Taking McCain to the Woodshed

Resonant of bygone days when fathers willow-switched some sense into their ornery young’uns ‘out behind the woodshed’, an outspoken member of the Arizona 2010 Project begins this series which applies the figurative rod to some politically spoiled ‘children’.

He’s a combination of Andy Rooney (without the nasal whine) and your 10th grade civics teacher, regretfully and ruthlessly applying the red grading pencil to his students’ performances and policies.

The current installment features a familiar political figure who gets a stern reminder of how gentlemen are expected to behave toward one another.


  1. Who paid for this political ad? There was obviously a cost to produce it.

  2. Whoever did should be congratulated!

    It smokes not only “The John” but his cheering section out on issues, something he and they have steadfastly avoided!

    Old fashioned character assasination worked for John and friends 24 years ago against a Republican governor but it ain’t gonna “cut the mustard” this time!

  3. Ken in Scottsdale says

    John McCain’s “ads” have pushed many to switch to JD. My hope is that many more fence dwellers come over to the JD side as we get nearer to 8/24. If McCain loses, will he support and work for JD, as JD and his supporters would work for McCain? I think the answer to that is that McCain et.al. will be working for the Dem whom ever it is.

  4. I thought McCain didn’t like to run negative campaigns. In his campaign for President he didn’t, but he sure is in this one. I’m sure JD has had a lot of people switch over because of this. It turns people off. I know it has me and all my friends.
    Come on John.

  5. Agreed AZJack.

    I’ve gotten more crank recorded phone calls, as well as junk mail stuffed in my PO box with “bash JD” garbola than “why you should vote for me” stuff out of the the “Friends of John McCain” camp. His tactic is old and worn out, as is he. He has spent more on this campaign battling it out (with mud) for his Senate seat, than a fraction of what he did running for President (did he really want the job? doubt it. What a waste).

    Time to retire, John. We’ve had enough. We’re calling mercy.

  6. No guts, no glory says

    Why not address McCain’s old friend Charley Keating in more detail?

  7. The Gentleman who produced, direted and starred in this did it all at his own expense. I know the man and his wife, He is owed debt of gratitude and our thanks for this video. More to come.

  8. Precocious says

    God Bless the gentleman who financed the ad!

    If J.D. pulls it off look for McCain to pull a Spector or Crist!

    But by then it won’t matter!

    Arizonans have had enough!

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