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The Old Media.

Dino.jpg     Greg at Espresso Pundit has a nice little send off for the newspaper industry. See half way down The Definition of Irony under August 31st. Very concise. Could not have put it better myself.

Hazleton one of toughest places for illegal aliens

Minuteman HQ Radio

 I just read the below posting on a forum:  (My comments are below it)


On July 13, 2006, the City of Hazleton made history.
City Council passed an ordinance that intends to make Hazleton one of
the toughest places in the country for illegal aliens by fining
landlords who rent to and companies who knowingly hire illegal aliens.
After suffering through several high-profile crimes involving illegal
aliens, we’ve sent a clear message that we’ve had enough. Hazleton is
working to take back our streets, our neighborhood, and our community.
But there are those who are trying to stop us.
Several groups have come forward to say Hazleton doesn’t have the right
to protect itself.
They’ve said that suing Hazleton will prevent other elected officials
across America from enacting similar laws in their own towns.
Some in those groups have also boasted they will take us to court and
bankrupt the City of Hazleton, both to punish us for enacting this
ordinance and to send a signal to other communities across the United
We’re not going to be bullied.
That is why we created the City of Hazleton’s Legal Defense Fund.
We believe our ordinance is legal. We believe it will stand up to
judicial scrutiny. And we are willing to take the fight to save our city to
the highest courts in America.
We need your help.
Your contribution will help us win this fight.
To help, send a check or money order to: City of Hazleton Legal Defense
Fund, c/o Mayor Lou Barletta, City Hall, 40 N. Church St., Hazleton, PA
Or donate online to Small Town Defenders using a safe and secure online
donation form provided through an industry leader in the online
fundraising world, Clickandpledge. com.
ClickandPledge. com is a SECURE SITE.
Take a stand and join the fight for Hazleton.

If they stop Hazleton, they may stop your community next.
Become a Small Town Defender.


AZPG remarks:  I believe that a city, a community, a family and especially this nation has a right to protect itself from illegal activities.  Allowing illegals to enter and then to remain in our secure nation is crazy!  Allowing people to aid in the illegal activities of another – NO!  There are penalties to criminal actions!  Conservatives should believe in accountability and consequences to their actions and lack of actions! Right?

Border Fence???

hole-in-fence.gifAre we securing our borders -NOT!  Only a small number of patriots are guarding and attempting to secure our borders.  Think about this – we have hundreds, even thousands of our American troops over in other nations (securing their borders), while we can’t get our own borders secure. Many people argue about whether or not a Border Fence will help.  If you speak to those who live on or near the border (ranchers who watch in horror as illegals cross over and through their private property) as they enter illegally, you will learn their views.  While many of us live in communities that are walled or gated, some do not.  A criminal can enter your home much easier if you leave your front, side or backdoor open.  They can walk right onto your private property without a block wall or fence.  Do you agree that a fence or wall around your private home helps in your security?  Well, then think about the ranchers and home owners who live in border towns, think also about those who have property that is right up against the border.  Minuteman Civil Defence Corp has begun to build a border fence on private property.  If you visit their site, you can see the designs. If you want to be a part of an organization, or financially contribute towards a Border Fence, that is working toward securing our borders please visit the following websites:,,


NRCC declares war on Republican base in CD 8.

steve.jpg     The Arizona Republican Party claims Pederson is trying to buy a U.S. Senate Seat. They even have a web page with a running total of how much money he is spending. 

     There is another candidate also trying to buy a seat but in the U.S. House of Representatives. Figuring that the $500,000 that he has wasted so far is not enough the National Republican Congressional Committee has intervened in a Republican primary and is spending a significant amount to resuscitate the moribund Huffman campaign. I don’t know what their internal polls say but I guess they figured that a few more $100,000 might do the trick. 

     The problem is that if, and that is still an if, the NRCC can buy the primary for Steve he has a general election to win. Sure they will come into town with more money but they will face a tough Democratic opponent with a party more united that will be the case for Huffman. Quite simply the conservatives will not lift a finger for Huffman and Gabrielle Giffords will make short work of him. She is a better campaigner, speaker, and fund-raiser. The two will very so little on issues that the one who runs a better operation will win. That person will by Gabby.

