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Trick or Treat? Happy Halloween Progressive America –

Trick or Treat? Happy Halloween Progressive America –

“Isms”  social, progressive, communal and otherwise … Take a visit to a time in this nation when Americans still understood the dangers of “ISMS.”

For those of you who don’t know, John Dewey is held as the father of modern American education; esteemed by educator’s and hailed as visionary by those who don’t know otherwise… In 1928 upon his return from Soviet Russia (communism) Dewey said,

I have never seen anywhere in the world such a large proportion of intelligent, happy, and intelligently occupied children” [New Republic, 1928]

John Dewey, an original signer of the Humanist Manifesto today would be proud of what he helped usher in … America, are you beginning to see what Obama is doing?  The way has been paved by “fellow travelers” for over a century now.


  1. Gee, VV, I don’t know why you didn’t just go whole hog and go your usual “Obama is a Nazi” path and show Disney’s “Education for Death” (since you’re showing propaganda from the 40s).

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    Obama is certainly not a “nazi” because that would mean he’s a nationalist and believes in his country – which he certainly does not.

    And its curious your use of the word “propaganda” as the video must not align with your world view Klute. There’s no place in Obama’s “democratic socialism” for slam poets.

    Imagine a slam poet making a living to afford the Sedona lifestyle and slamming capitalism in this video from which his livelihood comes.

    It must be true, liberalism is a mental disorder.

  3. Veritas Vincit says

    Oh, Klute my reference to Obama and Hitler was not ideology but tyranny and a lust for power which is a trait both men share.

  4. Propaganda is a neutral term, VV. Some propaganda is positive, like “Education for Death”, or Frank Capra’s amazing “Why We Fight”.

    As for “Make Mine Freedom” (seen it ages ago), I think it’s also a great, positive piece of work. It’s actually fairly pro-labor, and makes a subtle civil rights statement with the “classroom” scene.

    But there’s no doubt it, like the others I mention, are propaganda.

    “Imagine a slam poet making a living to afford the Sedona lifestyle and slamming capitalism in this video from which his livelihood comes.”

    Man, there is just so much wrong in this sentence. But I’ll leave you to figure it out, VV.

  5. Duh dumb dumb. says

    Gee, what about Lindbergh and his little love affair with Hitler’s Germany- that is worth a ton of quotes too.

    So what?

    Why dredge the history books when so many are willing to worship Sheriff Joe?

    His is costing all of us a ton of money, but hey- propaganda is sucked up and believed by the bucket.

  6. I doubt VV could even explain what Dewey’s educational philosophy is.

    VV, I’ve always known you have a cartoonish worldview, but really…

  7. US education is a disaster. Dewey is identified as one of, if not the number one driving force to restructure it away from traditional skills to ideology.
    Was at an Arizona private school last Spring during their awards ceremony for academics. Their math team was honored for its very very high state ranking. Of about twenty students, all but three were Americans. Of the three, two were children of math teachers at the school. The rest were Chinese or European. We knew for the foreign students about 2/3rds of THEM were first year students. Meaning not a one of them learned their winning math skills at that school, but the hard-core Liberal Left school was presenting them as products of the school’s math program.
    Pure bull, and worse, the Arizona kids, products of piss-poor American schooling were all sitting around commenting, “They’re so smart.”
    It’s curriculum and teaching that makes the student, for good or for bad. The Dewey ideology deliberately moved away from skills and now American kids lag terribly behind their foreign peers. Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers was heavily involved in expanding this approach thru the Chicago Math and other programs, which destroyed logical problem-solving processes – on purpose.
    It’s NOT “smarts” it’s curriculum and teaching. But the Progressive Left education ideology makes excuses to blame the students, and exploits stereotypes, “The Chinese are so smart in math,” as IF they are all BORN with a super math gene. Having found out how they cheat, it was a relief to discover they are as human as the rest of us.
    Meanwhile, a review of Chinese math texts reveals organized, logical, comprehensive math instruction. American textbooks are twice the size, are disorganized, don’t present logical processes and are full of distracting colors and photos.
    Today’s American students cannot compete against European or Asian students. That’s a FACT, supported by scores of major comparative evaluations, confirmed by universities who are finding year after year of incoming US students not equipped to handle college-level work.
    It didn’t happen by magic. Actions have consequences. Dewey set the foundations of a verifiably inferior education system.
    What a travesty that educators were so quick to accept it without critically analyzing outcomes, first.

  8. “Why dredge the history books”
    Because “Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.”

  9. Duh dumb dumb. says

    So, with Sheriff Joe as Bull Connor, and Rush L as Father Coughlin, I guess all we need is a good Huey Long- Oh wait- we get Sarah Palin.

    Done with this party.

    The gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

    I know a lot of history, and what we are repeating is not going to be pleasant.

  10. ………….
    Duh dumb dumb. Says:
    November 1st, 2009 at 9:12 am
    I know a lot of history, and what we are repeating is not going to be pleasant

  11. wanumba, you are right. We moved to US when the kids were in middle school. They were so advanced in math compared with their peers, even taking AP classes, attending Math Club, etc, it took them about three years to catch-up (should I say catch-down?)Meantime they got bored and lost interest.
    And yes, textbooks are terrible

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