Do I hear 11 million, 12, do I hear 12?

From the Friday edition of the Arizona Daily Star. I always wondered about the wisdom of that wording.

Randy Graf update.

david-goliath.jpg      I usually work with news that is already posted on the web but I am going to give a Randy Graf update based on “unnamed sources.” I hope I do better than the MSM.

     Graf was at a lunch today in Tucson with Karl Rove. A major local Republican Party supporter spoke in strong support of Graf and urged everyone there to write checks. The campaign has been very busy with fundraising and getting Randy to events. Fundraising is apparently going well. There is a high level of energy at campaign HQ and lots of national attention being paid to this race.

     Randy has an effective new radio spot out there on the airwaves. A woman’s voice talking about the need for a common sense but serious approach to border security. Speaking of border security Gabby is catching a little flak from the left for her “get tough” ad.

     This afternoon I heard an independent expenditure radio ad by the Minuteman PAC attacking Gifffords as soft on illegal immigration. Apparently they are also running a TV spot. So now she is getting hit from the left and the right. Not a fun position in which to be. I wonder if she will keep touting her mythical 19% lead after a week or two of those Minuteman ads?

     Speaking of polls, a new one will be released this Sunday on the Tucson Weekly blog. Of course we will cover that when released with a story and link. The poll has supposedly been done for a few days and they are sitting on it.

Friday 9-29-06, 10:05 pm

Republicans Clean Their Own House

Mark Foley

Florida Congressman Mark Foley is officially out of the closet. With the shocking revelation and evidence that Foley expressed sexually explicit emails with at least one Capitol page – a 16-year-old boy, Foley was forced to resign.

This is a great example of how Republicans are far more likely to clean up their own house than Democrats. For years, rumors have swirled that Foley was a closeted homosexual. In 2003, Florida columnist, Bob Norman, attempted to “out” Foley citing various quotes including one from Tracy Thorne, a homosexual activist who asserted that Foley brought a boyfriend along with him on a visit to the activist.

Foley has also accepted political contributions from the Human Rights Campaign and has voted for a number of pro-homosexual bills in Congress.

So it should be no surprise among conservative Republicans that Foley lacked the self-discipline to control his urges to pursue young boys.

But what I find most disturbing is that the man was chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children! Why the Republican leadership did not recognize the potential for hypocrisy over this man’s personal life and position with this sensitive and important committee stuns me.

Like the bizzaro former GOP California Senate Candidate Michael Huffington, I for one am pleased to see this Republican go because he blemished the principles of the party.

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Rio Nuevo, another $7.1 million wasted.

rainbowbridge.jpg      Logic prevailed and the University of Arizona decided to not try and build a $350,000,000 bridge over interstate 10. There is the slight issue of the $7.1 million bill for design work. The University wants the City of Tucson to cover half of the bill, $3.6 million. The city does not seem too upset since they can take it out of the bottomless pit known as Rio Nuevo.

     That’s great. All the liberal and moderate legislators are whining about education and health care being under funded so they get together and pass Rio Nuevo so they can waste $7.1 million dollars on a $350,000,000 bridge that never passed the sniff test of making the slightest bit of sense.

     And what is this vaunted Science Center about anyway? Does it involve classroom space where undergraduates will receive instruction or facilities for graduate students to conduct original research? That is what I thought was the purpose of a university. Other wise it just sounds like Tucson wants to build an amusement park downtown and sneak the funding through the university system.

     Hopefully the legislature will see that Rio Nuevo is a complete fraud and waste of money. Maybe some of the conservatives in the house and senate could get together and end Rio Nuevo and channel the money instead to education and heath care. That would make for an interesting debate.

