2006 Primary Results – First Impressions

Governor – Len Munsil the clear winner. Len’s network of supporters is strong and dedicated but what really won this race is his ability to communicate a clear conservative message. Way to go Len!!!

CD 8 – Still too close to call but Graf appears to have a slight edge.

LD 1 Senate – O’Halleran the liberal still retains strong name ID over William Stoll. Conservatives blew it by splitting the vote on a candidate who withdrew from the race after the ballot was printed.
LD 1 House – Lucy Mason, the incumbent pulls 1st place due to strong name ID and good service. Andy Tobin places 2nd because he has worked very hard.

LD 3 House – Both incumbents, Groe and McLain win – still very popular.

LD 6 Senate – Pamela  Gorman – One of my favorites, is very popular and remains strong
LD 6 House – Surprise!!! – Doug Clark and Sam Crump – two good conservatives who worked hard and overcome odd Republicans.

LD 7 House – Nancy Barto – A great legislator who stepped in and brought a fresh breath of air to a controversial situation. Ray Barnes – further behind but barely campaigned after health issues. Sneaks ahead of David Smith, the only legislator in the country kicked out of office.

LD 8 Senate – Colette Rosati loses to a RINO. Colette worked harder than any other candidate I know. The pro-sexual-obsessed folks turned out the vote to factor in on the margin in this race.
LD 8 House – Reagan (who ain’t Reagan) and Kavanagh winners in this race. Liberals single-shot Reagan and conservatives split the vote between Kavanagh and Schoenrock. The other heavy factor was the pro-sexual-oriented business crowd who turned out and voted against consevatives.

LD 11 House – Don Hesselbrock and Adam Driggs – Huh!?!? This race I can’t explain since my favorite, John Allen, is the incumbent. I wish I would have followed this race more closely. Devin Slayton, outted in this race.

LD 17 House – Another crowded primary in which the incumbent (another one of my favorites) took first place with Dale Despain, taking second. DeRose and Gransinger – not quite ready for prime time yet?

LD 26 Senate – Surprise!!! Say hello to Al Melvin. This district has gone conservative.
LD 26 House – Another surprise!!! Candidate Dave Jorgenson (someone I recruited) takes the 2nd seat. Conservatives single-shot Jorgenson and RINO’s single-shotted Pete Hershberger. Lovallo and Somers – out in the cold.

LD 30 House – Jonathan Paton (another friend and personal favorite) takes 1st place to beat out even Marian McClure who took 2nd place. Both challengers, somewhat behind. District is leaning conservative more than in 2004.

All the other races were pretty predictable. Here’s a link to results.


  1. Oro Valley Dad says


    Not so fast with Len’s network. He lost to Don in 7 counties, mostly rural.

    That is an important fact because Janet does very well in the rural areas.

    I do not know if is possible but if I were Len I would open a dialog with Goldwater. Don clearly had appeal in Cochise, Mohave, Pima, Pinal, and Yuma counties. Len will need every vote.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    I never thought of Pima County of as significantly less populated. I doubt the Napolitano campaign thinks that way.

    While not individually large in population, combined Cochise, Mohave, Pinal, and Yuma counties could be the difference between victory and defeat. I hope that if the Munsil campaign is planning on winning that they do not share your approach.

  3. Statewide candidates don’t win statewide races by winning in significantly less populated counties. That’s not to say that these counties are not important. These voters are not going to sit out on Len and give Janet a free ride. They will now get on board and support Len. The good news is that Len will now be able to get his border security message out without having it confused by another Republican. Goldwater has stated he will now support Len and that will help us all win in November.

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