Endorsements, made up and real.

Lisa and Carol2.jpg      Greg Patterson of Espresso Pundit has been doing a great job of exposing the misleading signs in the current election. Greg even touched on another area of misrepresentation. Phantom endorsements.

     Another practitioner of the fictitious endorsement is Pete Hershberger in legislative district 26.

     The endorsement section of Pete’s web page lists the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. According to a press release posted on the chamber’s web page Lisa Lovallo and Carol Somers got the chamber endorsement this year. 

     Hershberger claims the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association is behind him. The same endorsement from SAHBA also ends up of Carol’s and Lisa’s pages. 

     Pete also lists the Tucson Citizen as endorsing him. Checking their web page only reveals a “Check back later” message. 

     Carol and Lisa were both endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business. Pete does not try to claim that title. 

     Pete has received some recent news and endorsements. The Arizona Federation of Taxpayers just gave Hershberger a score of 38%, earning him the distinction of being a “Friend of Big Government.” Helps explains what happened above with the NFIB. Too bad for Pete it is not 2005. That year he got a much better 50% from the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers. 

     Another recent endorsement is clearly available on the web yet it is nowhere on Pete’s site. Pete received support from the Arizona Human Rights Fund, self-described as a group “that advocates exclusively for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues.” The endorsement can be seen by clicking here

     Sounds like Pete has a little explaining to do. 

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