Thursday 9-28-06, 11:15 pm

Janet Made the Appointments

Arizona 9/11 Memorial Website 

Here is a link (pages 45-46) to the document that began the appointment of members to the Arizona 9/11 Memorial Commission. Needless to say, Janet Napolitano’s fingerprints are all over this. The text of the document is as follows:

1700 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 542-1316
Diane Saunders, Director

The Commission shall consist of no more than 35 people. The Commission membership shall include a chairperson to be named by the Governor. The Commission membership shall include at-large members representing government, first responders, victims, the business community, the general public and other diverse parties who share an interest in the development of this Memorial. The members shall serve terms of two years from the date of this executive order and may be re-appointed by the Governor for additional two-year terms. The Governor’s Office shall serve as staff to the Commission. The Commission shall plan and establish an appropriate and fitting Memorial in remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001. The Commission shall solicit and review ideas and designs for the Memorial. The Commission shall identify funding strategies for the costs of the Memorial and related expenses. The Commission shall submit an interim report on its activities to the Governor on or before September 11, 2003, and it shall be posted on the Governor’s web site. Executive Order 2003-2.

Term Expires
John Basha, Jr. Napolitano 08/13/2006
Lynne M. Christian Napolitano 10/01/2006
Donna Killoughey Bird Napolitano 08/27/2006
Daniel Valenzuela Napolitano 06/10/2007
31 vacancies

Here is the current list of commission members:

Crystal Allman  
Benito Almanza  
Joe Anderson  
Marcos Andrade  
Johnny Basha  
Viana Bruce  
Cassidy Campana  
Lynne Christian  
Shelley Cohn  
Kathy Copeland  
Rich Dozer  
Susan Ehrlich  
Paul Eppinger  
Jennifer Glazar  
Dan Hoffman  
Jake Jacobsen  
Donna Killoughey Bird  
Ronnie Lopez  
Paul Luna  
Ken Magoch  
Cindy  Petrovich  
Penny Pfaelzer  
Bob Ramsey  
Diane Saunders  
Billy Shields  
Sonia Singh  
Steve Speisman  
Joe Tucker  
Daniel Valenzuela  
George Weisz

9/11 Commission Goes On Offense

Here’s the text of a message I personally received September 26th from the Chairman of the Arizona 9/11 Commission:

I’m writing to you as the Chairman of the 9/11 Memorial Commission. I represent the group that has spent years researching, designing and raising private donations to build a memorial to the tragedy of 9/11. The Memorial now proudly stands in Wesley Bolin Plaza at the Arizona State Capitol, thanks to the involvement of more than 30,000 Arizonans.

My point in writing is to thank you for your support, and to share with you more about the Memorial, how it was created, and how it will educate future generations of Arizonan’s and make sure we never forget the loss of lives and experiences on 9/11, which are still affecting us today in so many ways.

  • The Arizona 9/11 Commission was created in 2003 by Executive Order 2003-02 by then-Governor Jane Dee Hull. The legislature unanimously passed HB 2350 in 2003 to allow the memorial to be built in Wesley Bolin Plaza.
  • The Commission included family members of those who died in the terrorist attacks, a survivor, business leaders, clergy and Arizona’s first responders who participated in the Search and Rescue mission at the World Trade Center in the days and weeks that followed the terrorist attacks.
  • It is a bi-partisan Commission with a non-political purpose.
  • The work of the Commission was done in more that fifty public meetings, with notice posted in advance, and open to all that chose to attend.
  • The memorial was paid for with contributions from private corporations and individuals. The Governor assisted in fundraising. The Governor did not have editorial control over the content of the memorial. The Commission and the artist team spent many hours discussing and debating the final quotes, with the purpose of expressing the history, experience and feelings on and after 9/11.
  • The family members on the Commission were clear that they did not want or need another headstone. The consensus was that this Memorial should be a place of reflection.
  • To create the memorial a nation wide search for artist was initiated, with a requirement that the team have an Arizona presence. After a lengthy public bid and selection process the Commission contracted with CoLAB Jones Studio, Inc. to design and McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. to build the memorial.
  • The 54 quotes and dates used in the memorial came from two sources.
    • The first is the bipartisan national 9/11 Commission that was appointed by President Bush.
    • The second, from oral interviews conducted by a public historian at Arizona State University’s History Department. ASU was hired by the Commission to conduct interviews and collect information from Arizonans who had personal connections to the tragedies.
  • The quotes were fact-checked by advisers to the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission and approved by the Commission. The final statements in the memorial were selected to show a range of thoughts and feelings regarding Arizona’s experiences with 9-11 and timelines of what happened on that day and since.
  • At the dedication ceremony on 9/11/06, Commission member Donna Bird of Tempe, whose husband Gary died in the attacks, called the memorial “comforting and dynamic” and that its materials of both concrete and steel showed the nation’s ability to move on with “steel resolve of Americans to embrace our future, with no fear.” More than 2500 people attended the ceremony to remember the victims of 9/11 and dedicate the new Memorial.
  • The quotes include the final words of victims who called their families before losing contact, and phrases describing the hopelessness felt by Arizonans after the attacks. Also included in the inscriptions are patriotic messages and other statements in support of the United States and its leaders. A few examples:
  • Working with staffers of State Education Superintendent Tom Horne at the State Department of Education, the Commission developed a voluntary 9/11 curriculum for grades k-12 that teachers can access on the Dept. of Ed web site. This effort was led by Steve Speisman, a Commissioner and teacher, who lost his brother Robby on the flight that hit the Pentagon.

