“Doin’ right ain’t got no end”


McCain is starting to remind me of one of the characters from a classic Clink Eastwood movie. With Romney doing well in Florida McCain had to find something to win. Having learned his lesson well in South Carolina in 2000 McCain decided to invent an issue and claimed Romney is weak on the surge. Most of the media is not buying McCain’s disingenuous claim.

I guess McCain did not want to talk about his own record. It is interesting that McCain claims another candidate is weak on the war when it is McCain who wants to close down GITMO and send the terrorists to Kansas. It is also strange that McCain hits Romney over the gun issue when it was McCain who teamed with a Democrat to sponsor major gun control legislation. McCain is smart to get the debate off of his vote against the Bush tax-cuts, McCain’s support for federal stem cell research, his jobs killing view of global warming, his 24 years ignoring border security and recent “secure the border” talk, his bill limiting political speech, his hesitation on strict constructionist judges, and the rest of his record.

The only part about the movie clip above is I can’t decide who McCain reminds me of the most: the carpetbagger, the ferry driver, or Captain Terrill.


  1. Well, it is refreshing to note that you haven’t changed, Ann. Saint Ann, defender of the establishment. Is Bettina’s salary going to you for your undaunting support of McStain?

    You don’t need to count the number of contributors who agree with the anti-McCain rail – just look at the vote at the Maricopa County Mandatory Meeting.

    Over sixty percent of those more than SEVEN HUNDRED volunteer foot soldiers for the Party from his home county said McCain was the LEAST acceptable candidate and ONLY 11% would support him in a secret ballot vote.

    At some time, people are going to have to admit that more Republican activists are opposed to the Senor than support him and stop blaming two or three people for the anti-McCain rail. The feeling that McCain is not a candidate they can support is held by the majority of the Party.

  2. For the record, here was the vote:

    Overall Votes (662 Votes):
    #1 – Mitt Romney – 28.4% (188)
    #2 – Fred Thomson – 18.3% (121)
    #3 – Ron Paul – 17.4% (115)
    #4 – Duncan Hunter – 14.0% (93)
    #5 – John McCain – 12.1% (80)
    #6 – Rudy Giuliani – 5.0% (33)
    #7 – Mike Huckabee – 4.8% (32)

    In a group that is definitely more politically opinionated than the average voter, the different candidate groups were very clearly represented. Example: Ron Paul was the second most in unacceptable votes yet he is the third highest vote getter in the overall votes.

    There were 54 more votes for Paul in the “most unacceptable” than Huckabee, yet Paul received almost 3 times the vote for his candidacy than Huckabee. Is this really a true reflection of the views of our party; we would rather nominate Ron Paul than Hunter, McCain, Giuliani, or Huckabee? Huckabee being the lowest in votes.

    Most Unacceptable (1949 votes):
    #1 – John McCain – 21.9% (427)
    #2 – Ron Paul – 20.3% (396)
    #3 – Rudy Giuliani – 18.3% (357)
    #4 – Mike Huckabee – 17.4% (340)
    #5 – Duncan Hunter – 8.0% (156)
    #6 – Fred Thompson – 7.8% (152)
    #7 – Mitt Romney – 6.2% (121 )

    Looks like it was 427 votes, and since it was not a singular vote it was really 21.9% not sixty.

    But hey, good try.

  3. This is a low blow for McCain. I wish he were more conservative. I can understand where he is coming from with the bitterness of the SC primary in 00. Romney has weaknesses that McCain can exploit. I think this was rather ill chosen.

    That said, that is no cause for nastiness Ben F. Has anyone ever taught you that it is impolite to hit a girl?

    If McCain were really to exploit this, McCain should trumpet his military service because you cannot run the military like a corporation. You have to command it, not hire a bunch of people who are smarter than you for less money.

  4. kralmajales says

    Oh come now…I will hand it to McCain…EVERYONE is weak on the surge in comparison to him…EVERYONE. My blood boiled when he argued we needed MORE American troops…and it boils still as he argues that as long as there are few deaths, it is fine and dandy to be over there for the longterm…at enormous expense to the public.

    I HAVE to hand it to him. He believed…and said the most unpopular of things…Romney said Jack…and only says anything now because he has a real challenger in McCain.

    Ya’ll can say what you want about him, but he favored the surge far before it was ever ever cool.

  5. McCain is being dishonest about Romney’s statement about the surge. If you listen to the entire Romney interview, that becomes apparent. Moreover, it is also obviously a last minute cheap shot because this interview occurred some time ago and Mr. Straight Talk brings it up now, just as he is in a close race in Florida that could make or break the race for the nomination.

    However, to be fair, Romney is also trying to get too much mileage out of McCain’s comment about needing to learn more about the economy. McCain was merely contrasting his knowledge and experience in that area with one in which he made his living prior to entering politics. Romney is also off base characterizing McCain as liberal, especially given his record in Massachusetts.

  6. GO MITT!!!

  7. nightcrawler says


    Why do you fear McCain ?


