed that candidate Jeff Chimene was convicted for a domestic violence incident against a former girlfriend in 1990. While actually practicing the “rule of thumb” on his former girlfriend, Chimene blamed the domestic violence tendencies on his diet.

Chimene said the woman intentionally tried to anger him, and his low blood sugar made him irritable.

“I recognize what I have done, and I’ve done a lot to control my diet and things that led to that,” said Chimene, who expected the incident to come up when he decided to run for office.

Didn’t I recently post on this? As early as 1990, Chimene attempted to use the “dietary-orientation” argument to seek protection under the law. Unfortunately for Chimene, it didn’t hold enough weight on the scales of justice. But don’t be surprised if you start hearing this and hygenic-orientation in the years ahead.

Al Melvin Campaign Issues Press Release on Attack Mailer

Here is the press release issued by Captain Al Melvin regarding an attack piece ridiculing his service in the U.S. Navy:

Al Melvin for State Senate


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, October 26, 2006
For more information contact Al Melvin at (520) 429-8083    

Melvin Expresses Outrage at Attack Mailer
~ Calls on Democrat Opponent to denounce mailer ~

(Tucson) Beginning yesterday, voters in Legislative District 26 began receiving an ugly mail piece that mocked State Senate candidate Al Melvin’s military service.

Melvin, who retired from the U.S. Naval Reserves in 1999 after 30 years of service, had earned the rank of Captain, and his military service played a positive role in his successful primary campaign.

Yet a group calling itself Moderates for an Accountable Democracy has mocked Melvin’s military service, drawing a cartoon of Melvin in uniform and referring derisively to him as “Cap’n” Melvin.

Moderates for an Accountable Democracy, a front group for 7 donors that draws the majority of its funding from a Democrat pro-abortion group called Arizona List (related to the national Emily’s List), also made a number of false accusations on the mailer.  Yet it was the treatment of Melvin’s military service that made him most upset.

“It was an honor for me to serve in the military” said Melvin “and it is shameful that these people lack the decency to treat the uniform with respect.”

Melvin has called upon his Democrat opponent, Charlene Pesquiera, to denounce the mailer and its treatment of his military background.

- ### -


Jim 1.jpg     Jim Kolbe makes the news again.

The normally loquacious Kolbe now has little to say to the press. (Click on the little video icon to play the tape.)

Now Brian Ross of ABC News gets in on the action.

Pro-Abortion Democrats funding “Moderates” front group.

20weeks.jpg      An independent expenditure committee has targeted Al Melvin with a hit-piece mailer. It says that it is paid for by Moderates for an Accountable Democracy. The group was registered on September 29, 2006. The chairman is Peter Hormel and the treasurer is Diane Diamond.

     The front group, Moderates for an Accountable Democracy, has received a few individual donations. Diane Diamond  $100; JoJene Mills $1,000; Thomas Chandler $500; Don Martin $1,000; William Risner $250; and Terrence Jackson $200. By far the largest contribution, $5,000, came from Arizona List. On their web site they call themselves “A Political Committee for Pro-Choice Democratic Women in Arizona.” They sound more like partisan activists than moderates. What is it about their abortion on demand agenda that causes them to fund attacks against Republican’s through front groups instead of directly. The top five names listed on the Honorary Board of Arizona List are Janet Napolitano, Raul Grijalva, Rose Mofford, Terry Goddard, and Gabrielle Giffords.

     One recent supporters of Arizona List is Lena Saradnik who is currently running for the house in LD 26. Another big supporter is Steve Quinlan of Long Realty. Steve is also a major contributor to Arizona Together and has given them over $20,000. Arizona Together is the anti traditional marriage group chaired by bi-sexual state representative Kyrsten Sinema. Barbara Lawall is another Arizona List supporter. Molly McKasson, Francine Shacter, and Don Martin. I wonder if that is the same Don Martin who gave $1,000 directly to the “Moderates” front group. Moderates is the last word I would use for this gang.