The Memorial is a lasting tribute to the victims of 9/11, and the family members and survivors expressed at the dedication that it was healing for them.

It will also fulfill the mission of educating future generations of Arizonan’s about the tragic losses, the emotions, and the way we came together as American’s.

Thank you again, and I hope that you will visit the Memorial many times.

Billy Shields
Arizona 9/11 Memorial Commission

The Ring Around Janet’s Neck

Attending the dedication of the Arizona 9-11 Memorial at Wesley Bolin Plaza in Phoenix with Billy Shields, chairman of the Arizona 9-11 Memorial Commission. 

Watching the whole September 11th Memorial fiasco take place reminds me of the whole Eddie Basha implosion during the 1994 gubernatorial race against Fife Symington. For those who were involved in Arizona politics, a little history reminder. Eddie Basha and Fife Symington both participated in a radio debate during the campaign leading up to the General Election in 1994. When Eddie was called on the mat on the issue of homosexual marriage, he responded that he supported it. That was the beginning of the end for Eddie Basha.

Within the last week, Janet Napolitano has managed to walk her way into a minefield over the issue of the 9/11 memorial at Wesley Bolin Plaza. 

This debate would not be taking place if it were not for the astute work of political blogger extroardinaire Greg Patterson at EspressoPundit who broke the story late last week. Now, the story has gone national and has become a political albatross or should I say ring around Janet Napolitano’s neck.

Even the Arizona Republican Party has launched a new ad pointing out the controversy.

Look for the possibility of things to escalate as the legislature considers calling a special session to take action against the memorial. Maybe they ought to discuss the renaming of mountains in the same session?

Janet Napolitano’s Message of the Week – Monday, September 11, 2006
Arizona 9/11 Memorial Website Message from the Governor

Munsil within single digits.

life.jpg     According to a Wall Street Journal Battle Ground poll done by Zogby Len Munsil is within 9% of Janet Napolitano.

Wednesday 9-27-06, 10:05 pm

Plausible delieability.

Pinocchio.jpg      According to Hot AZ It Gets the Arizona Democratic Party is behind the attack web site on Len Munsil.

     I wonder if they have some internal polling that caused them to sink so low or if this is now just standard fare for the Democrats.

Tuesday 9-26-06, 6:25 pm

Follow-up. The story gets covered Dan Nowicki at the Arizona Republic.

Safe and rare?

turpentine.jpg       A big part of the abortion myth is that somehow legal abortion prevents people from trying dangerous at-home abortions. The favorite cry is “no more back-alley abortions.”

     Here is another example of an at-home abortion attempt despite the fact that the procedure is legal. Let’s see, the abortion lobby has what they want and some people are still going through strange and twisted ways to terminate life inside the womb.

     This pregnancy involves an underage girl and is being investigated for possible sexual assault. I bet that Planned Parenthood would have been all too will to happy to get rid of the “evidence”, leaving the young girl suffer quietly on her own in the years ahead.

Tuesday 9-26-06, 8:30 am

More Evidence Joanie Flatt Consorted with Carolyn Allen

Here’s the text of an email that went out from Arizona Republic columnist/blogger Joanie Flatt that proves there was some dirty electioneering going on against Clean Elections candidate Colette Rosati.