     Aside from the conservatives Huffman should not plan on much overtime from the Hellon / Carroll wing of the party either.

     I am not a big supporter of NRCC but those that are might want to let them know that they are wasting their money.

Maywood, California -What a disgrace!!!! Patriotic Americans WAKE UP!

Eagle.jpgMinuteman HQ RadioHave you seen the video of the Patriotic citizens having to witness the unimaginable actions of the “other” group.  Visit, search for the following videos amongst the many posted on that site: Lou Dobbs – Mexican flag raised in Maywood, California, Maywood 8-26-06 part 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 10 But –

Maywood 8-26-06 part 9 (This one shows it rising on the American pole!) Videos were posted by:

To say that they were all “illegals” would be inaccurate since I am certain their group was a mixture of legal and illegal persons.  To say that they were “unpatriotic” would be more accurate, in that they took the American flag pole under their control and put up the Mexican flag.  Some acknowledge that California is now “Mexifornia”.  Have you seen the amazing number of trucks and cars here in Arizona with CA license plates – they are flocking to Arizona from liberal California.  

Back to the raising of the Mexican flag over an American Post Office in an American community and in our NATION!!! What is next? I am careful in asking that!
Are you angered by this, frustrated enough to put some action to your views?  Then I encourage you to join groups and organizations that are active and making a differnce.  Also write letters, send emails and make calls to our leaders.

  The actions of a few will bring about actions of many!  Those who witnessed, in person, the Mexican flag being raised over our American post Office are furious!  Those who view the pictures and the videos are angered. 

 I am furious and putting action to my views!

Mike Harris Endorsed by Arizona Right to Life? – NOT!!!

Here’s a shocker that I couldn’t help but post on.

But first a disclaimer: As of August 7th, I am no longer with Arizona Right to Life as the Executive Director nor as the Treasurer of its political action committee (AZLIFEPAC).

With that out of the way let me give you some background info: Earlier this year while I was serving on AZLIFEPAC, we voted to endorse only one candidate for Governor – Len Munsil. After all, Len has been more effective in the pro-life public policy arena than any other leader in Arizona. While he was the President/CEO for the Center for Arizona Policy, he sponsored and saw enacted more pro-life laws than any other pro-life organizational leader.

On February 13th, AZLIFEPAC made the only gubernatorial endorsement – Len Munsil (I actually wrote the endorsement). As a key member of the PAC, I was also directly responsible for the production and publication of the candidate tracker webpage. On that webpage, anyone could see information on the candidates for almost every office in Arizona (Yes, it was a lot of work keeping it up to date). If you look at the gubernatorial candidates, you will see the sole endorsement. Mike Harris was NOT endorsed. I know because I voted on the endorsement. I will also tell you that the Harris campaign asked for and received a candidate survey from AZLIFEPAC prior to the endorsement by the PAC. Harris’ campaign failed to return it to the committee.

So imagine my surprise when I received a forwarded email from a SonoranAlliance reader who received an announcement that Arizona Right to Life had endorsed Mike Harris. Here’s the text of that email:

Mike Harris Gaining More Support

Mike Harris Endorsed…

Aug 29, 2006 Mike Harris was recently endorsed by the Arizona Log Cabin Republicans, and Arizona Right to Life. This shows the incredibly wide bandwidth of support we continue to receive.

Now I have to laugh and cry at the combination of the endorsement – homosexual Republicans and right to lifers. But the more amazing thing in all this is that today, Mike Harris issued the following statment again via email and on his website:

Although my beliefs are pro-life, I truly don’t know when life begins. I do know that unwanted children are a tremendous burden on society.

This does not reconcile with his earlier statement nor does it reconcile with itself. First, there are no “unwanted children.” Over 1.5 million couples are waiting to adopt and that statement is simply overly subjective. But his later statement also demonstrates a serious and damaging lack of knowledge of the issue. How can someone say their beliefs are pro-life but cannot reconcile that with simple science that is taught beginning in Jr. High? In fact, the survey that was sent to him in January stated the obvious – that a new and unique individual life begins at conception.

