10 Charges Against Dowling Dismissed

You read it here first on Sonoran Alliance thanks to the posting of one of our pseudonym commenters. (Republic Article)

Today, a judge dismissed 10 criminal charges against Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Sandra Dowling. These charges included felony counts of fraud and theft. Over a dozen charges still linger for the embattled superintendent who still finds herself the target of a suit by Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.


  1. Hektor Mieze says

    The word on the street is though that the dropping of the 10 charges are only so the U.S Attorney can bring federal charges. Feds can’t get a grand jury indictment until the state charges in their posession are gone. So expect a federal indictment sometime this week.

    Reason? State prosecutors don’t like going to federal court any more than Federal prosecutors like going to state court. If they drop the charges and bring new ones, they are back on favorable ground.

    Life is about to get a whole lot worse for Sandra. State court will look like nothing next to what she is about to recieve.

  2. Buddy Breon says

    I love the reasoning of people who are not even involved in the discussions among attorneys in this case. It is true, thanks to a complaint from Don Stapley, that the federal government did look at the spending of federal grant money through Sandra’s office, but that documentation is in order. The complaint was another attempt by Stapley to keep her too busy to defend herself. The man keeps throwing dirt on her while missing the fact that he’s standing in the hole he’s digging. He needs to remember the first rule of holes. So much for “word on the street,” Hektor.

    As to the other charges pending against Sandra, I will go out on a limb and tell you now that they are going to go away, too. Why? Because she didn’t do it.

    Here’s one example: She is accused of stealing $89,000 from the Regional School District. The money was a gift from an estate. The trustee sent it to the school district, wanted a tax receipt and sent a letter asking it be given to the Foundation for the school. The finance people transferred the funds to the Foundation and there the money sits. Not stolen, not misappropriated – just handled the way the doner wanted it done. But, Stapley and crowd decided it was “theft.”

    This destruction of an individual by the collective Board of Supervisors is nothing but the most petty of politics. I can hardly wait for next year’s elections. The board should remember that what hits the fan is never evenly distributed.

  3. Buddy Breon says
  4. Jeff Greenfield says

    If these people have a case, they need to make it public. If this is just bad paperwork on hiring her kids (legal under state law) or exceeding her budget (not only legal but expressly permitted under state law), then we should really be angry that they removed an elected boardmember, Sandra Dowling, and replace her with Slade Mead, an incompetent twice rejected by the voters. Slade Mead has now hired a mediocre superintendent and the mediocre superintendents wife, both partisan democrats, at expensive salaries to run the district. Not only do they get expensive salaries, but they get to pull those salaries down for part time work by hiring on as consultants.


  1. […] Some time ago, Sonoran Alliance revealed a video in which Deputy Budget Director, Brian Hushek, from the County Office of Management and Budget was caught on tape saying, We want her (Dowling) crawling to us on her hands and knees, please, please, please help me out. She hasn’t done anything wrong. But you know she’s acting like she’s done something wrong, so we’re all suspicious about it.” (here is the original video.) […]

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