This also goes to prove that the RAPAW’s (Rich Anglo Pro-Abortion Women) will do whatever it takes to protect their “sacred rite” to abortion against a solid pro-life candidate.

—– Original Message —–
Sent: Friday, July 28, 2006 4:57 PM
Subject: you’re invited

When the Arizona Legislature overwhelmingly approved $69,000 to help build a memorial to the victims of Pearl Harbor (and those who were killed on the USS Arizona), only 6 out of the 90 legislators voted “no.”  One of those “no” votes was Rep. Colette Rosati of District 8. Her explanation to a local newspaper was, “While I value the people that died and I love memorials, I feel this is something we should have a bake sale or something for.”

[Haven't we already created several monuments to the U.S.S. Arizona? If I recall, there is one on Wesley Bolin Plaza - right across from the State House and Senate. Why do we need to spend more tax dollars on another memorial??? - my interjection]

Now this woman wants to unseat Senator Carolyn Allen, one of our state’s greatest champions for the arts, children, business, tourism and health issues. We can’t let that happen.

If you live in District 8, as I do, I urge Republicans to vote for Carolyn in the primary.  I urge Independents to request a Republican primary ballot (due to overwhelming Republican registration in District 8, the next Arizona senator from this district will be chosen in the Republican primary). I urge Democrats to re-register as Independents so you can vote a Republican primary ballot for Carolyn.  The deadline for doing that is August 14th. You can always go back to being a Democrat the next day!

Whether you live in District 8 or not, Senator Carolyn Allen deserves your support. You can help send Carolyn back to the Senate by joining me and my fellow co-hosts at a fundraiser for Carolyn on August 23 at my home. The attached invitation has all the details. If you can’t join us on the 23rd, please consider sending Carolyn a check.  We know from previous races involving Rep. Rosati that this race will not be easy and it’s likely to get ugly before it’s over.  Carolyn is going to need a lot of money and lots of friends to prevail. Thank you.

Joanie Flatt

Giffords slips 6% in 4 days.

azborder.jpg      Gabrielle Giffords was ahead by 19% in poll results dated September 20th. Four days later the Sunday edition of the Arizona Daily Star has her ahead by only 12.7%. That represents a loss of 6.3%. At this rate Randy Graf should catch up to Gabby in about 9 days.

     The Star poll also showed that the border was the single most important issue for 45.8% of respondents, followed by a distant 10.7% of people who were primarily concerned about the war in Iraq.

Sunday 9-24-06, 6:20 am

Not soo fast.

wolfpack.jpg      Warning! Strong Language.

     The press coverage from last week was not kind to Graf. Gabby came out with an internal poll that had the race all wrapped-up. But one prominent liberal Southern Arizona blogger is not buying it. I do not agree with everything that he says but he is defiantly not spouting the party line.

Satuday 9-23-06, 11:15 am

Democratic Party abandons Giffords.

     You will not read that headline in the papers even though that is how the media phrased it when the same thing happened to the Republican nominee. Looks like the Democrats have given up on Gabrielle as well. Now she will have to defend her anti-gun, weak on border enforcement, pro-abortion record.

NRCC Pulls Plug on Congressional District 8?




It appears that the National Republican Congressional Committee has yanked all its advertising dollars from the CD 8 market in a signal of retreat (read article). This means that the Randy Graf campaign cannot count on the GOP to support his effort to hold on to this Southern Arizona congressional district.

Randy GrafBefore the Primary, the NRCC dumped tons of money into the effort to elect liberal Republican soon-to-be-loser Steve Huffman to no avail. Jim Kolbe, the openly-homosexual Arizona Republican also refused to support the GOP nominee.

Behind the scenes, it appears that the Jim Click machine has once again aborted efforts for conservatives to retain the district. Apparently, Click was upset with his boy, Steve Huffman, losing the Primary Election that he gathered up all his marbles and headed home. I wouldn’t be surprised to see photos of Click and Giffords embracing in the weeks ahead.

