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Extreme-ultra-far-right Republicans.

beverlyhillbillies.jpg     It looks like Jim Nintzel of the Tucson Weekly is a reader of Sonoran Alliance. Check out our post from August 19th and Jim’s article on August 24th (see paragraph 5.) We welcome Jim to our audience.

     Jim must also be reading from Hillary’s manual on the vast right-wing conspiracy. He came up with a new term for mainstream, platform Republicans; extreme-ultra-far-right. Nintzel goes on to talk about a campaign consultant from another part of the state as if there were no conservatives in Pima County. I have some shocking news for Jim, there are a lot of extreme-ultra-far-right people in the county and they have set up base camp in the Oro Valley / NW region. They are also bringing in massive reserves every day in the form of new residents. Something tells me Jim will not enjoy Pima County as much in 10 to 15 years when Marana closes in on Tucson’s population numbers. It ain’t wild eyed young liberal couples moving into those tract homes to raise their 2 year olds. Them’s true believers! (At least that has been my antidotal observation while walking for the primary.) 

     I have not yet seen a poll on any of the legislative races but the CD 8 results were heartening in that the conservative beat the combined numbers of both moderates. And another thing about that poll, if you don’t know for whom you are suporting by this time there is a good chance that you might not be that excited (or motivated) about voting in September.

FDA Gives Green Light to Abortifacient

Plan BRepublicans may expect some political backlash from cultural conservatives in the upcoming elections as President Bush’s appointee to the FDA just gave approval to the “Morning After” Plan B pill. Now, this abortifacient will be available over the counter at your local drugstore, with the exception of minors who will require consent. (Read story here)

The political backlash may be felt as cultural conservatives lose trust and faith in President Bush and Republicans who pushed for the appointment of Andrew von Eschenbach, the new commissioner of the FDA. Von Eschenbach worked a deal with Barr Pharmaceuticals for the drug’s accessibility.

Human Life International immediately decried the decision by releasing a press release asserting “President Bush Files for Divorce with Catholic Base.” The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, who serves as President of Human Life International said, “President Bush’s implied support for the abortion-causing drug Plan B is completely inconsistent with his recent veto of the embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) funding bill. What the president apparently fails to realize is that Plan B kills the same innocent unborn children that the ESCR process does.” (read press release)

Even Concerned Women for America’s President, Wendy Wright, argued, “It is deplorable that the head of the FDA would put his career ambitions and a drug company’s interests above women’s health.” Wright continued, “CWA provided legal and regulatory evidence that the FDA does not have the authority to do what it is proposing and medical evidence that any dose of the drug requires medical oversight to protect women’s health. The drug is known to cause serious complications such as blood clots and stroke.” (read press release)

With President Bush’s credibility on the life issue in question, cultural conservatives may stay home on election day thus giving pro-abortion democrats a marginal edge they need to retake both houses of Congress. And sadly, this will take the pro-life movement back several steps in the battle to restore respect for the sanctity of life.

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men.

HumptyDumpty.jpg     In the race for the open seat in CD 8 Steve Huffman was the anointed one from very early on. The money flowed as Jim Click, Don Diamond, and Bill Arnold did their thing. He received the blessing of an 11-term incumbent. Two months after entering the race he had already raised $239,659. The next quarter was even better at $268,079. No other Republican even came close to the numbers. Steve had an eight-year record serving in a Republican strong-hold crucial to victory in the primary. So he had it made right?

     Not quite. What happened? It is hard to point to one exact event. First thing is Steve’s record. His is politely described as a moderate. With Al Melvin whipping up the conservatives in LD 26 the bounty on RINOs was set pretty high. Steve lost in his home district before he announced. He had no chance with the legions of social conservative volunteers walking door-to-door in the summer heat of NW Tucson. (I hope Steve was not planning on winning by taking Cochise County or Green Valley.)

     Second, Steve apparently is a horrible campaigner. He does not warm up to people or make much effort to connect one-on-one with voters. He missed several candidate forums, including the well-attended event minutes from his home. Perhaps the years of running with little to no opposition in LD 26 caused him to go soft.  

     Third, he came out with some very poor TV ads. His first intro piece was fine. The now infamous flashlight border ad was a colossal waste of money. His third hit-piece on Graf did little more than motivate Randy’s people to work even harder. His mailings were equally pathetic. The problem is attack pieces have to hit effectively or they just ricochet off the intended target. The amazing part was that Huffman tried to sell himself as a conservative. He did not win over or fool the conservatives and did not motivate the moderates with this line. He seemed schizophrenic.  

     Fourth, it never helps when your campaign treasurer is running a peeping-tom web site against a well-connected sitting state senator.  

