New McCain ad features woman who chooses Dem. Harry Mitchell over JD Hayworth

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The desperate campaign of John McCain is continuing to rely upon Democrats and left wing principles in the GOP primary race against conservative J.D. Hayworth. In McCain’s latest TV ad, a woman is featured attacking Hayworth, “He was my Congressman, but we voted him out.” That’s right, instead, Democrat Harry Mitchell was voted in, whose record consists of voting for the billion dollar TARP pork bailouts that McCain voted for, and voting for Cap and Trade legislation – legislation similar to the Cap and Trade legislation McCain has proposed. The McCain campaign would rather vote Hayworth out and vote fellow big-spender Democrat Mitchell in! Tells you a lot about where their values are – they’re not about conservative principles, their first priority is attacking Hayworth even if it means voting for the Democrat instead.

The woman attacking Hayworth, Susan Godfrey, works for another moderate McCain crony in the District 5 Congressional race, Jim Ward. Godfrey was Ward’s campaign treasurer until recently. Ward moved into Arizona last year to run for the seat and apparently thinks that by associating with McCain, he can win.

McCain’s TV ad attacks Hayworth for becoming a lobbyist after he left Congress. The truth? Hayworth registered as a lobbyist in 2008 to help out one client. That’s all. McCain fails to tell you in the commercial that he became a lobbyist in 1976, when he became the Navy’s liaison to the Senate. In addition, McCain’s highest-level staff are high-paid lobbyists, well-known names like Charlie Black, Rick Davis, and Mark Buse who all earned millions of dollars lobbying Congress for big business, documented in the video below. Wonder how they were able to persuade Congress? Rick Davis was McCain’s campaign manager. Being high-level employees of McCain when they lobby Congress for big business, couldn’t have made a difference, nah! They then turned around and raised money for McCain in exchange. 59 lobbyists raised money for McCain!

Watch the short video below to see just who is really tied into lobbyists – McCain’s history with them is sickening, and it is dishonest of him to paint Hayworth as a Washington lobbyist. Lobbyist Vicki Iseman, who is alleged to have had an affair with McCain and spent a lot of time with him, is pictured below.




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  1. Nobody is buying into the McCain spin trying to portray J.D. as a Washington insider or porker. It’s the signs of a campaign in desperate throes. McCain is the consummate Washington insider. He keeps losing to J.D. on issue after issue, SB1070 and illegal immigration, voting for the bailouts, Second Amendment and Prolife issues (no matter how much the establishment organizations have sold out on those issues, the controversy caused over the fake endorsements hurt McCain more than it helped him), etc. Will be amusing seeing how desperate McCain gets with these obviously false ads, seems like they just keep spiraling down worse and more and more unbelievable.

  2. District 5 resident says

    Ward isn’t a good choice in District 5. I’ve lived there my whole life, and am not keen on voting for someone who just moved into the district from San Francisco a year ago. That is disturbing that he has lined himself up with McCain and the moderate wing of the party. Not the right person we need representing our district. We’ve already had two years of spending on big bailouts from Harry Mitchell, now is not the time for a McCain kind of Republican who would also vote for the bailouts.

  3. Hatshipsuit says

    Mc Cain is indeed in jeopardy, he had to have Jon Kyl’s name added to his to peddle his so-called immigration plan, that means he knows his name is not enough anymore.
    A lot of us are on to McCain and his Liberal friends.
    As for Ward, he is just an opportunist and a phony who thinks he can buy a Congressional seat in CD 5. Schweikert will easily beat him as well as the repugnant Bitter-Smith.

  4. Jane 001 says

    I see McCain was forced to contradict himself once more today. LOL! After voting for Cap & Trade, today he voted against Cap & Trade like all the other struggling Democrat incumbents.

  5. It certainly should come as no surprise that a McCain supporter would support Harry Mitchel. There’s a lot in ideological common there.

    I understand that when Ward came to Arizona he immediately hooked up with “The James Gang”, bonadide BaranaRepublicans and McCainiacs!

    This is a case of wagon circling!

  6. I don’t know who that woman is but it isn’t Susan Godfrey. No big surprise that the AP Gazette has no idea who anyone outside of their cabal is…and could care less who they libel in the process.

  7. Hey, when is McCain ever going to agree to a debate with Hayworth? What is he afraid of?

  8. I thought she was a Democrat voter. Who else would vote out an (R) for a (D)?

  9. Ann Says:
    June 10th, 2010 at 4:01 pm
    No big surprise that the AP Gazette has no idea who anyone outside of their cabal is…and could care less who they libel in the process.

    Then blithely uses ‘cabal’ and ‘libel’ in the same sentence and sees nothing snicker-worthy in it.

  10. The Mole says

    Ann Bitter-Smith isn’t smart enough to understand wanumba. Let’s just hope she waste enough money on another failed attempt to lie to voter in CD5 that she goes away.

    I don’t care who the woman is, the point is valid.

    Did you see today were Democrats learned they need to use the same terms on illegal immigration in order to trick people into supporting “comprehensive reform?” They are already setting up for another run at McAmnesty. It will be the same goal, with different terms.

  11. Thanks for the link.

    I like the part where Obama tries out the revamped rhetoric and says “we have to secure our borders … as we have done…”

    Still needs work, that “messaging.” So does any work on reality.

  12. When is McCain going to debate JD?

  13. Concerned Citizen says

    The idea that Ward would support bailouts is just plain false. One visit to Ward’s issue page at could show this. District 5 resident should probably check it out…

  14. Jacobite says

    Concerned Citizen:

    Jim Ward has never held, or run for office!

    And believe me, campaign rhetoric does not indicate incumbent voting patterns!

    Check out John McCain and check in your naivte.

    The people who support Ward (see donor list)
    do NOT possess track records in support of “smaller government”!

  15. Double Decaf Latte says

    When wanumba Says:

    I thought she was a Democrat voter. Who else would vote out an (R) for a (D)?

    I sure hope wanumba will vote for McCain over Glassman in the fall. Put his/her money where his mouth is.

  16. Michael Holliday says

    The latest trick of the devil will be to show JD losing in the polls…Ha, ha!

    Less and less people are buying Big Brother’s propaganda anymore!

    Just like Moody’s and Fitch’s bogus ratings for banks, fraudulent poll statistics showing McCain ahead will fail!

    JD is with the majority of fed-up Americans wanting real change.

    McCain is over, done, cooked!

    Stick a fork in him…

  17. Jack Hammer says

    Please tell me the difference between McCain and Glassman other than the latter is forthright about his beliefs!

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