So why would Mr. Harris post an endorsement via his email announcements? Either he or someone on his committee is terribly naive and did not read the AZLIFEPAC candidate tracker correctly or he is attempting to deceive the voters by claiming the endorsement. This is nothing new in the pro-life movement as candidates quickly realize how important a pro-life endorsement is because 3-5% of voters are single issue voters on the life issue.

I’m going to read the email statement as an act of ignorance and give him the benefit of the doubt that he misread the candidate tracker. I hope he sits down with his campaign committee and explains that he did not receive the endorsement and that he will provide a correction.

As for me, I am proud to endorse Len Munsil for Governor.

Announcing Minuteman HQ Radio with Host Chris Simcox

 I am personally very excited about this New radio show!!! Please spread the word to your friends about the opportunity to turn in (real time) or listen on the internet (anytime) and gain knowledge and stay informed on the actions of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp.  This will be a great radio show that will keep the “REAL” news in the public ears rather than that which the media publishes.  Read below the post from


Announcing Minuteman HQ Radio with Host Chris Simcox

Are terrorists exploiting our porous borders? We know drug dealers, gang bangers and way too many criminal foreign nationals are creating havoc in our communities and threatening our public safety. Join me, Chris Simcox, president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps every Sunday evening from 7 till 9 p.m. (Pacific), when we will discuss these and other issues concerning our lack of border security and the problems that affect us all. I guarantee you’ll learn more about the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps from this show than you ever will learn from the mainstream media. We will engage in the most in-depth discussions about our unsecured borders and the threat to our national security and the public safety. “What do we do about illegal immigration” will also be a topic of discussion.  

Click Here to hear the Minuteman HQ Radio Promo

Minuteman HQ Radio will air on KKNT, The Patriot radio in Phoenix, Arizona. And the best part is that you can listen to Minuteman HQ Radio from where ever you are! Beginning September 3rd you can visit on Sunday evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm to listen live. In the future, archived shows will also be available to download at

Call in numbers: (888) 960-9696 national
(602) 508-0960 local


I look forward to talking to you!


Chris Simcox, President
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

New poll results on Governor’s race and U.S. Senate.

     The Cronkite-Eight poll is out with new numbers. Senator Jon Kyl has a convincing lead over Jim Pederson, 46% to 36%. 

     Things are less positive for the Republicans in the Gubernatorial race. There Don Goldwater is the best of the field but still gets smashed by Janet, 27% to 62%. 

     The amazing part is that according to the poll Len Munsil and Mike Harris do exactly the same against Janet, 23% to 62%. Gary Tupper’s message of moderation performs the worst against Janet at 20% to 62%. 

     There is no poll question about a direct match up in the Republican primary for Governor. 

     The really tough part is that Napolitano is far above 50%. The one ray of hope for the Republicans is the answers about issues relating to illegal immigration. The final question for the poll is about the marriage amendment. Arizona is looking pretty tolerant of gay marriage at this point.

(Posted 8:30 pm on August 29th for those of you keeping track of which blog covered this story first.) covers the Prop 107 issue in more depth, including a part of the poll not posted on the web site.

Take That!

Wayne.jpg      Graf hits one out of the park with his newest radio ad

     Not giving in to Huffman’s hit-piece ads, Randy goes on the offensive with a positive high-impact spot. Wonder what weak attack-ad Steve will cook up next?


p.s. Please fell free to leave a comment. We moderate comments only to screen out span, some of which is not very appropriate. Your comments will be posted as quickly as possible. 

Catching up to what?

william_bennett.jpg      The latest Battleground State Poll from WSJ/Zogby for August has been released. Len Munsil may have more momentum than Don Goldwater but they both still have a struggle ahead of them.

     Don is polling 11.9% behind Janet. Len is 13.7% down from Janet. The problem with touting that he is catching up to Don is that Goldwater is 12 points below the incumbent. In July Don was only down 7.7%. Munsil doesn’t need to catch up, he needs to surpass and that does not show up in the numbers. 

     There is no direct number for the Len vs. Don primary. We will have to wait for a different survey to cover the head-to-head race between them. We will have new numbers as they become available. If another poll doesn’t show up soon we will just find out on September 13th. 

     As a side note Harris does not seem to be doing very well. With all of his business acumen one would think that he could pay his rent on time.

     Out of courtesy we are not going to pick on Gary.

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