     There are other reasons. Maybe the most important is that Steve squandered his eight years in office by making more enemies than friends. This all adds up to a flawed candidate and some of the worst is yet to come for Steve. Poor Huffman, he has had a great fall and not even Kolbe, Click, Diamond, Arnold, Cox-Golder, or Judi can put him back together again. 


As a footnote Steve never seemed to have a presence or supporters in the blogosphere. I do not want to seem self-serving by over stating the importance of blogs but hey it can’t hurt to have a few supporters sticking up for you once and a while. His one admitted fan in the blogosphere seemed happy to document the meltdown of the campaign.

CD8 poll results.

The Tucson Weekly did a poll on the CD8 race. Click here for the results.

Tucson Legislative Office

Would someone please correct me on this if I’m wrong but isn’t there a Southern Arizona Legislative Office in downtown Tucson? I remember filing papers with this office in the past. If I recall, the address is 400 West Congress Street, Suite 201. If this is the case than why does Toni Hellon still need a home office? This doesn’t make sense and the argument about constituents having to drive up to Phoenix to meet with her is moot. It seems to me that any Southern Arizona legislator could reserve a room for meetings at this location or maybe they could even conduct a townhall meeting in their district. Setting up a home office using campaign money reflects poorly on Senator Hellon especially as a Republican. One expects this type of behaivior from Democrats who think that campaign money or taxpayer money can be spent on anything they want. I’d expect the constituents of legislative district 26 to express a vote of discontent in the upcoming primary election.

Birthing Conservatives

Yet again, another great editorial on what’s taking place demographically that is affecting the political arena. Essentially, the theory is that conservatives – primarily cultural conservatives – are having more children than liberals. Simply by the mere concept of math, conservatives will eventually outnumber liberals politically. Conservatives have a much deeper respect for the sanctity of human life and thus their inclination to reproduce is much higher than liberals. Nevertheless, read the following article and you’ll see the trends taking place. What I have to wonder is if liberals will change their tune motivated only by their desire to retain political power. I don’t think this will ever occur unless they join conservatives on the abortion issue. Their only hope may be to further relax immigration laws and try to convert immigrants to their ideology.

Steve Huffman’s treasurer stalking Toni Hellon, according to legal filing.

     I cannot say it better than Espresso Pundit (see Meltdown in the Old Pueblo.)

     I am not sure if it is the same William G. Arnold against which Toni filed the injunction but there is a William G. Arnold who is a member of the Tucson Association of REALTORS(R) and is on the Steering Committee of the Arizona REALTORS(R) for Huffman. Wow! I thought REALTORS(R) followed a strict code of ethics. I guess not when it comes to their time away from work. 

     Do you think RPAC will ever realize that they backed a flawed candidate? 


Update. William G. (Bill) Arnold resigned as Steve Huffman’s treasurer. Huffman camp does not deny prior knowledge of the incident.

Governor’s race heats up.

Attack.jpg     Len Munsil went on the attack with a mailer proclaiming that Goldwater is “the wrong man for the job.” If I read it correctly Don is a napkin arranger who disagrees with the president about illegal immigration, is now pro-life, and was ahead in the most recent poll because he has awesome name ID. Devastating.

I have been very disappointed in the lack of public polling in this race. Len’s piece tells me it is still a tight race. 

Don Goldwater was probably glad to just get his name out there after leaning that his clean election check might be delayed for another week or two. Ouch. 

On the other hand Don is probably ordering flowers for Robert Robb right now. Robb termed Don’s agenda “the most comprehensive and specific … thus far.” 

On a side note, Huffman is featured again with his trusty flashlight. Scroll to the bottom of the article for the photo caption “Huffman posing with a flashlight.”

Who’s a Conservative?

DesertSunset.jpg     The Arizona Conservative has posted their endorsements for the upcoming primary election. The list is a who’s who among conservatives in Arizona starting with Jon Kyl at the top. It is no surprise to see the Honorable Trent Franks joined by most of the Arizona congressional delegation. Absent is Jeff Flake. The Arizona Conservative is clearly not just some group that fronts for the Republican Party. They have standards and if you don’t make the cut you are not on the list.

     For the open congressional seat in district 8 they went with the tested and proven Randy Graf. Despite claiming to be a conservative, Steve Huffman is notably absent. Sorry Steve, the falsehoods and deceptions on your campaign literature did not fool those who know. 

     I hope Huffman does not try to claim that a list with U.S. Senator Jon Kyl, U.S. Representative John Shadegg, State Senator Tim Bee, and State Representative Dean Martin on it represents the extreme. It is a testament to his judgment and abilities to see Randy Graf included among the rest of these fine public servants.

Being Steve Huffman.

La Tanya.jpg      When Steve Huffman gets up in the morning and walks out his front door to go, well wherever Stevie goes, this is what he sees. There are no other signs on his street except those pictured here and a lone Huffman sign in his own yard.