Someone needs to read the corporate policy manual.

     The Catholic laity in Tucson has apparently had enough of their liberal Bishop.  Kicanas has no trouble getting involved in political issues when it comes to people illegally crossing the border.  That is fine since it is his job to advocate for the less fortunate.  Yet it is quite striking that the Bishop has not yet found his voice on one of the central teachings of the church.

Prediction in House 6 Race – Jayne Out

Here’s a prediction in the House 6 race: Republican Clancy Jayne will either withdraw from the House 6 Republican Primary or be bumped from the ballot due to a lack of valid signatures. An unidentified source has disclosed that a spot check of Jayne’s signatures revealed that several dozen individual signers do not reside in legislative district 6. On January 31st, Jayne filed 556 signatures with the Secretary of State’s Election office. A minimum of 421 signatures is required in order to be placed on the September 12th ballot. This leaves a buffer of 135 signatures. I’ve got to wonder why he didn’t work in the months to follow to obtain a much larger buffer?