Where do they find reporters this lazy and stupid?

     The Arizona Daily Star has an article today in which they state that David Jorgenson has funded his campaign “out of his own pocket, records show.” What records? I’d be interested to see them. According to the Clean Elections web site David has received $53,754 from the commission. I doubt David has bothered to reach into his pocket to add to that especially since that would be a major violation.

     I used to get mad at the newspaper for being bias. Now I am just completely amazed at how incredibly sloppy their reporting is.

Carolyn Allen Endorses Don Goldwater

The Arizona Capitol Times Yellow Sheets is reporting that State Senator Carolyn Allen has endorsed Don Goldwater.

I have warned my conservative pro-life colleagues about deals being cut. Here’s the proof of one that should worry conservatives.

I now ask you to join me in supporting Len Munsil for Governor.

Political Email mistakes

Blue hills.jpgIt pays to proof your emails, especially when you are sending out a political email to many people.  Some of you may have recently received an email from the campaign manager of a Gubernatorial candidate that exposed your email address to the many listed on the email roster.  This caught me by surprise as I am sure it did you.  I immediately emailed a reply and reported it, this led them to a swift reply of apology.  (It never should have happened.)

NRCC life preserver lacks buoyancy.

twins.jpg      The Steve Huffman campaign is set to have a tough time next week. It will be interesting to see if any Huffman supporters (the few that remain) dare to show up at the event. 

On another note there was a little dustup over whom Arizona Right to Life PAC is endorsing for Governor. Someone signed a letter to the editor as if they spoke for ARTL. See Goldwater best hope … 

The matter was clarified very well by a response from John Jakubczyk. 

The conservative vote is a little fractured this year in the Republican primary for Governor but it should be very clear that only one candidate has received the official endorsement of the Arizona Right to Life PAC.       9-1-06 9:35 pm

Allen’s Housekeeper, “Sofia”

I had a conversation with a district eight voter who revealed some interesting background information on Carolyn Allen’s position on Carolyn Allenimmigration. Of course this is all part of the public record because it was announced at a meeting of Legislative District 8 Democrats. (This voter attended that meeting and heard it with his own ears.) 

During this March 16th meeting, Democrats conducted a forum on immigration. Allen was featured as one of the panelists discussing her position on immigration.

Here’s the interesting point. During the forum, Carolyn Allen stated to the group, “I have a housekeeper named Sofia. I don’t know if she is documented. I never asked her.”

Allen received a strong applause from Democrats.

If this doesn’t speak volumes on the “don’t-ask-don’t-tell” attitude of Carolyn Allen, I don’t know what does. One would think that Senator Jon Kyl and Congressman JD Hayworth would pull their endorsement of Allen given this revelation.

I sure hope Republicans in the district wake up and realize Allen is weak on protecting the border and stopping illegal immigration issues.

Down to the wire!

stopwatch.jpg      According to an AP story in the Tucson Citizen, Don Goldwater has qualified for Clean Elections funding. He can expect his money early next week. The Clean Elections Commission does not yet reflect that on their web site but they update the site pretty frequently. 

     While attending an exclusive fundraiser in Paradise Valley last night I spoke with some very inside sources who indicated Don would have no problem spending the money in the last few days of the campaign. 

     There has not been a recent poll showing the primary lineup between Don and Len Munsil for a while. The last one was done by Behavior Research Center

An interesting question is what will Bill Montgomery do if Goldwater wins the primary? 

posted Friday, September 1st, 1:35 pm.