11 Committeemen drink the Kool-Aid

On the same day as the Arizona Republican Party mandatory meeting Arizona’s two representatives to the Republican National Convention, Sharon Giese and Bruce Ash, have endorsed John McCain for president.


After a twisted attempt at rewriting history, Reagan was just an actor and Lincoln was a failure, in order to redefine conservativism the current mantra for McCain supporters is now Electability. I recall hearing similar comments about Ford in 1976 and Dole in 1996.

As noted on Seeing Red AZ, Senator Kyl was not able to swing by Saturday morning’s Republican meeting after his Friday afternoon event in Phoenix. Maybe he does not like appearing in front of crowds larger than 25 people. While current office holders from Congress were meeting in West Virginia most of the Republican candidates for congress were happy to appear. CD-1, CD-5 and CD-7 campaigns were well represented. Interestingly the one candidate, so far, from CD-8 was absent.


  1. While I’m generally all for whacking McCain, this post seems a bit unfair. Electability was Chuck Yob’s quote, yet Jessie tries to attribute it by association to Giese and Ash. So far I haven’t been too impressed with Jessie’s posts, but I’m willing to wait for some improvement.

    Is it surprising that Arizona’s national committeeman and committeewoman support Arizona’s Senator when he is running for President? Probably not.

    Is this some huge strike against a guy like Ash? Nah, he stood tall for our party on the amnesty garbage earlier in the year when it meant going up against McCain and Kyl. So far he’s been pretty impressive.

    Giese? Nice lady, very sweet, totally loyal to the GOP as far as I can tell, and seemingly without any ideology whatsoever. A total cheerleader for the party, whoever the nominee is. You wouldn’t want a party filled with those folks because then you wouldn’t stand for anything, but its probably good to have a few cheerleaders on the team. She seems too nice to get mad at.

  2. McCain was too concerned with making sure he got quality time with the plastic-surgery-obsessed, poodle-in-the-purse, peck-on-the-cheek, “luv ya darlin’, wink-wink call-me, Paradise women’s clicque to make a showing with the get out in the heat and carry his petitions folks in the party.

  3. I agree with John. What’s the big deal here.

  4. GOP Boomer Gal says

    I’ve been to a lot of state party meetings, and John McCain never made an appearance. Jon Kyl was always there. He’s now in a leadership position in the Senate, so he probably had to be at the retreat.

    Sharon Giese is a very lovely person; I sat with her the last night of the ’04 convention in NYC.

    I believe as RNC Committeepersons from AZ, they’re expected to support the candidate from their home state.

  5. John we are just reporting the news. If we had wanted to knock Ash we would get into a discussion of The Desert Caucus.

    Mark, no big deal. Just covering recent developments in the presidential race.

  6. How is “11 Committeemen drink the Kool-Aid” just reporting the news? If the Republic ran a headline like that would it be “just reporting the news”?

    Do those 11 people not have the right to express their beliefs, are they imbeciles who ascended to such positions by happenstance, or do you find it so uthinkable that someone with a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 82.3 would appeal to Republicans?

    Did you see Obama tonight? Did you hear his speech? Did you see Hillary and her crowd not to mention the machine? They are not weak, without strong support, and they are attracting money and voters while we do their work for them within our party.

    If there are any Kool-Aid drinkers out there, they are the shallow, short-sighted, egocentric, self-entitled bullies who do not see Senator McCain will most likely be the nominee. Instead they hold on to the idea that their might, or ability to post on a local blog, makes right. Fools!

    And as far as Arizona goes, have you any idea what the Dems want? They want us to be divided, eat our own, cannibalize our strongest. They love, love, love posts like this. Josey and those who continue to pound that drum will find themselves dancing to the beat of a Dem POTUS, liberal SCOTUS nominees, a Dem Governor, and probably several other state seats.

    At least have some originality, “drinking the kool-aid” is so trite. But not surprising, in that more than obvious thought would be required to come up with something intelligent.

  7. Democrats Calling Now says

    Listen up. We have got so much to be proud of with our Arizona Senators– Our State is on the Map. McCain is likely going to be the Nominee for the White House Kyl is one of the most powerful Senators in this Country and has done a yeomans job. Tim Bee from Southern Arizona is the freaking President of the State Senate and will be advancing to the House of Representatives in CD 8.

    I am so sick of the bashing that goes on here . Either help or get the heck out of the way.

    There are some Democrat blogs that would embrace your verbal activism and your hatred of Republican leaders…

    Oh what is that noise ? I think you should run and answer your ringing phone…the Dems are calling you now….

  8. GOP Boomer Gal is at least 150 degrees wrong when she says McCain has never attended the State Meetings. He has consistently attended the meetings until just recently, and, when absent, usually sent a representative with a message.

    If McCain is the answer, it was a question as to which Republican elected official is most likely to be in the camp of the wacko left-wing elements of the Democrat Party working against the Republican mainstream as stated in the Platform.