  8. Rex is right. Not a good moment for the Mac

  9. Ann,

    John McCain received 21.9% of the total votes cast in the least acceptable category since you could cast multiple votes, which should be seen as a rebuke. The more important statistic is that 60% of the people who voted listed John McCain in the least acceptable category – more than any other candidate including Ron Paul, who most people think is an anti-war single issue whack job.

    Even more instructive, when you were allowed only one vote, McCain received the support of less than one in eight of the Precinct Committeemen in his home county – the people who know him best.

    Those two facts are unavoidable – except for those who do not see because they will not see. Put together, they form a picture of contempt and lack of respect for the Senor that is unparallelled in Arizona Republican politics.

    But, hey, nice try yourself!

  10. nightcrawler says

    The bigger issue is how many people were there in total at the MCRP mandatory meeting and of those how many voted. The proof will come next Tuesday. If the the MCRP PCs don’t represent the Republicans of the precincts they serve, not only are they out of touch, but they should consider stepping down. Active doesn’t mean right.

  11. Ben,

    I absolutely agree with you…. Ron Paul is a single issue whack job!

    See, we can get along.

    Whatever, when summer comes I will gladly and enthusiastically support OUR nominee as, I’m sure, will you. I believe that will be Sen. McCain.

    If Florida goes as expected, Rudy and Mike will be out of time and money. Rudy is not polling well in New York and will not want the political and personal embarrassment of losing his home state and withdraw prior to Super Tuesday. He has said many times and at a televised debate, he would be supporting McCain if he were not a candidate. He will endorse McCain.

    Huckabee has nothing to lose by hanging in until after the 5th, but he is now running for VP if anything at all. His admiration for Senator McCain is well expressed. The less than favorable relationship between Huck and Mitt are equally expressed. Just last night, Chuck Norris said he apologized for the McCain age remark and does not feel that way at all. They are handing the olive branch.

    By next Wednesday, Rudy and Mike will bow out and offer John their full support. It will be Mitt and John….oh yes, and the single issue whack job.

  12. nightcrawler is right on.

  13. Ann is smart

  14. Ann,

    Debates are not Ron Paul’s best format but if you took the time to listen to his Candidates@Google interview you would find out that he is a common sense person who can discuss a very wide range of issues quite intelligently. He is certainly no worse than Captain Queeg.

  15. I will offer you, Josey, the same benefit as Ben. I have sought after the candidate that I think best will serve our country. It has been bumpy and not so fun at times, but as they say, it is what it is.

  16. On that we agree – “it is what it is.”

  17. Nightcrawler,

    There were approx. 1k there in attendance with approx. 75% voting. I know some who were in agreement with the overwhelming majority who did not cast a ballot, and if they had, the numbers would have been even worse.

    The point you make is that if the electorate who get most of their information from the MSM do not agree with the Precinct Committeemen who devote hundreds of thousands of volunteer time in committed work for the Republican Party and have personal interaction with the candidates and their minions that the Precinct Committeemen should resign.

    I have a point that is more important – If the Precinct Committeemen who donate those hundreds of thousands of hours annually do not represent the majority of the people in their precincts, there are about 5,000 empty slots for attack dogs like you to decide that they want to do more than blog their negative crap, run for the office, go to monthly meetings, walk their precincts on Saturdays and evenings getting signatures for Republican candidates, donate $5 in clean election contributions plus another $120 in seed money for dozens of candidates, donate $390 each to candidates who are running traditional, volunteer at the County or State Republican Office year-round, serve on committees that make the wheels turn forgoing other personal interests, pay for and attend fundraisers like Trunk and Tusk, Lincoln Day Dinners, and on, and on, and on.

    Until the complainers are willing to step up and do the hard work of Precinct Committeemen, perhaps they should just shut up. Ann, I believe you a PC, so this section is not targeted to you in any way. I just can’t believe you do not see what is so evident – that McCain would destroy the soul of what has made this country great.

  18. nightcrawler says

    Ben F.,

    I am quite active and do all those things you have mentioned and more. I was at the Glendale Civic Center last Saturday and the MCRP meeting the Saturday before that.

    For the record, I’ll probably vote for Romney in the primary. If McCain wins the nomination, I will support him wholeheartly.

  19. nightcrawler,

    You may hve been at the two meetings, but your lack of knowledge of the basic initials of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) tell more about your level of grass roots activism as a Precinct Committeeman than your attendance at a couple of meetings.

    I also note that you did not say you were a Precinct Committeeman – just an oversight? I think not.

  20. nightcrawler says

    Ben F,

    I simply refer to the MCRC as the “County”. I haven’t paid any attention to initials.

    I am a PC and have been so for years. To list off the rest my involvement in my district would narrow down my identity. Suffice it to say I have held and do hold position above that rank.

  21. Thanks for the clarification. My apologies. Everything the County sends out is under the MCRC standard so I am surprised that it is not part of your normal terminology based on your last post.

  22. nightcrawler says

    Ben F,

    No harm, no foul. We are both on the same team. Nothing is personal on the blogosphere as long as we use monikers and not real names. Let’s move on.

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