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More Evidence Joanie Flatt Consorted with Carolyn Allen

Here’s the text of an email that went out from Arizona Republic columnist/blogger Joanie Flatt that proves there was some dirty electioneering going on against Clean Elections candidate Colette Rosati.

This also goes to prove that the RAPAW’s (Rich Anglo Pro-Abortion Women) will do whatever it takes to protect their “sacred rite” to abortion against a solid pro-life candidate.

—– Original Message —–
Sent: Friday, July 28, 2006 4:57 PM
Subject: you’re invited

When the Arizona Legislature overwhelmingly approved $69,000 to help build a memorial to the victims of Pearl Harbor (and those who were killed on the USS Arizona), only 6 out of the 90 legislators voted “no.”  One of those “no” votes was Rep. Colette Rosati of District 8. Her explanation to a local newspaper was, “While I value the people that died and I love memorials, I feel this is something we should have a bake sale or something for.”

[Haven’t we already created several monuments to the U.S.S. Arizona? If I recall, there is one on Wesley Bolin Plaza – right across from the State House and Senate. Why do we need to spend more tax dollars on another memorial??? – my interjection]

Now this woman wants to unseat Senator Carolyn Allen, one of our state’s greatest champions for the arts, children, business, tourism and health issues. We can’t let that happen.

If you live in District 8, as I do, I urge Republicans to vote for Carolyn in the primary.  I urge Independents to request a Republican primary ballot (due to overwhelming Republican registration in District 8, the next Arizona senator from this district will be chosen in the Republican primary). I urge Democrats to re-register as Independents so you can vote a Republican primary ballot for Carolyn.  The deadline for doing that is August 14th. You can always go back to being a Democrat the next day!

Whether you live in District 8 or not, Senator Carolyn Allen deserves your support. You can help send Carolyn back to the Senate by joining me and my fellow co-hosts at a fundraiser for Carolyn on August 23 at my home. The attached invitation has all the details. If you can’t join us on the 23rd, please consider sending Carolyn a check.  We know from previous races involving Rep. Rosati that this race will not be easy and it’s likely to get ugly before it’s over.  Carolyn is going to need a lot of money and lots of friends to prevail. Thank you.

Joanie Flatt

Giffords slips 6% in 4 days.

azborder.jpg      Gabrielle Giffords was ahead by 19% in poll results dated September 20th. Four days later the Sunday edition of the Arizona Daily Star has her ahead by only 12.7%. That represents a loss of 6.3%. At this rate Randy Graf should catch up to Gabby in about 9 days.

     The Star poll also showed that the border was the single most important issue for 45.8% of respondents, followed by a distant 10.7% of people who were primarily concerned about the war in Iraq.

Sunday 9-24-06, 6:20 am

Not soo fast.

wolfpack.jpg      Warning! Strong Language.

     The press coverage from last week was not kind to Graf. Gabby came out with an internal poll that had the race all wrapped-up. But one prominent liberal Southern Arizona blogger is not buying it. I do not agree with everything that he says but he is defiantly not spouting the party line.

Satuday 9-23-06, 11:15 am

Democratic Party abandons Giffords.

     You will not read that headline in the papers even though that is how the media phrased it when the same thing happened to the Republican nominee. Looks like the Democrats have given up on Gabrielle as well. Now she will have to defend her anti-gun, weak on border enforcement, pro-abortion record.

NRCC Pulls Plug on Congressional District 8?




It appears that the National Republican Congressional Committee has yanked all its advertising dollars from the CD 8 market in a signal of retreat (read article). This means that the Randy Graf campaign cannot count on the GOP to support his effort to hold on to this Southern Arizona congressional district.

Randy GrafBefore the Primary, the NRCC dumped tons of money into the effort to elect liberal Republican soon-to-be-loser Steve Huffman to no avail. Jim Kolbe, the openly-homosexual Arizona Republican also refused to support the GOP nominee.

Behind the scenes, it appears that the Jim Click machine has once again aborted efforts for conservatives to retain the district. Apparently, Click was upset with his boy, Steve Huffman, losing the Primary Election that he gathered up all his marbles and headed home. I wouldn’t be surprised to see photos of Click and Giffords embracing in the weeks ahead.

This isn’t the first time that Click has sabotaged conservative efforts. In the early 90’s, he was behind an effort to starve conservatives out of party leadership by not supporting the local party coffers. This blogger, yours truly, brought it up during a short-lived radio talk show. Needless to say, the advertiser was none too pleased about the revelation.

What this means is that the grassroots will have to work all the harder to close the gap and beat Gabrielle Giffords in the General Election. I Jim Clickrecommend that our Maricopa County faithful make the journey south and take off some shoe leather walking for Randy Graf.

A win for the Graf campaign would signal the ineffectiveness of the NRCC and Jim Click to control the party structure in Southern Arizona.

Get involved by contacting the Graf campaign at

A Gabrielle Giffords win will mean a gaping hole in the border, tax increases and a liberal social agenda of abortion on demand and homosexual marriage.

Thanks to the NRCC for nothing and for building a lasting majority.

Tucson Leftie Disgusted with Clean Elections.

Nintzel.jpg      This story by Jim Nintzel is priceless. I wonder what his position on clean elections was when it was first passed. Now that conservative Republicans are successfully using it he does not think much of the idea.

     For those of you in Maricopa County the Tucson Weekly is the Southern Arizona equivalent of the Phoenix New Times.

Thursday 9-21-06, 9:45 am

Flatt Attacks Munsil

Joanie Flatt

I don’t take a subscription to the Arizona Republic and the community-mini-version that was tossed on my carport this morning is a good reason why.