This isn’t the first time that Click has sabotaged conservative efforts. In the early 90′s, he was behind an effort to starve conservatives out of party leadership by not supporting the local party coffers. This blogger, yours truly, brought it up during a short-lived radio talk show. Needless to say, the advertiser was none too pleased about the revelation.

What this means is that the grassroots will have to work all the harder to close the gap and beat Gabrielle Giffords in the General Election. I Jim Clickrecommend that our Maricopa County faithful make the journey south and take off some shoe leather walking for Randy Graf.

A win for the Graf campaign would signal the ineffectiveness of the NRCC and Jim Click to control the party structure in Southern Arizona.

Get involved by contacting the Graf campaign at

A Gabrielle Giffords win will mean a gaping hole in the border, tax increases and a liberal social agenda of abortion on demand and homosexual marriage.

Thanks to the NRCC for nothing and for building a lasting majority.

Tucson Leftie Disgusted with Clean Elections.

Nintzel.jpg      This story by Jim Nintzel is priceless. I wonder what his position on clean elections was when it was first passed. Now that conservative Republicans are successfully using it he does not think much of the idea.

     For those of you in Maricopa County the Tucson Weekly is the Southern Arizona equivalent of the Phoenix New Times.

Thursday 9-21-06, 9:45 am

Flatt Attacks Munsil

Joanie Flatt

I don’t take a subscription to the Arizona Republic and the community-mini-version that was tossed on my carport this morning is a good reason why.

Joanie Flatt decided to write a column on Len Munsil and JD Hayworth titled, “Munsil, Hayworth make me glad I’m an Independent.” With great curiosity, I anxiously began to read about some new breaking revelation on the demographic psychoanalytical reasons why Ms. Flatt needed to profess partisan independence. Instead, to my great disappointment and anger, I got some old, reheated, regurgitated gossip  column about a push poll that occurred before the Primary Election. In essence, it was another hit piece on Len Munsil.

If you recall – and I put myself at risk in falling into the same mudpit as Ms. Flatt – there was an illegal push poll conducted prior to the Primary Election which revealed a very personal story about Len and his family. The Munsil campaign went public about the story only after it was made an issue. Regardless, it was on the scale that anyone could relate to.

So I have to wonder why Ms. Flatt would take up the pen and revisit this story? Could it be that Ms Flatt Van Winkle awoke from a long slumber and felt she needed to comment on the story? Could it be that she had nothing substantive to write on other than some political gossip? Or, could it be that she simply holds great disdain towards cultural conservatives that she is trying to keep the story alive in order to keep taking shots at Len Munsil?

I would assert the later given her history of writing columns against cultural conservatives.

Remember the recent column in which she attacked Colette Rosati insinuating that Rosati was an anti-semite? I know Mrs. Rosati and Mrs. Rosati is anything but an anti-semite. What Joanie Flatt didn’t tell you is that she and her other RAPAW’s (Rich Anglo Pro-Abortion Women) held a fundraiser for Carolyn Allen who was Colette Rosati’s opponent in that senate race. Did I mention that Planned Parenthood of Central and Northern Arizona co-hosted that event with Ms. Flatt?

No the real motive here is that Ms. Flatt wants to keep the story of Len Munsil’s personal business alive in the public arena. The mere revisit and mention of the story is meant to serve as a media-sponsored attack on the Munsil campaign. I’d venture to say that it may even trigger matching funds by Clean Elections.

Imagine that I hypothetically brought up a story about Ms. Flatt’s addition to prescription drugs or that she has had three abortions or that CPS took her children away from her during her youthful years? Of course, I don’t know if these incidents are true and they are certainly none of my business, but the mere mention of them in the public arena now casts shadows and doubts as to Ms. Flatt’s reputation and credibility. It serves as a hypothetical attack on Joanie Flatt and the unwary reader will walk away with a certain impression of Ms. Flatt.

My point is this. While certain columnists feel the urge to linger on the personal life of conservative candidates like Len Munsil, the readers don’t care. They are smart enough to know when the old liberal media is tossing red meat and seeking to agitate readers to respond.

Fortunately, their are blogs like this which will point out what’s really going on in the press room.