  9. Boomer Gal, Kyl was not at the retreat. The retreat was for House members alone. Kyl has been at odds with the state party since spring and he continues to work against it. Sad, but true. And it has nothing to do with his “senior position”.

    Frankly, I never thought I would get to point out ways in which McCain is better than Kyl, but even McCain says “I get it” when it comes to securing the border. Sure, when McCain says it, he means a technological fence that won’t do much, but Kyl is still sucking his thumb and insisting that his bill was the only way.

    I hope that Kyl grows up and gets over it for the sake of his legacy within the party and for the sake of the state party itself.

  10. AZ Republican says

    Chairman Pullen and his team have done a great job in uniting the Arizona Republican Party. The problem is that we are united in self destruction.

  11. That the responses are of a nature that rejects the divisive yellow sticker/button crowd speaks volumes. Perhaps the days of such thuggery within the state and county are over!

  12. You know Ann, calling Rob Haney a thug is not only dishonest, it is rude and it is the kind of nasty crap that keeps feelings raw and the party divided.

    Knock it off or quit pretending that you’re somehow trying to help everyone to “get along”. It is clear that you too play a role in the divisions within the party so please try to set a better example.

  13. Ann,

    You have got to be kidding about calling McCain skeptics “bullies” and using the term “thuggery.”

    It was John McCain who said F-you to a fellow Republican Senator. It was McCain allies who started a PAC to unseat Haney. And it is McCain ally Lindsey Graham who labels people who disagrees with him bigots and is going to tell them to “shut up.”

  14. Live Free or Die says

    The national committeemen should not be endorsing a candidate before the convention. Period. I recall Bruce’s attack against Ron Paul also. The state party guys need to keep their mouths shut until the convention. Your job is to support all “Rs” until the convention or the primary as the case may be. If you want to support a particular candidate before then, don’t run for state party a post.

  15. Thanks to John and Jessie. Ann consistently complains about the differences in the Party spouting the Unity crap (translation: sell out to the congressmen and monied establishment to achieve Unity), while being one of the most divisive forces by making despicable comments about the conservative grass roots leaders.

  16. I don’t disagree with Live Free’s position… Neutral in primaries should be a rule… Bylaw change anyone?

  17. John

    I agree with the sentiment, but the unintended consequence of that as a bylaw would create problems in the future when another Slade Mead comes along.

  18. Keen Observer says

    I think the broader point is being missed in this dialog. It is the matter of now who do you trust?

    We thought we had a new trio of grassroots elected state leaders who we elected and could count on to represent us and not the delegation & monied power players. Alas, we were deceived again or we deceived ourselves.

    This move by Ash and Giese raises another question. Would they have done this without the knowledge and blessing of Pullen? Endorsing before the Feb 5th primary by these two cast a shadow of distrust where there was none before.

    How could they be that blind to the consequences of what they have conspired to do? Or maybe that was their intend, as supporters of McCain, to sow mistrust and destroy morale in the grassroots opposition to McCain and all he represents?

  19. Dear Keen Observer–

    With all due respect I think you might be reading a little to much into the story here.Please allow me to set the record straight……….

    As the National Committeeman I am proud to represent all of our Arizona PC’s at the RNC, around the state and with the Congressional Delegation . I have worked diligently on many matters on your behalf . Look at our issues we probably share in common. You know , I can vote for someone even if I don’t agree with him on other issues. I think we both believe in sanctity of life, 2nd amendment rights,winning the war against Jihadists, no earmarks reduced Federal spending similar to McCain even if we vehemently disagree on others such as immigration , McCain-Feingold and judicial selection process ( on the last point arguably things worked out OK with the selection of Roberts and Alito) and others. I have not ceded my position to the Senator. Time will tell who , in the long run , will prevail.

    I didn’t ask the Chairman who I should support nor did he give me such advice. I had made my mind up a long time ago even before I was selected National Committeeman.Since my selection I have done no fundraising for him and have not been a part of any organized activity on his behalf.

    The facts are that WHOMEVER wins our primary on 2/5/08 I am legally bound to vote for as a delegate. I will follow the law as will the other delegates to the convention whomever that person may be. Perhaps it will be your choice as well. In all ways I have been impartial in the primary process. I did not announce my choice and while I did disclose such to anyone who asked me I made it clear the AZGOP would take NO POSITION in the primary. I informed any interested folks they were free to support anyone they wished and I felt the debate was healthy.

    Any time you have a question as to my motives or intentions I invite you to e-mail OR call me. I will show my info below. I respect where you are coming from and merely want to clear the air for the future. Your confidence in me is important so I can do my job effectively.

    At the end of the day all I would ask in return is that we support our nominees running under the GOP Party banner. The result if we don’t is un thinkable.

    Bruce Ash
    National Committeeman
    520-795-2100 X102

  20. Bruce,

    What you do as Bruce Ash is your personal right and no one would want to take that right away.

    What you do with the title of National Committeeman is the business of all who elected you to represent them and should be a factor later this year in deciding whether you have earned a full-term or not.

  21. So all elected party officials have an obligation to remain neutral in primaries?

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