     Melvin may end up laughing all the way to the bank because this independent expenditure could trigger more matching funds from Clean Elections. To date Al has already received $21,952 in public financing just for the general election and more may be on the way. Another point in Melvin’s favor is that a huge part of the electorate has already voted days before the attack mailer was sent.

Wednesday 10-25-06, 10:00 pm

Rich Trial Lawyer’s wife targets Al Melvin.

David Diamond.jpg     District 26 resident are receiving hit a hit piece on Al Melvin sent by a group caller Moderates for an Accountable Democracy. The address listed on the mailer, 4850 N. Camino Escuela, belongs to David J. Diamond and Diane L. Diamond. According to documents filed with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office Diane Diamond is the treasurer of the independent expenditure committee. She shares the house with David J. Diamond a lawyer with the personally injury firm of Goldberg and Osborne. Al Melvin beat trial lawyer favorite Toni Hellon in the primary so it is not a surprise that the wife of someone involved with the American Trial Lawyers’ Association would go after him.

     Sonoran Alliance is just starting its investingation into this group and we will have more information on this story as it becomes available.

Wednesday 10-25-06, 4:50 pm

Update. The group targeting Melvin calls itself Moderates for an Accountable Democracy. Mr. Diamond does not appear to be much of a moderate. He gave money to Jim Pederson’s campaign on 1-5-06, to Gabby Giffords’ campaign on 6-12-06, and gave $1,000 to the Arizona Stare Democratic Central Executive Committee on 9-28-2004. Sound more like a Democrat activist.

This report has been modified due to updated information.

Marriage In The Hands of Renegade Judges

Janet Napolitano and Kyrsten Sinema 

Governor Janet Napolitano and State Representative Kyrsten Sinema at an event hosted by The Stonewall Democrats

Today, the New Jersey Supreme Court punt-faked when it stated that New Jersey must allow special rights to same-sex couples. In the 4-3decision Mark Lewis and Dennis Winslow, et al. v. Gwendolyn L. Harris, etc., et al., the high court of New Jersey stated, “Denying committed same-sex couples the financial and social benefits and privileges given to their married heterosexual counterparts bears no substantial relationship to a legitimate governmental purpose.” The court then punted the ruling back to the New Jersey Legislature to determine how exactly New Jersey will grant those rights.

For all Arizonan’s, there are a few immediate and urgent lessons here:

  1. Arizona must pass Proposition 107 if the definition of marriage is to remain between one man and one woman. Leaving the definition of marriage as it is currently defined under Arizona Revised Statutes allows it to be vulnerable to renegade judges. By passing Protect Marriage Amendment on November 7th, Arizona will codify the definition within our own constitution so no judge will be able to touch and pervert it.
  2. Homosexuals are using the “denial of benefits” argument to defeat and ultimately redefine marriage. Arizona’s Propostion 107 is not about denying benefits to anyone. In fact, their argument only applies to taxpayer-funded benefits and not to the private sector. If Proposition 107 fails, any person will be able to demand and receive benefits paid for by the taxpayer for any other person living with them. This would mean that Kyrsten Sinema could have any of her “partners” on the public dole.
  3. It is equally important to elect Len Munsil as Governor. If you don’t want the Arizona Supreme Court to pervert Arizona’s institution of marriage, you have to vote for Len Munsil. The Governor of Arizona appoints the justices to the Arizona Supreme Court. Imagine a second Napolitano administration giving the opportunity to leftist renegade judges to twist Arizona’s current definition of marriage. Electing Len Munsil as Governor will ensure our Supreme Court will honor and respect thousands of years of traditional marriage.

The ruling in New Jersey is a warning shot across the bow of Arizona’s ship of state. In the 13 days ahead, let’s all get out and work hard to pass Proposition 107 and elect Len Munsil so we don’t have to wake up on November 8th to a state of moral confusion.

Limbaugh refutes Democrat Lies on stem cells.

Rush.jpg     Listen here to Rush Limbaugh discuss the distortions going on in his home state of Missouri.

Wednesday 10-25-06, 9:08 am