Family man?

father-&-son.jpg     Steve Huffman makes a big deal of being a husband and father, featuring pictures of his family on campaign material. He has 2 and 4 year old boys at home.

     When asked about missing 30% percent of the votes in his last job he replied that he was gone because of his son’s surgery. There is a message there for Steve. BE A MAN and stay in town to raise your boys! I cannot believe that he is willing to be out of state all the time with a 2 year old.

     You can run later when your children are older and you are free to show up for work. 

     Kolbe made a big deal when he selected Huffman that the other guy could not win. Jim miscalculated and the Democrats are already softening the ground. Steve is a terrible campaigner and misses a lot of events. He is too busy with his young family and other obligations to give his all in the general election. He is the one who cannot win. The single Giffords and grown up Weiss both have clear schedules to campaign full-time and wipe the lackluster Huffman off the political map.



Jim 1.jpg      Politicians love to tout their endorsements when they come from a person or group popular among the voters. What about the endorsements from groups that are not as mainstream? Simple, take the endorsement but say nothing.

     Blogs are about getting out the whole story so here it is.  Homosexual Agenda Group endorses Toni Hellon and Pete Hershberger

     The Arizona Human Rights Fund supports Toni and Pete. I never trust a career politician that only gives you half of the story. Why don’t they come out of the closet and announce their positions? Simple, if they told the truth they would not win. Solution? They hide their agenda from the voters.