Joanie Flatt decided to write a column on Len Munsil and JD Hayworth titled, “Munsil, Hayworth make me glad I’m an Independent.” With great curiosity, I anxiously began to read about some new breaking revelation on the demographic psychoanalytical reasons why Ms. Flatt needed to profess partisan independence. Instead, to my great disappointment and anger, I got some old, reheated, regurgitated gossip  column about a push poll that occurred before the Primary Election. In essence, it was another hit piece on Len Munsil.

If you recall – and I put myself at risk in falling into the same mudpit as Ms. Flatt – there was an illegal push poll conducted prior to the Primary Election which revealed a very personal story about Len and his family. The Munsil campaign went public about the story only after it was made an issue. Regardless, it was on the scale that anyone could relate to.

So I have to wonder why Ms. Flatt would take up the pen and revisit this story? Could it be that Ms Flatt Van Winkle awoke from a long slumber and felt she needed to comment on the story? Could it be that she had nothing substantive to write on other than some political gossip? Or, could it be that she simply holds great disdain towards cultural conservatives that she is trying to keep the story alive in order to keep taking shots at Len Munsil?

I would assert the later given her history of writing columns against cultural conservatives.

Remember the recent column in which she attacked Colette Rosati insinuating that Rosati was an anti-semite? I know Mrs. Rosati and Mrs. Rosati is anything but an anti-semite. What Joanie Flatt didn’t tell you is that she and her other RAPAW’s (Rich Anglo Pro-Abortion Women) held a fundraiser for Carolyn Allen who was Colette Rosati’s opponent in that senate race. Did I mention that Planned Parenthood of Central and Northern Arizona co-hosted that event with Ms. Flatt?

No the real motive here is that Ms. Flatt wants to keep the story of Len Munsil’s personal business alive in the public arena. The mere revisit and mention of the story is meant to serve as a media-sponsored attack on the Munsil campaign. I’d venture to say that it may even trigger matching funds by Clean Elections.

Imagine that I hypothetically brought up a story about Ms. Flatt’s addition to prescription drugs or that she has had three abortions or that CPS took her children away from her during her youthful years? Of course, I don’t know if these incidents are true and they are certainly none of my business, but the mere mention of them in the public arena now casts shadows and doubts as to Ms. Flatt’s reputation and credibility. It serves as a hypothetical attack on Joanie Flatt and the unwary reader will walk away with a certain impression of Ms. Flatt.

My point is this. While certain columnists feel the urge to linger on the personal life of conservative candidates like Len Munsil, the readers don’t care. They are smart enough to know when the old liberal media is tossing red meat and seeking to agitate readers to respond.

Fortunately, their are blogs like this which will point out what’s really going on in the press room.

Abortion-on-demand web site raising money for Gabby Giffords.

Warning! Graphic photos of inhumane procedures that are supported by Gabrielle Giffords!

     The Democratic Party has got their panties in a bunch because some white supremacist in Louisiana has a link to Randy Graf’s web site. According to an article in the Arizona Daily Star Democratic State Party spokesman Peter Jackson wants Randy to call the guy and have him remove the link.














     My question for Mr. Jackson is will Gabrielle Giffords call and ask Emily’s List to stop supporting her. For those of you who might not know Emily’s List raises money for radical pro-abortion candidates so deranged butchers can collect large fees for ripping unborn babies out of the womb. Nice try Mr. Jackson. If the web site linking to Graf makes him a racist then the web site linking to Giffords makes her a baby killer.


My opponent is a racist but I am tough on the border too.

BorderPatrol.jpg      Gabrielle Giffords is taking a cue from the Huffman campaign and is now running a fix the border ad. She may be walking right into the same trap that Steve set for himself. Now that she admits the border is a valid issue her dismal record in the state legislature on illegal immigration is in play.

     Her other conundrum is that if it is OK for her to support “Tough new border security” then it must be OK for her opponent, Randy Graf, to do the same. She even has a graphic in her ad that says “Illegal Immigration up 45%” – Dept of Homeland Security 8/06. I think Gabby just legitimized Graf’s main campaign theme. And Graf has a much better record on the issue than she does.

     Jeff Smith over at the Tucson Citizen wrote a nice little attack piece on Graf. I wonder if now considers Gabby a racist as well since she is also talking about illegal immigration and border security.

Wednesday 9-20-06, 2:30 pm

Who Is “

As expected, someone decided to set up a website to smear Len Munsil and create confusion. This obviously wouldn’t have happened if he was not a credible threat.

I decided to do a little investigative work to see who would do such a thing and here’s what I found by doing a simple “Whois” on the domain name:

Registration Service Provided By: DREAMWORXDOMAINS
Contact: +866.3769679


Arizona Conservative Trust
Debra Dennis (
2225 W Frye Rd #2004
Tel. +602.6211995

Creation Date: 29-Aug-2006
Expiration Date: 29-Aug-2007

Domain servers in listed order:

Administrative Contact:
Arizona Conservative Trust
Debra Dennis (
2225 W Frye Rd #2004
Tel. +602.6211995

Technical Contact:
Arizona Conservative Trust
Debra Dennis (
2225 W Frye Rd #2004
Tel. +602.6211995

Billing Contact:
Arizona Conservative Trust
Debra Dennis (
2225 W Frye Rd #2004
Tel. +602.6211995


There is also more on this story online via the Arizona Republic which I have to admit, seems to have done their work this time. Here is that link:

I also have to wonder if this group is associated with the former Mainstream Arizona?

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