“Despite denials”

     Some voices have suggested that because of his history as a conservative that Senator Kyl should be given immunity from criticism for supporting a flawed illegal immigration bill. It is true that Kyl has carried the water for conservative for decades and he deserves credit for his past service to the cause. One of the people who drilled the well so that there would be water to carry, Phyllis Schlafly, weighs in on the S.1348.


  1. Iris Lynch says

    Let’s be real! Just who would you put your faith in? The Preacher who after 20 years faithful service is caught with his neighbor’s wife? Or the sinner, who has seen the light? I can do without Kyl, as he INSISTS we swallow this. I KNOW what he promised..no amnesty and telling us this is not amnesty infuriates everyone. Bad enough to try to make us bend to HIS will, quite another to insist we didn’t hear what we heard and are not only fools, but CRAZY fools!

  2. I am not saying that there is a direct comparison to Senator Kyl, but the philosophy that past history validates any action is ludicrous.

    Benedict Arnold was a conservative trusted patriot for all of his history, until he made a fatal decision that forever changed his legacy.

    I implore Senator Kyl to not allow one horrible decision on his part to become his legacy for history. This bill will be the defining of many of our Senators and Congressmen, as its passage could very well be the foundation of the destruction of this Grand Experiment.

  3. Bravo, GOP PK!
    The Benedict Arnold analogy is perfect.

  4. Again, I am not inferring in any way that Senator Kyl should be looked at in the same vein as Arnold. The main premise is that one action of a person can invalidate a lifetime of accomplishment and that Senator Kyl should heed the historical significance of that fact.

  5. ThinkRight says

    No one has suggested that Kyl be immune from criticizm; however, civility in disagreement is all that is asked.
    Have a great Memorial Weekend!

  6. ThinkRight says

    sorry about the spelling

  7. Oro Valley Dad says

    Civility in response to fraud is no virtue.

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